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“How Does SEO Work for Your Brand” written by Mike Marko.

Are you asking yourself: how does SEO work for your brand?

A lot of businesses’ exist online today in the hopes of getting noticed on the Internet to increase sales. While this boom in digital marketing indicates effectiveness, you’ll find yourself in tight competition with all the other brands.

With that said, how can you ensure that you’ll be found easily on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu? The answer: SEO.

The knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably the most important edge you can have over your competition. But, this is a bit tricky if you don’t know how it works.

In this blog, we’ll answer discuss what is SEO, the value it can give to your brand and most importantly, provide the answers to the question of how does SEO work.

A Guide on How Does SEO Work

Search engine optimization is a marketing technique that increases the quality of traffic being brought to your brand’s website. However, this can be bit complex when you’re just learning how to use it.

Our goal is to make this easier for you and provide you the best guide on how does SEO work for your brand. But before we do this, let’s first discuss what search engine optimization is.

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What is Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a process of improving the online visibility of a business’ website or a web page in search engines.  It helps rank your website higher on any search engines used by the people.

Doing this increases the chances of getting your brand noticed by your prospective audiences. Furthermore, SEO can help in reaching more people than just your prospect audiences.

Search engine optimization also helps in increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website, resulting in more audiences and more profit. All you’ll need to do is to know the exact ways on how does SEO work.

How Does SEO Work

When searching for a specific subject, users use certain and most relevant terms or keywords on search engines. The user is then presented with a series of websites related to the one he searched for.

Results are compared to then run through the search engine algorithm. The top results of the term searched to get you the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).  These SERPs attempt to have the have the most relevant websites presented first.

So, how do you become one of the top results? How do you improve your search ranking?

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Improve Engagement to Improve Search Ranking

Improve search ranking by making your contents easy to read. After all, users tend to stay at a website and engage with it when it is formatted properly and is easy on the eyes.

To give you an idea of how to properly format your posts, consider these tips:

    • Limit each paragraph to 2-3 sentences.
    • Break longer sentences into shorter ones.
    • Use plenty of sub-headers to guide readers.
    • List all your ideas and facts into bullet forms.

Once these steps are properly followed, all your posts will surely be engaging and worth the read. It’ll also help you create or develop a relationship with your readers.

Below are other ways on how you could improve the engagement of your search ranking.

Make Use of Bucket Brigades

This is a copywriting technique made to capture reader’s interest and keeping them on your page. Bucket brigades involve breaking an idea into multiple thoughts.

The proper ways of using bucket brigades are by ending short thoughts with a comma and adding the word “and” before the last thought. Note also that all longer sentences should be ended with a period.

Write in an Inverted Pyramid Style

Another way of improving engagements with your posts is to start with the most newsworthy info. Simply follow the pattern of how to write these sets of information.

It’s best to utilize these 6 key questions;

    • Who,
    • What,
    • When,
    • Where,
    • Why, and
    • How.    

This method serves to give the most valuable information first before the less important information. Focusing more on the most relevant thought captures the reader’s interest.

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Focus on Using Videos for SEO

Search engine optimization doesn’t just deal with texts, as videos can be a big help too. You can either make more posts or focus on using videos for your SEO.

Make sure that your video is SEO friendly by crafting a good title for it. Titles carry the weight on whether website visitors will continue to watch your video or not. Create titles that urge to open and view your video.

Write a simple yet informative description of your videos to give a brief introduction on what the viewers will get out of them. Remember, simple yet eye-catching description.

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Use Appropriate Easy-to-Search Keywords

Use a proper keyword search method for your brand and utilize keywords that’ll best work for your brand. These keywords should be related to what your brand is dealing with.

With that, you may probably want to use tools to perfectly find a search-balanced keyword. These tools are divided into paid and free keywords searching tools.

Paid Tools for Searching Keywords

There are three commonly used tools for searching keywords that’ll require you to utilize money.

  • Ahrefs– allows you to spy on your competitor’s backlinks.
  • SEMRush– recently launched a beta version of the content optimizer to help your keyword searching.
  • Backlinksindexer– indexes all the backlinks you’ll create.

Free Tools for Searching Keywords

These listed tools below are free, but can still promise great results.

    • Google Keyword Planner– lets you view the search volume and difficulty of a keyword.
    • SEOQuake– gives particular insights of each search result.
    • Moz Toolbar– helps you look at domain authority of the page at a quick glance.

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Final Thoughts on How Does SEO Work

In today’s blog, we shared the ways on how does SEO work for your brand. Search engine optimization is a marketing technique that’ll help increase the quality of traffic to your brand’s website.

The knowledge of this SEO platform is probably the most important edge you could have over your competition. To help you with it, we provided you guide on how you could use SEO for improving your search ranking.

  • Improve engagement to improve search ranking.
  • Make use of bucket brigades.
  • Write in an inverted pyramid style.
  • Focus on using videos for SEO.
  • Use appropriate easy-to-search keywords.

Utilize these ways to help you get better results for your brand’s search ranking on any search engines. If you find this blog informative or have further concerns on how does SEO work, please drop a comment below.

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