Grudge Match: Getresponse Review vs Aweber Review

Grudge Match: Getresponse Review vs Aweber Review

“Grudge Match: Getresponse Review vs Aweber Review” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking to improve your email marketing results?

I bet if you are doing email marketing you are always to improve your results… because it affects your business’ bottom line.

If you are not doing email marketing for your business you are really missing out.  It’s an important aspect of any marketing campaign.  There are so many reasons that you should use email marketing including:

  • Give reasons why your potential clients should buy
  • Build trust over a period of time
  • Keep you in the back of your potential clients’ minds
  • etc.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to do some testing between Aweber vs Getresponse to see which platform worked the best.

GetResponse Review vs Aweber Review

Before we dive into the good stuff, let me give you a little background with regards to my experience with Aweber and GetResponse.

My Autoresponder History

When I started marketing online years ago, I started with Aweber.  My mentor was using it and promoted his affiliate link to me to buy.  So I did.

Aweber is a great tool for beginners because it’s relatively easy to pick up and start using.

I used it for a year before deciding to switch over to GetResponse (mainly because I was told that the deliver-ability was better).

I used GetResponse up until recently…

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About Six Months Ago

Towards the beginning of this year, I noticed that there was a significant drop in my email open rate.  The test emails I had entered into the autoresponder was being now sent to spam in both Gmail and Hotmail.

I didn’t think too much of it… at the time I was busy focusing on other things, but I knew that several of the mailing platforms had made some algorithm changes as to catch spam email.  I thought that by just telling people to whitelist the emails that my deliver-ability would go up.

About three months ago my dad (yeah, he subscribed to my email list) told me he was worried that something had happened to me because he was no longer receiving my emails.  Hmmm… I was sending them.

About two months ago I was working with a clients email autoresponder and noticed his open rates were averaging 10% or higher and he needed some work on his email titles.

Started Doing Some Testing

During this time I changed domains for my emails to see if that would help… nope.

I wrote a few emails completely with text and made sure the spam score was zero… that didn’t help.

And I segregated the emails out of my list that hadn’t opened an email in the last six months.  I created a “quiet list” of about 1200 emails. That had little effect on my open rate.

GetResponse Emails Unopened Segregated List

To create my segregated list I sent out an initial email (“so what’s up?”) on August 8, 2016, to people that had not opened emails in the last six months that had been on my lists for at least six months.  I got an open rate of 0.27% and a 28.47% bounce rate.

To those that didn’t open that email I changed the email title around (“] Is this you?”) on August 9, 2016, and got a 0.40% open rate and a 28.16% bounce rate.

Then on August 11, I followed up with another email to those who hadn’t opened either email with a new email title (“I thought we were friends”) and got a 0.31% open rate, a 0.09% unsubscribe rate and a 27.91% bounce rate.

On August 14 I again sent another email (i decided to call it quits – sorry) and got a 0.27% open rate and a 28.21% bounce rate.

Finally, on August 16 I sent a final email (this is my last goodbye) to those who hadn’t opened a single email yet and got a 0.09% open rate and a 28.13% bounce rate.

Then I segregated everyone who hadn’t opened a single email and put them in their own list.  The plan was I would at use the list to run Facebook ads.

Introducing Aweber

Since the switch to Getresponse, I had kept my payments going to Aweber.  I felt that I didn’t want to let that account go.  I thought about switching back several times, especially when I learned about AW Pro Tools to help automate some aspects of Aweber, but then Getresponse soon after released their beta of Automation so I decided to stick around and try it out.

It was at this time when I started doing more work on one of my clients’ email funnels in Aweber and I kept on seeing open rates much high on my with solo ad traffic (the majority of my traffic is a warm market).

It was then that I decided to do a test.

My Test

I started off testing Getresponse vs Aweber by sending test emails to my Gmail and Hotmail accounts.  I sent simple text only emails and made sure the spam score on both was zero.

Aweber delivered.  Getresponse hit the spam.

I then imported my “dead” list into Aweber.  This is where the results get REALLY interesting.

Within 24 hours I got a surprising open rate from what was supposed to be a dead list.

Aweber review vs getresponse review

With just ONE EMAIL (“I missed you”) I got an open rate of 2.2%.  Even more surprising was that my bounce rate was only 2.0% vs around a 28% bounce rate for GetResponse.

I’m continuing to do more tests.  I have a new list developing where the open rates of 20 emails in an autoresponder ranging from an open rate of 10% to 50%.  That is unheard of in my Getresponse campaign…. using the exact same email titles in both.

Aweber Features

While I was using Aweber there are several things that I love about the tool.

  • The open rate dashboards are far superior to that of Getresponse.  You can quickly see which emails are performing and which ones are not, and make adjustments as needed.
  • The simple automation added in Aweber makes it easy to add people to other lists when they subscribe to another.  Or you can have someone unsubscribed from a list when they are added to another list.  This helps with list management (AW Pro Tools has a lot more functionality that you can use to make your campaigns more dynamic).
  • You can easily tag emails so you can track and segregate within a single list.

My Choice

My choice is pretty easy after doing all my testing… and that is to pick Aweber of Getresponse.  I’m in the process of moving my entire list over.  It’s not an easy process because I have to rebuild email campaigns and change over the coding of 50+ capture pages, but it’s definitely worth a higher open rate.

Final Thoughts On This Getresponse Review vs Aweber Review

If an open rate is important in your email campaigns (and I’m sure it is), then the evidence made it an easy decision to switch from GetResponse to Aweber.

Maybe my testing will be enough to sway you over as well.  If you would like to do a 30-day trial of Aweber to run your own tests or to just give it a test drive, check it out by clicking the link below.

Getresponse Review vs Aweber Review

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Grudge Match: Getresponse Review vs Aweber Review - Mike Marko

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