Holy Yoga & Holy Yogalates: Stronger Bodies, Stronger Faith

Holy Yoga / Holy Yogalates- Holy yoga, Holy yogalates

“Holy Yoga & Holy Yogalates: Stronger Bodies, Stronger Faith” written my Mike Marko.

Are you thinking of doing Holy Yoga?

Holy Yoga is also referred to as Christian Yoga. This type of yoga is sponsored by a lot of liturgical and Protestant churches and now, it’s being adopted more in evangelical churches.

This might be confusing for those familiar only with traditional yoga. But even if you look deeper at traditional yoga, the concept of spirituality being part of it isn’t that strange.

After all, yoga is a spiritual practice that helps individuals connect to their deeper self.

In the Western world, yoga has admittedly become more of a physical exercise. In some places, the practice is a form of stress management.

Holy Yoga brings it back to its spiritual roots while infusing it with Christianity. It’s an “experiential worship to deepen people’s connection to Christ”, according to practitioners.

And Holy Yoga introduces various specialized training programs too, including Holy Yogalates. This is based on a meld of yoga and Pilates, and is creating a lot of buzz right now.

If you’re curious about all of these things, you’re in luck. In this post, we’ll talk about Holy Yoga and Holy Yogalates in depth.

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Yoga & Yogalates – The Basics

Before we dive into Holy Yoga and its training programs, let’s discuss the basics first.

As I mentioned, yoga is a spiritual practice — thus its correlation to holiness. Thus the birth too of Holy Yoga.

On the other hand, Pilates is focused on strength-building in the body’s core.

Both practices involve doing specific postures and proper breathing. They also focus on meditative mindfulness.

Yogalates is a combination of both practices. It helps improve flexibility, muscle toning, endurance, and of course, mindfulness.

The version of it called Holy Yogalates thus combines yoga, Pilates, and Christian spirituality.

Holy Yoga and Holy Yogalates don’t stray too far from the original practice of yoga. The only difference is that instead of seeking knowledge of Self, you will seek the Self in Christ.

In Holy Yoga and Holy Yogalates sessions, for example, Christian music is played. Individuals also chant Bible verses while doing the practice.

These are all done to use these practices as a Christian worship experience that will help deepen an individual’s faith in God.

The Christian aspect of Holy Yoga and Holy Yogalates derives from their origins. We’ll talk about those next to better understand them.

Holy Yoga & Holy Yogalates Stronger Bodies, Stronger Faith - yoga and sunset

The Origins and Offerings of Holy Yoga

Holy Yoga was founded by Brooke Boon. She was originally raised as a Jew but a personal crisis led her to the Christian faith.

This led Boon to form an intimate relationship with God. At first, she claims that she had a hard time mixing her yoga practice with her newfound faith.

However, she eventually realized that she could combine them and make it work. This was how Holy Yoga (the practice) and Holy Yoga Global (the company or brand) was born.

Today, Holy Yoga Global provides world-class training in Christian yoga. To date, they have already trained 4,500 persons across the globe and are showing no signs of slowing down.

Holy Yoga thus helps establish Christ-centered communities all over the world through the practice of yoga. They offer 200-hour and 100-hour programs.

Their core training programs are the following:

  • First time instructor training,
  • Existing instructor training,
  • Masters, and
  • Therapy.

Let’s go over these courses one by one.

Holy Yoga & Holy Yogalates Stronger Bodies, Stronger Faith - yoga

First Time Instructor Training

This is a 200-hour training program that provides expert yoga training and Christ-centered spiritual development.

If you’re interested in being a part of this program, you’ll learn more about the history and principles of yoga with the foundations of the Christian faith. It includes 9 weeks of online training and a 6-day immersion retreat.

Existing Instructor Training

This is a 100-hour program that is designed for current yoga instructors. In this program, participants will be a part of a 6-week live online training as well as a 6-day immersion retreat.

The online training will help you cultivate your practice and your relationship with God. It also involves Bible reading, prayer, meditation, journaling, video reviewing, and assignments.

The immersion will allow you to focus on your pose breakdown, Bible study, Holy Yoga practices in all styles, and workshops.

Masters Training

This program will take you deeper into yoga philosophy and principles along with the culture of God’s Kingdom and the persons of the Trinity. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to have a deeper knowledge and experience of yoga and Christ.

This is a 300-hour program that involves 9-week training modules.

Holy Yoga & Holy Yogalates Stronger Bodies, Stronger Faith – yoga

Therapy Training 

This training is perfect for those who are in the medical field or those who simply want to address physical pain.

With this training program, you’ll be able to address physical injury, pain, emotional and mental stress, and trauma through yoga and therapeutic practices.

It involves a 40-week online training that will help yoga instructors facilitate health and healing through a holistic understanding of the human body.

Specialty Training

Holy Yoga also offers specialty training for yogi instructors, kids, pregnant women, seniors, and many more.

Their specialty programs include these:

  • Holy Yoga Yin I & II – A deeper understanding of Yin Yoga practice and how to use it to meed the needs of individuals with specific physical, mental, and emotional goals.
  • Touch – This deepens others’ yoga poses and provide assists and massage.
  • Chair/Senior – This is for people with various or special needs who want to experience a Holy Yoga class through physical workshop, meditation, and breath.
  • Pre/Postnatal – It educates individuals in the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of women during and after pregnancy through techniques to prepare and optimize the mother’s body for labor/delivery/birth. The program also empowers women in birth experiences, labor and delivery, and postpartum care.
  • Kids – This program will help kids create a better relationship with God. This teaches kids that their bodies are temples of the Living God. It is best for seasoned yoga instructors but also recommended for parents, grandparents, and children’s pastors.
  • Leadership Training – The leadership training can help individuals become effective and powerful servants of God.
  • Plus – This is designed for plus-sized individuals to comfortably have the yoga experience.
  • Adaptive – This program is designed for certified yoga teachers and individuals who want to learn how to teach students with special needs.

Holy Yoga & Holy Yogalates Stronger Bodies, Stronger Faith - yoga by the beach

Self-Study Training

The self-study training options involve the following:

  • Weights,
  • Yogalates, and
  • Trauma-sensitive courses.

The Weights training is a combination of traditional Holy Yoga class with cardio and weight training. It’s the perfect workout if you’re looking for total body conditioning.

On the other hand, the Trauma-sensitive training will educate individuals on the effects of trauma on the body. The training involves exploration of various yoga postures that can help heal traumatic memories.

Now, let’s dive deeper into one of the reasons you originally came to this page — Holy Yogalates.

Holy Yogalates

This is Christ-centered training program that focuses on building strength. At the same time, it strengthens Christ in the mind and spirit.

The training program includes online instructor training centre access, 8 hours of instructional video, and support from a senior trainer as well as access to a private Facebook group.

Holy Yogalates will help participants to be strong from inside and out. It encourages them to teach others as well.

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Holy Yoga and Holy Yogalates in a Nutshell

With so many workouts available today, it’s difficult to find something that combines physical activity and the Christian faith. With the emergence of Holy Yoga and Yogalates, you don’t have to look anymore. 

These practices are Christ-centered. Not only will you be able to strengthen your body with them you can also strengthen your faith in Christ. 

Holy Yoga offers a number of training programs. Their four core training courses are designed for yoga instructors who can be pillars of Christ-centered communities. 

Their specialty training courses, on the other hand, are shorter training programs that don’t require a long period of commitment. 

Individuals who are not yoga instructors can join in these specialty training programs. That makes their courses hugely accessible to anyone interested in their offerings. 

One of their most popular training programs is Holy Yogalates. It’s a combination of yoga and Pilates with the intervention of Christ and his teachings. 

The combination of these Holy Yoga and Pilates shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with the two things. If you talk to Pilates expert Laura Burdo of the Pilates Preacher, for instance, you’ll be told that Pilates can be a deeply spiritual discipline as well.

Holy Yogalates encourages individuals not only to strengthen their bodies but to strengthen their spiritual being as well through the practice. 

In sum, Holy Yoga can provide a lot to anyone interested in a more spiritual, Christian aspect of yoga. Most of the programs offered involved online training, modules, and retreats. 

Holy Yoga & Holy Yogalates Stronger Bodies, Stronger Faith - yoga

Final Thoughts on Holy Yoga and Holy Yogalates

It’s clear that all these fitness and spiritual disciplines have much to offer. Holy Yoga and Holy Yogalates, as we’ve seen, can be the perfect answer to people in need of spiritual approaches to wellness.

Holy Yoga in particular was founded with the intent of helping people discover Christ and his teachings through a healthy yoga practice. It provides yoga practitioners a deeper way of tapping into their spiritual sides during yoga.

This melding of traditions hasn’t stopped at yoga and Christianity. As we’ve seen, there is even Holy Yogalates now, which combines yoga, Christianity, and Pilates.

There are different training programs available for those who want to discover Holy Yoga or Holy Yogalates intimately. There are even specialized and self-study options available.

Moreover, Holy Yoga has gone global and if you’re in the Cincinnati area, you can find a Holy Yoga or Holy Yogalates instructor near you easily.

You may also want to try something similar, such as a deeper approach to Pilates in its purest form. If so, I highly recommend Laura Burdo, the Pilates Preacher, who can give you the ultimate Pilates experience.

Finally, if you want to know more about Holy Yoga, you can go to their website. If you have any questions about this article, you can also leave them in the comment section below.

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Holy Yoga & Holy Yogalates: Stronger Bodies, Stronger Faith - Mike Marko

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