How to Brand Your Instagram Account

How to Brand Your Instagram Account - how to brand your Instagram

“How to Brand Your Instagram Account” written by Mike Marko.

If you’re marketing on Instagram, you should brand your business’s account.

Knowing how to brand your Instagram account can help you hit many marketing goals quicker. For example, it makes your Instagram account easier to remember.

That memorability may translate to more attention on the platform. This leads to further promotional opportunities for your business.

However, not all business owners know how to brand their Instagram page. If you’re one of them, this blog post is for you.

Today, I’ll talk about how to brand your Instagram account. You’ll learn the best ways to establish a unique voice and presence for your business on the platform.

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The problem with using Instagram to promote your business is that there’s tight competition.

Many other business owners are using this social media platform to market their brands. That means you need to make your Instagram account stand out from among its competitors.

One way to do this is to brand your Instagram account successfully.

If you brand your Instagram, more people will recognize it. Your account will be both more memorable and attention-getting since it has a distinct or unique persona.

Now, there are a lot of answers to how to brand your Instagram and get noticed. There are even ways to do it without spending too much on ads and other paid promotions.

A big part of it is in simply using the features of Instagram properly. At its heart, this is the key to successful Instagram marketing.

But if you need specifics, I can show you how to do it below in more detail. So if you’re ready to learn how to brand your Instagram account, let’s start with setting up your business page.

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Create the Best Business Account

You need to properly set up your business account before all else. This is the first step in how to brand your Instagram account.

That is because the way you set up your Instagram account can affect your marketing campaign on this platform.

More often than not, many Instagram users will check a business’s official page first before they follow it. They do this to make sure that an Instagram account is legitimate.

There are many fake accounts on different social media platforms, after all. So now, people are checking the accounts first to avoid being scammed into following a fake account.

Having that in mind, you want to follow certain steps to ensure the authenticity of your account. Here are some tips for that, which can also help in how to brand your Instagram account.

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1) Include Vital Info

Include all of the important information about your business when you make your account. Doing that will separate your account from the ones that look dubious.

When you’re creating your account, make sure to include the following info, for example. This will convince your target audience that your business account is legitimate:

  • Website URL,
  • Links to other social media accounts,
  • Physical store address (if there’s any),
  • Contact number, or
  • Email address.

2) Add Some Personality to It

It also helps in how to brand your Instagram if you fill up your bio creatively. Adding a touch of individuality or personality to it can help you “stamp” it with your brand.

That’s because showing your brand’s persona in your bio can help you stand out from your competitors. It makes your customers feel like you’re special — and that’s a big part of how to brand your Instagram account.

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Upload Pictures of Your Business

You should also regularly upload pictures of your business like its products or facility. This is one of the best answers to how to brand your Instagram account.

If you market your business on Instagram, you need to post unique content or pictures often. It can get you engagement and it helps in branding your Instagram account.

Your target audience is likelier to remember your Instagram account if you post unique content. That’s why you can use your content to separate your account from your competitors.

My advice here is to highlight your products in your posts. Show each item’s quality and how it can help your customers.

Try to be creative in how you show that too. This can help in how to brand your Instagram account.

For instance, don’t always post the same type of content. Instead, have a variety so your target audience will get excited about seeing your next post.

In addition to that, make sure that your content can get you engagement. If you have engagement, more people will be intrigued into checking your Instagram account.

Engagement can open up a lot of possibilities for your business. It can boost your reach, sales, and online visibility, among other things.

People also tend to share posts with lots of engagement. They assume that it’s useful and have value so they share it with their friends — thus, your branded content will get more exposure.

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Think of Specific Hashtags

Using specific hashtags is important too if you want to learn how to brand your Instagram account. In fact, hashtag usage is one of the most important things in Instagram marketing.

Hashtags are like keywords. They are words or phrases that describe content.

People use hashtags to find the content that they are looking for. In your case, you can use it to help your target audience find your content.

With that in mind, you should think of a specific hashtag for your brand. When thinking of a hashtag, be sure that your target audience can recognize that it’s from your business.

Use your brand hashtag whenever you have an important post. For example, use it when you post about an event, exclusive promotions, discounts, or deals.

Having brand-specific hashtags can help in getting a bigger audience. Using brand-specific hashtags can also help in how to brand your Instagram account.

To give you an idea of what they’re like, here are some examples of brand-specific hashtags:

  • Coca-Cola –  #ShareACoke
  • RedBull –  #PutACanOnIt
  • DiGiorno –  #DigiorNoYouDidn’t
  • Calvin Klein –  #MyCalvins

People can also easily find your account if you have a memorable brand hashtag. They will just have to search for your hashtag to see updates or news about your community or business.

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Invest in Photography Equipment

Investing in some decent hardware and software for photography can be useful too. That’s because it can help produce great content for how to brand your Instagram account.

A good quality camera can help in making unique and high-quality content. It helps you brand your Instagram account because it allows you to post better photos or videos on the platform.

People usually appreciate posts that contain a good-looking image. That’s why investing in content-production gear can help you get the attention of more potential customers.

In addition to that, you may want to learn to use photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop as well. This is especially important if you don’t have the capital to buy a high-end camera.

Photo editing tools can improve the quality or looks of a picture that’s been captured on a normal camera. It allows you to create different-looking or branded content as well.

Post Content Regularly

Regular posting is also a key tip in how to brand your Instagram page… for an obvious reason.

People usually follow brands that post regularly. Posting content gives them a reason to check and follow your Instagram account.

But don’t just post random content. If you want to learn how to brand your Instagram account, you should post in a way that establishes your brand’s character.

Your content should also be based on your business, your industry, and the interests of your target audience. Otherwise, people will consider your Instagram account spammy.

The idea here is to regularly put out content that shows people what your business is about. You want to provide a constant visual reminder of your brand’s value and offerings.

Eventually, your Instagram account will be the first thing to come to people’s minds when they want content related to your industry. It makes your Instagram the go-to page in your niche.

That’s how posting regularly can help you with how to brand your Instagram account.

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Set a Brand Personality

I’ve more or less said it before, but it’s worth stressing — your brand should have a personality. You can’t get away from this fact if you want to know how to brand your Instagram account.

People will enjoy interacting with your Instagram account if it has a personality or character. That’s because they prefer to communicate with brands that boast a unique character.

A personality or character makes your brand more relatable because it imbues it with “human” traits. At the same time, it helps set it apart from competitors.

With that said, the personality of your brand should be congruent to your business. Keep that in mind when deciding how to brand your Instagram account in this manner.

For example, say your business sells party needs. The personality of your brand should be upbeat and on the joyful side, as a result.

Find Unique Ways to Give Thanks

Finally, you should find unique ways to give thanks to your customers. This is one of the most underused but effective ways in how to brand your Instagram account.

The way you appreciate your customers helps in building the persona or image of your brand. This shows what kind of business you have or how you operate.

A business that appreciates its customers is one that obviously cares about them. You don’t need a marketing degree to know that that’s the first rule of good customer relations.

In fact, the way a brand handles customer relations is a fundamental part of its image. I already mentioned that brands need a personality to connect with their customers — this is part of that.

There are many ways to give thanks to your customers. You can do it by sending them gifts, exclusive deals, discounts, or sales.

Take note that this does more than just keep your customers happy. It also helps in how to brand your Instagram page because it adds to the character of your business.

But aside from that, it can also help attract more potential customers. After all, they’ll want to become customers so you can treat them that well too.

Final Thoughts on How to Brand Your Instagram Account

In this blog post, I talked about how to brand your Instagram account.

As you can see, there are many answers to how to brand your Instagram account. You can begin by setting up your business account properly and posting unique pictures of your products or services.

Using brand-specific hashtags and establishing your brand personality through content can also help brand your account.

Furthermore, you should make an effort to communicate with your target audience, because the way you talk to them builds your brand’s image.

Finally, you should regularly post content representative of your brand and what it can offer. You should also find unique ways to thank your clients for their attention and patronage.

All of these tips show you how to brand your Instagram account for business successfully. If you have more questions on how to brand your Instagram account, leave them in the comments below.

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