How Often To Post On Facebook When Marketing On Facebook

How Often To Post On Facebook When Marketing On Facebook

“How Often To Post On Facebook When Marketing On Facebook” written and video by Mike Marko.

Facebook can be an amazing way to getting your name and business out there.  When you think about the 1.4 billion Facebook accounts worldwide with 890 million daily active users… you quickly realize that Facebook is not a marketing tool you can ignore.

Previously we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook.

Today we’ll be talking about how often to post on Facebook when you are using it to marketing your business online.

How Often To Post On Facebook

In the following video, I talk about how often to post on Facebook.

VIDEO: How Often To Post On Facebook



How many posts you post to Facebook can have a significant impact on the results you get on Facebook for promoting your business.

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How Often To Post To Facebook Personal Pages

At the time of writing this article, Facebook has been favoring posts from personal pages over that of business pages.  It has been found even with my own personal posting that you get larger engagement when you post more often to a personal page.

That’s why it is often beneficial for personal businesses to leverage their personal pages to build a following and occasionally promote their business (maybe every 10-20% of your posts can be business-related).  Primarily you should be posting more non-business things on Facebook because it is a social platform.

If you follow this rule, then if you are posting 5 times a day to Facebook (spread throughout the day) then you can mention something related to your business every one or two days without getting too “pushy”.  Just don’t hard sell on your personal page.  😉

How Often To Post To Facebook Business Pages

Although I talked about posting frequently in the video I did, the number of times you should post to a business page really varies.  Keep in mind that Facebook recognizes that you are competing vs other business pages to show up in the feed.

Research has shown that for larger brands, with 10,000 followers or more, when you post once a day you get the most engagement per post.  Any more than that then there is a drop in engagement on the posts… though not so much of a drop off as to actually discourage you from posting more often.

On the other hand, smaller brands should post up to five times a day in order to be seen once per day.

What Time To Post

Now that you know how often to post on Facebook, the next logical question is when should you post.  When we look at the guidelines from QuickSprout and AdWeek we get the following:

  • Post at 1 PM get the most shares
  • Posts at 3 PM get the most clicks

Schedule Posts In Advance

It’s very difficult to post exactly at the right time, every day.  That’s why you should take advantage of the scheduling feature in Facebook Business Pages to schedule your posts in advance.  We often schedule our posts out for the week the Sunday night before every week… but you may find a better time for you.

Final Thoughts On How Often To Post To Facebook

Facebook can be a powerful platform to market your business.  If you use our guidelines, you’ll find that you get better results when exposing your brand online.

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How Often To Post On Facebook When Marketing On Facebook - Mike Marko

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