How to Boost Your Business and Twitter Page

How to Boost Your Business and Twitter Page - business and twitter

“How to Boost Your Business and Twitter Page” written by Mike Marko.

Do you need help boosting your business and Twitter page?

Twitter has become a very powerful marketing platform. Its userbase continues to grow every day. This should already give you a few ideas on how it can be an asset to businesses.

With a business and Twitter page, you can leverage the platform’s large userbase for brand promotion. Even just setting up a proper business and Twitter page can help you market your brand on the network.

However, this doesn’t mean that owners of a business and Twitter page should rest on their laurels after making one. On the contrary, you need to make an effort for your business and Twitter account to stand out.

“But Twitter is a microblogging site with millions of other users,” you might be thinking. Trust me, I was worried about that too when I started my Twitter marketing.

However, as a business owner like you, I eventually figured out how to boost exposure for a business and Twitter page. And with this blog, I’ll share my secrets with you!

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Creating Better Brand Presence for Your Business and Twitter Page

Now, many business and Twitter page owners actually dedicate a lot of time and energy to Twitter. Unfortunately, a lot of them seem unable to get the results they hope to achieve.

Most of the time, a business and Twitter page’s follower count remains the same or remains unengaged. This is in spite of all the tweets the owner of the page is already publishing.

However, you can actually do a lot more on this platform than just tweeting. Through the years, Twitter has continued to make it easier for a business and Twitter page to stay creatively connected with its audience. New functions and options for engagement are popping up all the time.

With that said, the first tip that I have for boosting your business and Twitter page is using Twitter chats.


Use Twitter Chats

As is the case for users of most social media platforms, Twitter users can chat with each other. However, Twitter chats are unique because they don’t pop up on your screen like most chat features.

Twitter chats actually have set dates and times. These tell users when the chat will be active. With this feature, you can plan to connect with other businesses and potential consumers.

A business and Twitter page owner can actually create his own Twitter chat. They’re easy to start:

  • Define your Twitter chat’s objective.
  • Set a date and time when the chat will be active.
  • Choose a hashtag for users to follow the tweets in your Twitter chat.
  • Invite guests to tweet during your Twitter chat.

There are also already-established Twitter chats that you can engage in, such as #SmallBizChat. If you’re a business and Twitter page owner looking for more exposure for your brand, you may want to join these established chats.

It’s really up to you whether you decide to start your own Twitter chat or join one. Essentially, these chats can connect business owners to other professionals to discuss anything about their field.

You can boost both your business and Twitter page through these chats by regularly providing valuable information. This can lead to more engagement with users following a Twitter chat.

This is also important to remember because a well-engaged tweet will appear higher in rank when the Twitter chat hashtag is searched for.

Both engagement and valuable content establishes your business credibility as well as draws attention to your business and Twitter account.

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Post Recorded and Live Videos

Another good way to encourage engagement from your audience while also connecting with them is through videos. Luckily, Twitter allows users to post videos that are up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds long.

These videos can be set to automatically play when they come up in a user’s feed. Having a video set to automatically play invites users to watch the video immediately.

These videos are essential because they can provide a “show, don’t tell” effect. This means that you can show what your business and Twitter page is capable of instead of writing it out.

Live videos can also be used to share updates with your followers. Have an important announcement or event that you want your audience to hear about? Live videos can help you with that.

This kind of video also helps create a personal connection with your business and Twitter followers.

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Set Up Twitter Polls

If you want to start a fun and exciting way for your audience to engage with your business and Twitter page, Twitter polls can help you out. These polls have specific durations and will actually alert users who answered when it ends so they can see the results.

Twitter polls are effective because they give the effect of quizzes that most people tend to enjoy.

A good example of this is Marvel Entertainment’s Twitter poll asking their audience which Asgardian weapon they would want to wield. This type of poll not only encourages engagement but also conversations about the topic.

Polls can also help you organize feedback from your audience. This means that you won’t need to send out a survey in order to know what your consumers think.

A good example of this is Denny’s Twitter poll asking their audience about what they currently want to have. This poll showed what Denny’s dish is currently popular to their consumers while also making parental approval jokes.

These polls are also easy to retweet. This means that they can be shared to gather more data outside of your immediate audience.

All of this attracts attention to your business and Twitter page. Whether people are interested in the topic or the results, they’re likelier to pay attention to you afterwards.

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Don’t Forget to Use All 280 Characters

As mentioned before, Twitter is a microblogging site.

Right now, Twitter only allows 280 characters per tweet.

A 280-character limit can sound constricting. However, every smart business and Twitter page owner can work his way around it to convey everything he needs to.

Besides, the limit may even work for you. That’s because being concise can actually help you keep your audience’s attention.

However, making use of all 280 characters is still very helpful for your business and Twitter page. Ever since the previous 140 character limit was doubled, Twitter engagement rose.

Businesses can take advantage of this to create mini blogs for their followers. This is because more characters allow a business and Twitter page to provide more information in a single tweet.

Longer tweets also tend to catch the eyes of most users when they scroll through their feeds.

However, you can only fit so much in 280 characters sometimes.

Luckily, you can use Twitter cards to provide more content for your followers. Twitter cards can also be a way to drive more clicks to your content and website.

Follow the Right People in Your Field

Lastly, you shouldn’t forget about other business and Twitter pages. Although it should be your aim to increase your followers, you should also be keen on following industry leaders and influencers.

Doing so helps you keep track of trends, conversations, and interests. Since they are leading the industry, they would know a lot about what makes it tick and what keeps things interesting.

Following similar businesses and influencers also lets you see what works with your business and Twitter marketing strategy. You can also find out what you should avoid in order to stay away from the mistakes other businesses have made in the past.

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Final Thoughts on Business and Twitter 

By now, I’ve hopefully helped you create ideas and strategies in order to boost your business and Twitter page. Twitter’s style can be tricky, but these tips are here to help you work your way around the platform.

Always remember to use media that allow you to share valuable content, such as Twitter chats and videos. Not only are they eye-catching, but they can actually show your audience that you can provide them with the answers they might be looking for.

Twitter polls are also very useful because of the engagement they generate. They can even reach users who don’t follow your business and Twitter page.

You should also remember that it’s ideal to use all 280 characters in order to provide the information that you want your followers to know. If the character limit constricts you, you can always use Twitter cards.

Lastly, influencers and lead businesses in the industry can serve as examples for you and your business and Twitter marketing strategy. They can also add to your Twitter connections.

However, if you still have comments or suggestions about boosting your business and Twitter page, I encourage you to leave a comment below!

Be sure to check out my Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Marketing for more tips.

And always remember to think before you tweet!

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