How to Build a Private Blog Network | Private Blog Networks

“How to Build a Private Blog Network | Private Blog Networks” written and video by Mike Marko.

Are you looking to improve the traffic to your blog?

Building up your own blog network can be an effective way to get more traffic to your blog.

But when you learn how to build a private blog network it can seem intimidating at first.  That’s why I demonstrated building private blog networks using elementary building blocks in the following video.

How to Build a Private Blog Network

The following video talks about how to build a private blog network starting with the elementary elements.


Starting Your Private Blog Networks

When I teach how to build a private blog network, I teach by having people draw a circle and putting your primary blog in the center.  Then place your primary social media platform beside your private blog.

This forms the nucleus of private blog networks.

From this nucleus your build upon your network.

Build Upon The Network

Once you have established your private blog networks nucleus, now you start building.

On the edge of the circle you drew, place your other platforms.  This will include social media platforms and other blogging platforms.

Don’t expect to build all of this at once… build it as you go.

Tools To Help Automate Building Private Blog Networks

In the training video, I talked about several tools that we use to help in building our network.  These tools include:

Onlywire: Onlywire is used to create social bookmarks whenever a blog post is created.  You can also use it to help create links to your videos by manually adding the videos.  You can learn more about Onlywire by checking out the article, How to Promote Your Blog With Onlywire.

Spin Rewriter: I use Spin Rewriter to create backlinking articles on my tier 1 websites.  It helps make it easier to create these blog posts.  You can learn more about Spin Rewriter in this Spin Rewriter review.

Link Emperor: Link Emperor can be used to build links to your tier 1 website posts to add further strength to your links.  You can learn more about Link Emperor by clicking here.

Final Words on How to Build a Private Blog Network

Don’t feel overwhelmed when starting to build private blog networks for yourself.

Just start with your primary blog and build from there.  It is a lot easier than it looks… it just takes diligence in building it over time.

Thank you checking out my article, and happy blogging!

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How to Build a Private Blog Network | Private Blog Networks - Mike Marko

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