High Ticket Closer | Is Dan Lok a Scam Artist…or Not?

High Ticket Closer Dan Lok Is a Scam Artist...or Not -

“High Ticket Closer | Is Dan Lok a Scam Artist…or Not?” written by Mike Marko.

Dan Lok…

Is he or is he not a scam artist?

Dan Lok is a name to be reckoned with in the online marketing world. He has over 2 million followers spread across his various social media accounts.  

He has established himself as a leading motivational speaker and a global consultant for building successful enterprises.

His name is synonymous with the High Ticket Closer program.

Also known as The King Of High-Ticket Sales, Dan Lok is a target of a lot of negativity as seen on various articles about him and comments on his social media posts.  

Bashers regularly flag Dan Lok and his High Ticket Closer as a scam.  

In this post, let us dig deeper as to whether Dan Lok and his High Ticket Closer program is a scam, or not.

Is Dan Lok a Scam Artist?

A scam is anything that is a dishonest scheme or a fraud.  

There are lots of it going on especially on the internet.  Scam review sites are present everywhere for all to check the special offers they are receiving.

Illegally trying to secure your personal details is a scam.  Unsolicited calls asking you to buy shares in a company that is about to take off in the stock market is a scam.  Emails declaring that you are a big-time lottery ticket winner is a scam.

But let me ask you this.

Do you consider this as a scam if you hear this coming from somebody?  

A person who is asking you to believe in yourself.  Somebody who is pushing you to be a better person than what you are right now.  Somebody who is willing to guide you to be more successful in your life, relationships, and wealth.

Somebody who is willing to share his key learnings in his success story with you, so you have a model to follow.

Let’s face it…  

We all want to be successful in life, whether in relationships, career, or money.  If we are to model ourselves after somebody, we might as well follow one who had achieved success in this some or all of these.

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Who is Dan Lok?

Dan Lok has now become very successful. Being one of the highest paid speakers and high-ticket consultant, we might think of him living a luxurious life enjoying every fancy thing with his family.

But just like any success stories, Dan Lok experienced shortcomings.

Dan Lok’s Humble Beginnings

Dan Lok is an immigrant.  He came from Hong Kong when he was 14.  He had to adjust to a different country with a different culture and lifestyle during the difficult teenage years.

Dan Lok is a self-made man.  

His parent divorced when he was 16.  His father went bankrupt in Hong Kong later.  He became self-reliant after this for he has to take care of his mother.

Dan Lok’s Journey to Success

Dan Lok has failed in business before.  He had started 13 ventures that went under before finally achieving success.  He knew what was it like to be in debt, desperate and backed into a corner.

Dan Lok credited his turnaround to having a mentor.  This person showed him everything that is needed to transform his life.  

He finally tasted financial freedom after applying the learnings from this mentor in his subsequent ventures.

He made his first million when he was 27, and by the time he was 30, he was a multimillionaire.  He has lots of fine material things to prove this such as luxury cars and townhouses. He wears tailormade custom suits.

Dan Lok is more than these showcases of wealth and fancy material things.  He has more to offer.

He has done everything on the internet.  His ventures were done through online and internet marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, and home business opportunities. Dan has also written many books.  

He had made his mark as a renowned expert in High Ticket Sales. He is a High Ticket Closer. Hence, The King Of High-Ticket Sales.

What Is a High Ticket Closer?

A High Ticket Closer is somebody who has made a living in High Ticket sales.

High Ticket sales involve the selling of expensive products that have a high value such as jewelry, automobile, and real estate.  Normally, the value of these products would go well above $1,000 per unit.

High Ticket items clients are different from the regular online buyer.  They are usually more affluent and with a higher net worth.

Ideal High Ticket clients are ones who can be deemed as advocates and case studies later for these products.  Their testimonials add a lot of weight to these items.

These same clients are also not on a whim buyer type since they like to think their purchases through.

After all, buying a $20 guide is much different from buying a $20,000 car.

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Characteristics of an Effective High Ticket Closer

On the other hand, a good High Ticket Closer is somebody who is articulate, charismatic and passionate.  He has to project the impression that he totally believes in the product he is selling. His image and credibility are part of the product or service he is selling.

He has to have a genuine affinity for this same product for viewers can immediately see this.  He has to project that he is a person of authority in this matter. He has to know what he is talking about regarding the product.

Living and breathing this same product is a good way to be a person of authority.  Real-life experience with this product would be an immense help.

The Challenges

Dealing with High Ticket clients demands a different type of selling style.  There is a good chance that the person doing the selling belongs to a different economic stratum compared to the target buyer.  There can and will be communication gaps.

Issues that are important to the seller such as value for money may not be perceived the same by the buyer.  The buyer might place a premium rather on aesthetics and luxury.

There is a disconnect here.  This is an issue for failure to address this disconnect would lead to botched sales and failed ventures.

The good news is that this type of selling skill can be learned.  And with a good teacher teaching it, this is an addressable issue.

What Is Dan Lok’s High Ticket Product?

Dan Lok is the founder of High-Ticket Closer Certification Program.  Through this same program, he teaches men and women all around the world to learn how to close sales of High Ticket items.

What Dan Lok Does Exactly?

He teaches students of his class how to deal with clients of High Ticket items right from the beginning up to the closing of a sale.  He shows them the nuances of this type of a transaction. He also shows the way to deal with the quirks of its target clients.

These sales aim to build financial momentum for students of this program.  They can then venture to different enterprises after applying the knowledge gained.  After all, they will be able to have a financial base set.

Dan Lok trains and mentors these same students to become excellent closers of High Ticket items.  He wants them to become successful just like he is, right now. He wishes to mold them as versions of himself.


He believes that having a mentor is a surefire way to become a High Ticket Closer just like him.  He owed his turnaround in business when he finally found a mentor.

He wants to repay his mentor.  He does this by paying it forward, serving as a mentor to students of his High-Ticket Closer Certification Program.

There is no difference in enrolling to this program to become a High Ticket Closer as going to a law school to be a lawyer.  You learn the law from professors and lawyers when you go to law school. You learn to become a High Ticket Closer from the King of High-Ticket Sales.

People who want to become lawyers pay tuition to get into law schools.  People who want to enroll in Dan Lok’s High-Ticket Closer Certification Program similarly would need to pay money to get in this program.

You simply have to learn from the best to be the best.

What Else Can You Learn from Dan Lok?

Aside from becoming a High Ticket Closer courtesy of Dan Lok’s High-Ticket Closer Certification Program, you will also pick up a lot of things from the King of High-Ticket Sales.

We can learn the value of resilience from Dan Lok.  He has started 13 businesses and failed in every one of them.  He did not give up. So should you and I.

Dan Lok preaches the value of hard work and perseverance.  Successful enterprises demand from its creators that they stick with it especially when times get tough.  

Facing Failures

Disappointment and failure usually happen when challenging ventures are abandoned and new ones set up instead.

He does not believe in the getting rich mentality.  He, instead, emphasizes consistent learning and developing of one’s skill.

Delivering value to clients is an important mindset of a successful entrepreneur.  This should be the primary focus of someone who wants to be an outstanding businessman.  

A solid skill set in communications such as blogging, teaching, and delivering your ideas to the marketplace is a must have.

Money is a by-product of this correct mindset and skill set.

Why You Need Dan Lok

We can appreciate the power of having a sound mentor.  Dan Lok did not achieve success until he had one.  Students in Dan Lok’s High-Ticket Closer Certification Program have the best mentor to guide them.

The knowledge that can be obtained from Dan Lok’s High-Ticket Closer Certification Program is a valuable skill.  It is a skill that will stay with these people, forever.  Program graduates will have the confidence that they can always bounce back even when setbacks happen.

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Final Thoughts on  Whether Dan Lok Is a Scam Artist

Crab mentality is an attribute that we human beings possess in varying degrees.  This is basically jealousy. We are jealous of people who have more than us whether it be love, relationships or wealth.

Instead of emulating these successful people, some of us choose to put them down.  We call them lots of names. We call them scam artists.

But is it fair to do that?

The good thing about the majority of us living on this planet is that we have a choice.  We have a choice whether we want to follow another person or not. We have a choice of whether to emulate their lives or not.

We have a choice of whether to enroll in Dan Lok’s High-Ticket Closer Certification Program or not.

Some will enroll for they recognize the value of being a High Ticket Closer in today’s economy.  

Some will enroll because they have the same circumstance as Dan Lok (immigrant, started with nothing, business failure, etc.) and they want to be just like him – financially successful.  Some will enroll because they want to have another option to what they are doing right now.

Others will not.  Others will, instead of doing something with their lives by learning something meaningful and productive, choose to react negatively.  Others will call Dan Lok a scam artist.

Which one are you?

If you have more questions about High Ticket Closer Dan Lok Is a Scam Artist leave them in the comments below.

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High Ticket Closer | Is Dan Lok a Scam Artist...or Not - Mike Marko

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