How to Create A LinkedIn Profile That’s Professional

How to Create A LinkedIn Profile That’s Professional

“How to Create A LinkedIn Profile That’s Professional” written by Mike Marko.

Do you know how to create a LinkedIn profile so it looks professional?

Most social media platforms today are considered to be a great tool to advertise your business and even yourself. And LinkedIn is no exception… especially if it’s where your target audience is more likely to “hang out”.

But… you can only use LinkedIn’s full potential if your profile is fully optimized. That way, you can establish trust with people who see your profile.

A fully optimized LinkedIn profile can help you or your business be more visible in Google Search. This allows you to be viewed more by employers or your business’ potential customers.

Which is why in this article I’m going to share with you several tips on how to create a LinkedIn profile. I’m going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to make a profile that stands out.

Tips on How to Create A LinkedIn Profile

Having a LinkedIn profile is essential if you want to reach more people. LinkedIn can also help you establish your very own professional identity in the online world.

However, this can only happen if you know how to create a LinkedIn profile that looks professional (and credible).

So here are the tips you’ll need for your fully optimized LinkedIn profile.

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1. Create a Complete and Professional Looking Profile

As a search engine, LinkedIn also adheres to an algorithm rule displaying profiles 100% complete. But only 51% of LinkedIn users pay attention to completing their profile.
Your overall profile from your name down to the last box that you need to fill up must be completed with a concise and formal information.

A fully completed LinkedIn Profile has higher possibilities to be on top on the SEO. Your visibility online will be much possible once you have 100% completed your LinkedIn Profile.

If you’re wondering how to create a LinkedIn profile completely, LinkedIn has a guide that will notify you if you have completed filling up your profile.


Indicate your real and complete name, do not use nicknames or aliases as you’re looking for a possible career. Nicknames like, “moonstar” is unprofessional. It’s not an appropriate way to give a detail about yourself for your future employer.

Indicating your complete and precise First Name, Middle Name and Last Name is a plus.

Adding a description below your Name is also a must. Fill up your Educational Background and your exact location. Put in the current name of your company if you have any. This is another proper way to completing your profile.


A headline is one of the Information that will be revealed in the search results. The headline is one of the primary information that could catch the attention of your viewer.

Although its characters are limited to 120, having a headline is still needed. All you need to do is to make sure you make a creative headline so people will recognize what your interests are.

It must be direct to the point and at the same time creative and friendly. So that it will convince your audience to pull up your profile.

But, as always, you have to remember to stay professional.

It’s also more appropriate to indicate your desired role or job in the industry. This is so people can find you easily to any jobs that may be related to your interest.


You should customize your LinkedIn URL so people can easily find you. A URL is the address of a web page.

In this part, you have to be creative and make a unique URL so people will distinguish your originality. You can indicate your name in your URL so your own identity will remain.

Profile Photo

To any employer or LinkedIn user, a profile photo is a must as it represents who you are. Upload only the best photo that you have. Make sure to appear neat, clean and presentable.

If possible, make your outfit suitable for the job you’re applying for.

Remember that LinkedIn is not Facebook. You have to look decent in your profile related to your field of work.

You should be in the center of your photo and your background should be plain. Choose a picture that is true-to-life. If you wear glasses in the real-life, wear glasses in your photo too. It’s one way of retaining your identity.

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2. Fill up Your Background Information

A LinkedIn profile is like an online resume. You have to prepare all the necessary information that you think your potential employers may want to know.

Information like educational attainment and work experience should be added.

The more specific the job descriptions you write, the better chance of getting eyed by an employer. You may also add any social media accounts to prove the credibility of your profile. Including samples of your works and any information related to your field of work can also be useful.

Don’t forget to add and highlight your skills and achievements. You can do this by indicating any workshop and seminar certificates you have attended and accomplished that may be related to your LinkedIn Profile. You need to also be wary of the image guidelines such as image sizes and format.


You can get bonus points if you add more flair and creativity to the summary part. You can do this by adding an infographic, video or photo.

Add a video clip that briefly describes you and your field of work. The video clip should not be about your likes and dislikes but rather a brief information about you and your work or the business that you have.

You may discuss your assets and the successful operations of your company for your future employer. Don’t forget that your background and your summary could be 2000 character max.


It’s helpful to be specific about the skills that you have. So if you’re knowledgeable at any software, apps or computer tools, you should never miss those out.

Indicate specific detailed information about your previous works and experiences. Don’t be afraid to go detail by detail. For your past position title, it must be at least 100 Characters. Indicate your past position, the name of the company and the years you have worked.

The description of your past work must at least be 2000 characters. Try to intrigue your viewers by adding video clips or any anecdote that is related to your professional life. So instead of claiming you are a good businessman include certifications and recognitions stating you are one.


This is your chance to prove the details you indicated above. If possible, state the years you have been performing the roles you have taken up in the past. Adding the years will give your experience more credibility.

Also, don’t forget to give samples of your work to prove your capability and skills towards the position you best desired.

This part could be your portfolio to prove the skills that you claim to have. Give specific access or links to any webpage you have worked on before. This part is likely the page where you prove your assets by giving tangible proofs.


Never forget to state your educational attainment in detail. Mention the school you attended and the degree you acquired. Your educational degree should be at least 100 characters and the description should be at least 1000 characters.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of training, seminars, and affiliations that you attended. As long as you feel they are relevant to the industry of the position you are vying for then you need to include it.

Skills & Endorsements

Link the profiles of the previous people you have worked with. This displays your ability to maintain good professional relationships.

You’ll gain more views if you provided information about your skills up to the previous companies, workmates, and employers that you worked with. Dong this is also one way of proving your credibility for the work.


Remember that LinkedIn operates as a search engine. With this, you have to get as many endorsements, recommendations as you can. Get more connections that your profile needs.

But… do not forget! The limit to your connections should be below 3,000 to keep the use of the practical platform.

Get the right keywords to help increase your chances of great opportunities.

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Join groups that could keep you in the loop about great job opportunities. This will improve your visibility. Joining groups also add a social credibility to your profile. Groups can also prove your Identity.

When you join groups it allows you to connect to other group members.

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3. Get Recommendations for Your LinkedIn Profile

Recommendations act as another effective way of marketing. This can help you expand your connections on LinkedIn.

Recommendations from your colleagues and business partners depend greatly on how great you have done your work. Getting recommended also depend on how well you provided information in your profile.


Recommendations are good signals of trustworthiness and credibility. When you’re recommended by others it provides legitness to your profile.

Once a colleague or even your previous employer recommend you that only means they are satisfied with your work. This will then add to your credibility in your LinkedIn profile. It will be a very good reason for you to have opportunities.

Recommendations VS. Endorsements

Specific recommendations from colleagues and employers are more effective than endorsements. Recommendations establish more trust than endorsements.

The endorsement can be compared to a paid advertisement. However, a recommendation serves as a guarantee from people that your work is satisfying.

Tips to Get More Recommendations

Recommendations could be done by other LinkedIn members in a way to recognize their colleagues. If possible, secure two recommendations from your previous companies. You should also be specific in what you want to be recommended for.

Here are some steps on how to get more recommendations. To request a recommendation from a connection’s profile page:

  • Navigate to the connection’s profile page.
  • Click the More icon in the top section of the profile.
  • Select Request a recommendation.
  • Fill out the Relationship and Position at the time fields of the recommendations pop-up window, and click Next.
  • You can change the text in the message field, and then click Send.

Select a position that you want to be recommended for and select 3 people to send the recommendation request. Create your own “Recommendation Request” message by not using the default one provided by LinkedIn.

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4. Use Hidden Features to Upgrade Your LinkedIn Profile

Know how to create a LinkedIn profile by maximizing the use of LinkedIN’s hidden features. You may use hidden features as helpful strategies that can help improve your profile.
All you need to do is to toggle the advanced settings to export more LinkedIn connections. You can also edit who can receive a message or reply from you. For example, you can click the down arrow and click ‘Reply Privately’.

Message People You’re Not Connected With

LinkedIn, fortunately, allows you to directly message a contact you’re not connected with. Just join groups and search for those you want to message privately.
If you joined a group, group members can message each other without any direct connection.

Export A List of Your Connections

You can go to ‘Connections’ located in the top Menu by clicking the gear icon that appears in the top right corner. When exporting a list of connections, get their following information:

  • Names,
  • Name of their company,
  • Title, and
  • Email address.

This way, you’ll achieve your target audiences on LinkedIn.

But in Advanced Settings, the first option will be ‘Export LinkedIn Connections’. You can download connections along with the Name, Company Name, Title and Email address.

Maintain Your LinkedIn Relationship Notes

There is a way to add private relationship notes under each connection. Doing relationship notes allows you to be able to know your connections well.

Under each profile of the people you’re connected with, there are options on adding Relationship Notes. There are reminders, important details, how you met and a contact information.

Have Your Own Showcase Page

A Showcase Page is a page of niche that is sectioned off from the main landing page. It allows you to endorse your business or services to a specific buyer.

This may be a chance for you to create a market. In doing this, you can click on the drop down of the edit button and then click on ‘Create Showcase Page’.

You can edit each information for regular pages including the web links, images, and industry. The minimum is 10 free showcase pages.

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5. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile with These Tips

Optimizing your profile doesn’t end on having your own Showcase Page. There are still more steps you need to do on how to create a LinkedIn profile.

But before that, here are more tips to better optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Make A Professional Headline

LinkedIn scans for keywords in your professional headline. In this part of your profile, you can use standard job title. Go for titles that stand out but easy to find. Never use wacky job titles.

Use SEO-friendly Links

A friendly SEO URL is a good thing. It allows you to expand ideas about your business. Connecting your LinkedIn profile to your name will make you visible and easier to be found. This will also let you add your custom URL to business cards.

Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn gives a higher level of prominence to profiles that are 100% completed. Just fill out every single section and use LinkedIn’s help to guide your profile to completion.

A completed profile will make you be at the top of SEO because Google gives more rating to LinkedIn Profile that is 100% completed.

Use Hyperlinks

LinkedIn profiles can have up to three links, including company website and blog. You can actually change the hyperlinks to something more descriptive.

You can change your hyperlinks to something that can easily be found and connected with the content itself. You can change it by clicking ‘other’ option.

Job Description Optimization

Do not keyword everything. Rather, have at least one keyword that you’re focusing on.

Try to do an approach where you’re optimizing more on secondary keywords. However, these secondary keywords should still be relevant and descriptive of your skill set.

Indicate your specific job description detail by detail but do not do it as a paragraph. You can use keywords to be specific and direct to the point by doing it in bullet form.
Having a format for your job description can also increase your profile’s scannability.

Job Title Optimization

When you optimize job titles, always include a few keywords with it. This way you’re baiting search engines allowing you to rank higher.

You can always be precise especially in mentioning your job title. You can also indicate your specialization if you have any.

Get More Endorsements Value of Your Profile

Endorsements help increase the value of your profile. Endorsements can also rank you higher on the new LinkedIn How You Rank popularity-based rankings.

Don’t forget to create your own Recommendation Request and the best way of doing it is personalizing the message.

Promote Your Linkedin Profile on Social Media Platforms

Include your LinkedIn profile link on your email signature, your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts and any websites you maintain. This is to create inbound links to your profile. This will serve as a smart way of proving your profile’s credibility.

Profile Visibility

Make sure your profile is visible. It may sound obvious but make sure your profile is switched to public otherwise you will not be seen easily.

Use Publisher

Publisher allows you to post articles directly to LinkedIn. Your followers can also see your posts so this is a good opportunity for you to show your expertise about a certain topic.

Using Publisher also gives the LinkedIn bots more content and information to work with. This also shows you’re active and helps your name and face show up in the news feeds of your followers.

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6. Additional and Quick LinkedIn Profile Tips for You

LinkedIn can be so tricky that you have to learn things to achieve your purpose on LinkedIn. If you already know how to create a LinkedIn profile then you have to make sure you follow these quick tips.

Post at the Best Times on Linkedin

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn also has its “best times”. You have to pick the best time to post on LinkedIn so more people can see and read your post.

The best times to post on LinkedIn is during Tuesday and Thursdays, about 7 AM and 9 AM local time.

Use Evernote & LinkedIn Integrate

Things can be done successfully when you know how to plan and organize. The best way to do that is by using a tool. Evernote and LinkedIn Integrate can help you settle biz cards, LinkedIn info, as well as notes all in one place. These tools will help you get more organized while you’re on LinkedIn.

Join Groups

Groups can help your profile to be recognized. Groups can also enable your profile to be viewed more. All you have to do is be active on the group/s you joined in to prove the existence of your Profile.

Add Other Jobs

If you’d like to add another job, turn off your activity broadcasts. This way you’ll be able to get hired with 2 employers a time without your boss’ knowledge.

Censor Yourself

If in case, you’d like to keep something in private, never include it in your LinkedIn profile. So when the time comes, none of those you wish to be tackled will be asked by your interviewer.

Vice Versa Endorsements

Vice versa endorsements work when you endorse people you respect. You send them a thank you message and they can endorse your LinkedIn back.

Post Frequently

With regular posting to LinkedIn in a month, it can help you increase and reach at least 60% of your target audience. Your post will cycle through everyone’s feed.

A minimum of 20 posts per month can level up the popularity of your account up to 60%. So make sure that you post relevant content frequently during the best times of the day.

Use Short Clips

Apart from photos, try to include short clips in your profile. Your clips should present you or your business. Short clips can help attract people to your profile. A short video clip could be more helpful in letting your audience know about you and your company.

Update Regularly

LinkedIn users who update their profiles regularly are said to get more job offers. A regularly updated profile will keep you from using the same information that can become unattractive to viewers.

Show the Real You

When you publish posts, it’s a great way to showcase your professional knowledge. So position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Another way to show the real you is by uploading your most recent photo. The looks in your photo should be the same as how you look in person.

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7: Always Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Secured

It’s important to make sure that you keep your personal information in LinkedIn private. This is due to the several high-profile data breaches. Automatic checks already protect all LinkedIn accounts.

But if you feel that’s not enough, you can still tweak your profile settings to keep all your personal information private.

Some LinkedIn settings are designed to thwart unauthorized login attempts and keep users’ data safe.

Follow these steps to make sure that your account is secured.

Update Your Privacy Settings

Aside from security, LinkedIn has provided some details that you can turn ON or OFF.

Turn your activity broadcasts on or off if you don’t want your connections to see when you change sections of your profile.

Select what others can see when you’ve viewed their profile. You can set your profile to a high level so you remain anonymous when you view other profiles.

Select who can see your connections. You have two options here. Either let everyone see all your first degree connections or keep the list of your connections to yourself.

Have a Two-Step Verification Process

A two-step verification process allows you to use more than one form of verification in accessing your account.

To have a two-step verification process, here’s what you should do…

First is to click on “Manage” then click “Privacy Settings”.

Next is to click “Turn On” then verify.

You can add a cellphone number and receive a code for the verification. Once you input the verification code your profile will automatically have a two-step verification process.

Best Practices to Secure Your LinkedIn Profile

First thing you need to remember is to regularly change your password. Always use unique ones that are not from the dictionary. Make your passwords complex so it won’t easily get hacked.

You can also add numbers to your password to make it even more complex. To assure the security of your account, have long passwords with punctuation marks. A hacker can hack a 10 characters password for a week, but a 15 characters password will take him a 150 million years.

Building Your Account

Now that you have your account setup, you need to make connections that will get you results.

That’s where we can help!

Contact me and learn how we can help build up your connections on Linked, and turn those connections into business leads.

Final Thoughts How to Create A LinkedIn Profile

In this blog post I gave a lot of steps and tips on how to create a LinkedIn profile and optimizing it. Fully implementing the tips and completing all the sections is important.

When you have a 100% complete profile, you get higher chances of getting viewed and ranked on searched search engines. Being active and honest in managing your LinkedIn profile also has a lot of benefits to you and your business goals. Credibility is important.

And make sure that your account is also secured from hackers.

Be sure to also check out the blog post, How to Use LinkedIn for Business Marketing.

You can also check out this LinkedIn Marketing 101 Guide for Business.

If you need help with your LinkedIn account, planning your services and/or products, running marketing campaigns like Facebook ads, or creating capture pages or lead magnets, then feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different consulting options we offer. Or use the link below to apply for your “results in advance” free consultation and let’s get started right away:

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