How to Blog on Instagram for a Brand

How to Blog on Instagram for a Brand - how to blog on instagram

“How to Blog on Instagram for a Brand” written by Mike Marko.

If you’re here wondering how to blog on Instagram for your brand, that’s understandable.

Instagram is one of the social networks with the biggest number of active users. Add to that the fact that 80% of Instagrammers follow a business account.

In short, learning how to blog on Instagram can be a useful way to promote a business.

But blogging in Instagram can be a bit different from blogging on other platforms.

This is a far more visual (and in some ways, stylish) platform than Facebook… yet it’s also less frantic than Twitter.

Don’t worry, though, because blogging on Instagram isn’t exactly rocket science.

You’ll learn how to do it in today’s blog post. Below, I’ll show you how to blog on Instagram for your brand like a pro.

By the end of this article, you should have the keys to Instagram success in your hands!

advantages and disadvantages of instagramUse Instagram Like a Professional Marketer

As I said earlier, learning how to blog on Instagram can benefit your business.

It puts it in front of consumers, helps you convey marketing messages to your audience, and can even help you build brand affinity.

That’s a three-point shot you don’t want to miss!

But not everyone knows how to blog on Instagram to achieve those goals.

For example, a lot of business owners seem to think they should promote their products all the time.

But even if conversion is one of the main reasons to use Instagram, you can achieve it without getting too sales-focused in your posts.

You need to realize things like that to learn how to blog on Instagram.

If you’re interested in learning more, let’s move on to my pro tips on the topic.

Mind the following to see how to blog on Instagram for your business.

1) Work Up a Content Calendar

I love content calendars. They help me keep my content organized and timely.

They also help me keep an eye on how much of my content is already clearly promotional.

That matters since learning how to blog in Instagram is much like learning how to blog on other social networks.

You need to monitor how promotional you’re getting or you may irritate followers.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — people are on social media to connect, not be advertised to.

That’s why you have to make sure more of your content is about connection or offering value, instead of “selling”.

Content calendars help with that. They also let you keep an eye on which topics you’ve covered or haven’t touched on yet.

In other words, they’re indispensable to your content marketing plans.

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2) Establish Your Style

I’ve written about the best business Instagram accounts before. If you look at the feeds of the accounts I mention, you’ll notice something straightaway.

They all have an identifiable aesthetic — a brand style.

You can’t learn how to blog on Instagram like a pro without talking about style.

This is a visual platform, so most of what you’re saying has to be communicated in image, not text.

And style is part of that. It’s part of your message and branding.

What you should do is figure out your style beforehand, even before you post on Instagram.

Identify visual elements you think can hold your content together. These could be photo or image filters, colors, patterns, and even fonts.

In fact, I’d suggest putting visual representations of these together on mood board.

Later on, you can simply look at the mood board to see how to keep your posts’ aesthetic consistent.

Consistency in aesthetics or branding is vital in how to blog on Instagram.

3) Post to Show Your Brand Values

Does this seem like an odd thing to do? Maybe it does, to some.

I’ve even had one client tell me after I gave him this tip that he wanted to learn how to blog on Instagram, not how to preach on it.

But here’s the thing — you actually are on social media to “preach”, in a way.

You want more than one-time customers. You want adherents, or loyal followers.

You want people who not only buy from you repeatedly, but promote you to others of their own volition.

To do that, you need to build a community. And one of the best ways to do that is to look for those who share your brand values.

So post to show others what your brand stands for. It’s part of how to blog on Instagram.

It will give people who share the same values a strong reason to follow your feed. It also gives your brand a personality, which leads to my next tip.

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4) Reveal Your Brand’s Personality

Brands have personalities. You need to learn that to see how to blog on Instagram successfully.

You see, social media is all about personality. People aren’t likely to follow your feed if it lacks that humanizing element.

That’s because it’s naturally easier to build a connection with something more human than otherwise.

It’s hard to build a connection with a faceless, seemingly “flat” organization than one that shows off its character.

So don’t be afraid to make your posts more “human”. Express feelings like excitement and joy in them!

Talk about causes or advocacies you support. If your business is affiliated with a charity, make it the subject of some posts.

You can also give followers glimpses of the people (the personalities, in other words) behind your brand.

Showing off the human side of your business is part of how to blog on Instagram.

5) Offer Value Whenever Possible

In this much, Instagram marketing doesn’t differ from other types of marketing.

When you’re learning how to blog on Instagram for a brand, you’re learning how to get people’s attention.

One of the best ways to do that is still to offer them something valuable.

There are many things you can offer in Instagram posts that would be of value to others.

On the obvious side of things, you can offer special sales discounts or promos for your products.

If you want to get less obvious about promotion, though, you can also just share your expertise with people.

Share industry knowledge, insider advice, product selection or use tips, etc.

Try to make sure that each of your posts offers something of value to the viewer, whether it’s practical information or entertainment.

That’s crucial in how to blog on Instagram.

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6) Give Followers Something Special

When you’re learning how to blog on Instagram, you’ll find that getting followers is one of the key goals.

That’s since they’ll serve as your chief audience or community on the platform.

So you want to take care of your followers. Treat them well and they’ll stick around.

They may even encourage others to follow you too.

To give people an incentive to follow (and keep following) you, learn how to blog in Instagram in a way that makes followers feel special.

For example, release exclusives every now and then to them.

Make sure they’re the first to get access to a new product, for example. Or offer them the first previews of it.

The idea is to show followers that they were right to follow you in the first place.

7) Experiment with the Platform’s Features

You should do this every now and then as you learn how to blog on Instagram.

You see, this platform is still growing — and with growth comes change.

It’s not too recently that its algorithm went through an overhaul, for example. Features like Instagram Shopping are pretty recent too.

As Instagram continues to roll out new features, give them a try every now and then.

In the process, you may discover tools that fit your social media marketing strategy perfectly.

Don’t forget to experiment with even the staple features of the platform, though. It’s a good way to learn how to blog on Instagram.

For instance, test hashtags every now and then to see which ones work best for your business.

You can (and should) also give Stories a try on occasion. They’re a great way to put out must-see, time-sensitive content that you don’t need to polish up too much.

Final Thoughts on How to Blog on Instagram

Learning how to blog on Instagram can be a definite advantage for a business owner. The platform is ripe with possibilities for a business looking to grow and establish itself.

That said, not everyone knows how to blog on Instagram for business. That’s why I’ve gone ahead and given you my pro tips on how to do it, above.

Let’s go through what I told you again:

  • Use a content calendar to organize your topics and keep your content timely. It also gives you a quick reference when you’re strategizing content marketing.
  • Establish your style on the platform so that people start to recognize your brand.
  • Post to show your brand’s values because it helps in building a loyal community.
  • Show off your brand’s personality because it’s another way to connect with others on the network.
  • Offer value whenever you can, because that’s the secret to great content marketing.
  • Give people incentive to follow you by offering promos and exclusives.
  • Finally, experiment with Instagram’s features every now and then. You may discover a feature you can use to your advantage.

I do all of these myself when using Instagram for my clients. They’re indispensable tips for how to blog on Instagram.

If you still have questions on how to blog on Instagram after this, go ahead and leave me a comment here. I’ll answer as soon as I see it!

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