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“Lead Magnet Ideas | How To Create A Lead Magnet” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking to improve the number of leads you are collecting?

If you already know how to make a lead a capture page, you may still be unhappy with your opt-in rate (the percentage of people giving you their contact information compared to the total number of people visiting the capture page).

It can be VERY frustrating when you don’t get the lead capture that you want.  And not all lead magnets are treated equal… some will help you not only get leads but can also help you increase your sales…

That’s why today I want to talk about how to create a lead magnet and different lead magnet ideas.

How To Create A Lead Magnet

Let’s dive into how to create a lead magnet with…

What Is A Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are free giveaways that are used to generate new leads when you use a capture page.  They can also be used to move leads from one sales funnel into another.

Essentially… you use lead magnets to “bribe” people to give you there contact information.  You then use the email to put them into an autoresponder series or marketing funnel.  The better your lead magnet, the more leads you will attract.

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What Type Of Lead Magnet Should You Give Away

There are many types of lead magnets.  These include:

  1. Case Studies (PDF)
  2. Guide/Report (eBook)
  3. Cheat Sheet/Handout (PDF)
  4. Sales Call
  5. Toolkit/Resource List (PDF)
  6. Software Download/Free Trial
  7. Discount/Free Shopping
  8. Quiz/Survey
  9. Assessment/Test (PDF)
  10. Sales Material (PDF or eBook)
  11. Training Series/Bootcamp/Webinar

Lead Magnet Ideas How To Create A Lead MagnetThe Benefits Of Each Type Of Lead Magnet

Let’s dive into each type of lead magnet in more detail.

1. Case Studies (PDF)

Case studies are a great type of lead magnet.  They can be nice and short, and can have value for a very specific audience.

2. Guide/Report (eBook)

Reports and guides are probably the most common type lead magnet.  The trick with these types of lead magnets is that they are often too long, or they may not be specific enough for the target audience.

3. Cheat Sheet/Handout (PDF)

I love using cheat sheets and handouts for lead magnets.  They have a great “feel” to them… better than guides or reports.  They are generally only one or two pages, so they can be ultra to the point.  You can present these either as checklists, mind maps, or blueprints.

4. Sales Call

While this appears to be a great way to get business, you will only get people calling you that ready to make the sale or are on the edge of a purchase.  This may be ok on a website, but if you are doing paid advertising it’s much better to reconsider this “lead magnet” in order to capture more leads.

Remember, it takes on average 7 to 10 exposures for someone to buy if they are in the market to buy today… this may be the first or second exposure of your business so there is only a 2-5% statistical chance of them buying if they are a viable customer.

5. Toolkit/Resource List (PDF)

A toolkit or resource list can be a great lead magnet for the right target audience.  These can also be short and to the point.

6. Software Download/Free Trial

Software companies often use a free download as a form of lead magnet.  It can be a great way to get leads if done right.

7. Discount/Free Shipping

If you are selling physical products on or off-line, discount clubs or free shipping offers can be a great lead magnet.  The coupon or coupon code can be emailed to the subscriber.

8. Quiz/Survey

Quizzes and surveys are a very engaging way to generate new leads.  The reason is because participants have to opt in to see the results.  Only main downside to this type of lead magnet is that they are more complicated to build.  There are tools like http://www.TryInteract.com that can be used to create quizzes if you’re not a programmer.

9. Assessment/Test (PDF)

An assessment or test an be a great lead magnet if it is delivered online.  A common form of assessment are website or SEO evaluation forms to have your website assessed.

10. Sales Material (PDF or eBook)

This may not seem intuitive anymore, but in some cases it is very desirable to receive sales information.  The visitor can put in their contact information to learn the latest about a product or service.

11. Training Series/Bootcamp/Webinar

This is also a very popular way to get leads.  Often a training series may be spread out over several days, weeks, and even over a month!

How To Create A Lead Magnet… That Converts Sales

Ok, so you get your leads using the lead magnet… but it doesn’t have to stop there.  Your lead magnet can also help you get sales!

In the below chart, you can see the ability of different types of lead magnets to convert traffic into sales.

Lead Magnet Ideas How To Create A Lead Magnet

While an eBook or Video training are very good to get leads, typically few ever consume the entire document.  That means you really haven’t had a chance to reach out to your audience.

The PDF download is the best form of lead magnet because it is easily consumed (it is only a couple pages) and it’s pretty quick to create.  Take the time to make a professional looking PDF to help get the best results.

Final Thoughts On How to Create A Lead Magnet

In this blog post we talked about how to create a lead magnet.  Lead magnets are great way to improve the performance of your capture page.  Using this blog post as a guide, you can pick the most effective lead magnet to not only get leads but also convert those leads into sales (and that’s the ultimate point of leads, right?).

The key, though, is test everything and don’t take anyone’s word for it.  All traffic will respond differently to different lead magnet offers.

Test… test… test…

But in general, if you follow the elements I talked about above you’ll do much better overall.

If you need help in creating your lead magnet, capture page, and marketing funnel and want to work side-by-side with me in getting you all setup, then feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different options we offer.  Or use the link below to apply for your “results in advance” free consultation and let’s get started right away:

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