Kalatu Blogging System | How Do You Pronounce Kalatu

Kalatu Blogging System | How Do You Pronounce Kalatu” written by Mike Marko.

I know what you are thinking right now… because I was there not long ago.

You are thinking, “What the heck is Kalatu?

I had no clue at first.

Now trying to voice that question out loud.  🙂

Yeah, I was stuck there too.

How Do You Pronounce Kalatu?

So for several weeks when I first heard about Kalatu, I probably pronounced it a dozen or more different ways.  I actually called it Cthulhu recently because I was frustrated with how to pronounce it.

With Empower Network Kalatu blogging system about to be launched, I thought it would be prudent to research how to finally figure out how to pronounce Kalatu.

What Does Kalatu Mean?

The word KALATU comes from the aboriginal word meaning ‘story telling.‘

I think that is very appropriate for a blogging system since blogging is all about story telling.

What Is Kalatu?

Kalatu is the brand new Empower Network blogging system, ENV3, about to be released by Empower Network.

This launch of ENV3 marks the 3rd anniversary of Empower Network.   At the same time Empower Network is also bringing multiple improvements to their infrastructure.

Empower Network is introducing this new blogging platform that lets bloggers take advantage of all of the features of a WordPress site, without the hassle and technical difficulties that usually happens when you start a website.

Kalatu has several benefits, including the latest version of WordPress 4.0, a few really cool widgets and several blog themes that are easily customized with just a few mouse clicks.

Kalatu makes it easy to do stuff like selecting the right blog theme for your business, selecting the best and safest plugins, ensuring website security, backing up your website, creating lead capture pages, etc.

What is the Next Step?

This blog post on how do you pronounce Kalatu only scrapes the surface of what Kalatu is and the benefits of the Empower Network Kalatu blogging system.  I recommend you check out this article, What is Kalatu, next.

If you are looking to promote the Empower Network Kalatu blogging system and make residual income, I recommend getting the IPAS 2 system because it will help you get buyer not only for the Kalatu blogging system, but also other Empower Network products.

Kalatu Blogging System | How Do You Pronounce Kalatu

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Kalatu Blogging System | How Do You Pronounce Kalatu - Mike Marko

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Article: Kalatu Blogging System | How Do You Pronounce Kalatu

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