Learn How Can Instagram Help My Business

Certified Easy Tips On How To Maximize Instagram

“Learn How Can Instagram Help My Business” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking to learn how can Instagram help my business… and get the most out of this social media platform?

With 700 million monthly active users and counting, the Instagram platform is progressively becoming more relevant to consumers. It has become second only to Facebook in terms of audience penetration, making brand presence on it a must for small and large businesses.

Instagram’s unique visual-centric content allows brands to further explore different opportunities to establish and develop their businesses.

Due to the large pool of audience available, many businesses commit the mistake of measuring their success by the number of followers they acquire in a short span of time. While that remains an indicator, success in Instagram entails more than just that – it is derived from highly engaging your audience and producing quality content.

That’s why today I want to talk about how can Instagram help my business.

Ways How Can Instagram Help My Business

Creating a strategy for the Instagram platform will need to be different from your present Facebook or Twitter marketing strategy.

Instead of relying on witty messages or statuses to grab your consumers’ attention, you will need to put emphasis on high-quality visual content.

Marketing strategy on Instagram will require effort and careful planning. However, once you have a well-thought strategy in place, the opportunities for your brand to grow on the platform will be endless.

Whether you have just created an Instagram account for your brand or you think your current strategy needs an uplift, these easy tips will enable you to learn how can Instagram help my business.

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Highly Appealing Posts

When it comes to Instagram, visual content is key to engaging your audience. As a brand looking to grow on the platform, you must be able to present your products in an appealing manner.

It’s important to remember that with Instagram being an entirely visual medium, the images you publish play a crucial role in establishing your brand’s reputation.

Below are three important reminders to ensure your content will stand out on the platform:

  • Be creative. You do not have to limit yourself to product images. Overlays, lifestyle photos, reposts of consumer photos showcasing your photos, behind-the-scenes videos or memes are other examples of content that can be published on your feed.
  • No dull colors. All your photos have good contrasts and brightness to elevate the focus of the picture. Using Instagram’s various filters will allow you to convey different feel and look to images, while guaranteeing visual appeal.
  • High-quality. Considering posting only high-quality images. There is nothing that makes a consumer leave an Instagram feed faster than a blurry or pixelated photo.

Hashtags In Your Posts

It is important that, as a brand on Instagram, you are display marketability without being too hard-sell towards your audience. This means that you do not plaster your logo or business name in every photo that you publish.

But then, how can you make your target market aware of who you are?

Use branded hashtag that is both memorable and engaging. It’s best practice to use three to five hashtags on every caption that you create. Use additional hashtags that are relevant to your audience and the published content.

Making use of these hashtags will enable you to expand your reach and increase the discoverability of your content.

Aside from hashtags, don’t forget to add a call-to-action when appropriate or relevant to your post. If you are showcasing a product that can be found on your ecommerce website, include a link that will drive people to that particular page.

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Incite Excitement and Offer Exclusivity

Offer exclusive content to build anticipation and increase engagement between your brand and your followers. If you’re launching a new product or service, create an exclusive offer solely for your followers to satisfy them and make them feel special.

This exclusive content or Instagram-only incentives will not just encourage repeat business, but effectively boost your following as well.

Run Sponsored Posts

Ever heard of the saying, “To make money, you need to spend money?”

This holds true on the Instagram platform.

If you want to increase your following, advertise a specific product or announce a content/promo, then it would be ideal to run a sponsored ad on Instagram. This will instantly enable you to reach thousands of consumers that may be interested in your brand.

Promoting With Influencers

Establishing a partnership with Instagram influencers will help you reach a large audience and build your brand. This can be done with a single “shout-out” from these influencers.

Having them provide feedback on your business or post photos of themselves wearing your products will instantly create a buzz and entice their audience to become your customers.


Final Thoughts On How Can Instagram Help My Business

In this article, we discussed how can Instagram help my businesto maximize Instagram for business. Your Instagram marketing strategy will not be entirely similar to strategies used on Facebook or Twitter.
As a visual-centric platform, we talked about how high-quality content must be regularly published on your account to attract current and potential consumers. Hashtags, sponsored posts and collaboration with influencers also prove to be effective ways of making your brand stand out and reach more people.

We also talked about other strategies to help you learn how to maximize Instagram for business.

If you need help as to building business on Instagram, feel free to contact me and we’ll discuss how we can help you build your business presence online.

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And always keep in mind… have fun!

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