How to Create a Prosperity Mindset

How to Create a Prosperity Mindset

I recently wrote a blog on prosperity mindset. It was about picking up pennies on the sidewalk as a signal to the universe you’re ready for more. You can read it by clicking here.

I realized today that I was guilty myself of having some spare change lying around in my car, and as I put it in my wallet, reflected again on how important it is to have the right mindset when it comes to money

And your wallet or purse might be a reflection of that mindset.

Let me ask you this…

• Is your wallet or purse worn and dirty?
• Do you stuff the bills in the pocket or place them in an orderly fashion?
• Are your credit cards in reasonably good order in each of their pockets or just stuffed 2-3 to a pocket?
• Is your change area full of little trinkets?
• Do you have old receipts stuffed in the pockets
or overflowing from the center fold of you wallet?

How you answered these questions might be a reflection on your finances.

The small, seemingly insignificant, things we do everyday are a reflection on the feelings and beliefs that unconsciously run our lives.

So just for today start small and give your wallet some TLC

Get a new one or clean the one you have. Throw out those old receipts and outdated coupons. Organize your credit cards and make sure your bills are in the pocket neatly.

You will be sending a beacon to the universe that you are able to handle and respect your finances and are ready for more.

Have a prosperous day!


Also check out Napoleon Hill’s Seven Principles of Success.

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Article: How to Create a Prosperity Mindset

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