Quick Guide on How to Create Facebook Fan Page

Guide on How to Create Facebook Fan Page

“Quick Guide on How to Create Facebook Fan Page” written by Mike Marko.

Planning to create Facebook fan page for your business?

For many businesses, maintaining presence on Facebook has become an integral part of their online marketing. This means creating a fan page on the platform to act like an extension of their store on the Internet.

There are many benefits that come with having a Facebook fan page for your business, ensuring your success online being one of them. That’s why if you still don’t have a Facebook page, then you could definitely be missing a lot of opportunities.

And this is also why Facebook fan pages are an important part of Pervasive Presence™.  

In today’s blog post, we will discuss how to create Facebook fan page and the different elements it consists of to help you create a professional looking page for your business.

An Easy Guide to Create Facebook Fan Page

With its vast audience, Facebook has become the platform to be on if you want market your business. But the number of potential customers that you can reach is only one of the numerous benefits that come with having a Facebook fan page.

Creating a Facebook page for your business is easy.

To help you get started on success on the platform, here’s an easy guide on how to create Facebook fan page.

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Create or Log in to Your Facebook Account

To create a Facebook fan page (now known as a Facebook Business Page), you need to have a personal account first. Once you have it, you can start using the account to create Facebook fan page for your business.

Start creating your Facebook fan page (or in other words, Facebook Business page) by clicking the drop-down arrow at the top right-hand corner of your Facebook account. Click “Create Page” from the drop-down arrow.

In the next page, choose from one of the following categories for the consumers to understand what the fan page is for:

  • Local Business or Place,
  • Company, Organization, or Institution
  • Brand or Product,
  • Artist, Band, or Public Figure,
  • Entertainment, and
  • Cause or Community.

If there isn’t a perfect fit, try to find what matches your business closest.

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Provide Information About Your Business

After choosing the right category for your page, you need to provide additional information about your business include:

  • Name: Your business name.
  • Address: Provide the street address, city/state, and zip code of your physical location.
  • Phone Number: Always provide a phone number so your customers can call your store directly from the Facebook page.

The details must be completed accurately otherwise, you‘ll not be able to proceed to the next step.

Upload Your Pictures

You need to upload a profile picture and a cover photo of your business. These are generally the first elements seen by your page visitors, so it is important that the images chosen will are memorable.

Use high-quality images to make your business look professional. Consider using your business’ logo as your profile picture and a cover photo image that will best represent your business.

Here are the things to keep in mind when choosing your Facebook pictures.

  • Choose a visually appealing picture,
  • Make sure it clearly represents your business,
  • Make sure to use high-resolution images, (Consider using at least 170 x 170 px for profile photos and 828 x 315 px for cover photos.) and
  • Avoid using copyrighted photos.
  • Try to create a profile image and cover photo that helps visitors know what your business does (what you can do for them) within 2-3 seconds of landing on the page.

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Invite Your Friends and Customers to Like Your Page

After providing the necessary information and uploading photos, invite people to like your page.

Your friends and family are your closest circle and having them like your page will allow you to expand your reach.

Provide Additional Details

If you are curious to know what other information can be added and used to let your customers know more about you, click “See all Page Tips” and add as much detail as you want.

Examples of elements that are recommended to include in a new Facebook business page are:

  • Short Description – A concise description of your business.
  • Business Hours – Provide store hours so people know when you’re open.
  • Username – This will be your Facebook URL (facebook.com/mynewbusiness). It’s advisable to use your business name to make it easier for your customers to find your page.
  • Your Website Link – Add your website URL so people can visit your site directly from Facebook
  • Create a Group –  Doing this will create a community where your customers connect with each other and discuss your products or services.

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Add a Button to Your Page

A call-to-action button is a useful feature to have on your business page. You can get this by clicking the blue “+Add a Button” option on the upper right corner of your page.

This is a useful feature for your business Facebook page, and can be customized to make customers to do a specific action.

The “+Add a Button” option is can be changed to:

  • Book Services: Allow your customers avail use your service or start an order
  • Get in Touch: This allows your customers contact you on the page via phone, a custom form, direct message, etc.
  • Learn More: Provide customers with more useful information about your business through a short video or link to your company’s about page.
  • Make a Purchase or Donation: This can be used to link directly to a product page on your website where customers can purchase products.
  • Download App or Game: Let customers download your app or play games

Adding the right button to your page will greatly affect your sales.

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Final Thoughts on How to Create Facebook Fan page

Creating a Facebook fan page is a must for any business looking to connect with customers and achieve success.  The page is an essential part of using Pervasive Presence™ to get more local customers.  This page can be used as an extension of your store online.

In this blog post, we discussed easy ways to create Facebook fan page. The key is that you need to first have a personal account on Facebook that will be used to create your page.

When creating your business’ Facebook page, make sure to choose the right category for it and to provide the necessary information about your business to help customers understand what you can offer them.

Upload high-quality images as your profile picture and cover photo after providing the necessary information about your business, u. The more interesting and relevant they are, the higher the chances to be noticed by a potential customer.

Once you have created your Facebook page and are satisfied with its content, invite your friends to like it and share the news. Use the call-to-action button as much as you can on your posts to entice your users to act.

If you have more questions on how to create Facebook fan page, leave them in the comments below.

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Quick Guide on How to Create Facebook Fan Page - Mike Marko

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