7 Tips for a Great LinkedIn Business Profile

7 Tips for a Great LinkedIn Business Profile

“7 Tips for a Great LinkedIn Business Profile” written by Mike Marko.

A great LinkedIn business profile is important in LinkedIn marketing. It’s the first place users of the platform tend to check if they want to learn about you, after all.

In spite of that, an astonishing number of businesses still don’t have an optimized LinkedIn business profile.

They leave them unfinished or devoid of keywords. Sometimes they don’t even have an intelligible (or informative) “About Us” section.

Now imagine you’re a consumer looking for more information about a company. You’re interested in it because you think it could have the solutions you need.

What if you saw a profile with the traits I just mentioned? Would it encourage you to trust the company or to look for an alternative?

That scenario should show you at least one of the reasons you should take optimizing your LinkedIn business profile seriously.

The way you present yourself on your LinkedIn business profile can go a long way to garnering potential clients’ confidence.

So if you’re ready, let’s get started on how to make the best LinkedIn business profile for your brand. That way, you can start off on the right foot too with your LinkedIn marketing.

How to Make an Effective LinkedIn Business Profile

A LinkedIn business profile is much like a LinkedIn personal profile, only it’s for a business. Unlike a personal profile, its default state is also public.

That’s because businesses are generally on LinkedIn for promotion. That being the case, it wouldn’t make sense for their profiles to be private by default.

In any case, the LinkedIn business profile is also known as the LinkedIn company page. It’s where a business gets to do the following things:

  • Show off what it does.
  • Promote its offerings.
  • Give current and prospective clients a place to touch base with it.

So a LinkedIn business profile is obviously a useful asset for your company. But in order for it to actually be an asset, you need to take time to optimize it.

As I said before, that’s what I’m here to show you today. Here I’ll give you 7 must-know tips for making an effective LinkedIn business profile.

Use these to ensure your LinkedIn business profile is actually of value to your business’s future.

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1) Use a Good Profile Image and Banner

Your profile picture and banner offer a “snapshot” of your brand’s identity to people viewing your LinkedIn business profile.

Thus, you want to make sure you choose the right ones.

There are at least 2 considerations when choosing pictures for your LinkedIn business profile.

First, you want to be sure the pictures are of good quality.

Second, you want to be sure they’re representative of your business.

Choose High-Quality Photos

You should only ever use high-quality photos in your LinkedIn business profile.

That’s because high-quality images tend to be seen as more professional.

In other words, using such photos makes your LinkedIn business profile look more like a legitimate company’s. That builds trust in your brand and gets you points for credibility.

When picking photos, use PNG images. They’re of higher quality than compressed formats (like JPG).

Note too that for both the profile picture and banner, your images can be up to 8MB in size.

The profile image can only be 300×300 pixels, however. The banner can be 1536×768 pixels.


Choose Representative Images

Next, you also want to choose photos that represent your company.

Don’t get so creative with the visuals you pick that you make your profile pic and banner unrecognizable on your LinkedIn business profile.

The idea is to ensure they still provide a visual representation of your brand. That’s why for the profile image, it’s best to use your logo.

For the banner, however, you can get a little more imaginative.

You can try a wide-format version of your logo, for example. Or you can use an image of your business’s HQ, premises, or product.

Just make sure the logo is still incorporated somewhere. After all, you want your branding to be as consistent as it is pervasive on your LinkedIn business profile.

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2) Use Your “About Us” as a Mini-Resume

The idea behind an “About Us” section is to provide a brief but informative description of a business.

Write an “About Us” for your LinkedIn business profile that does just that. Consider thinking about these questions for it:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do? (Better yet, how can you help the reader, whom you should imagine as a potential client?)
  • Why do you do it? (What’s your mission?)
  • Where are you based? (Or where do you work?)
  • What accomplishments do you want to mention?
  • What events or products/services do you want to promote right now?

The last question tells you that you should be updating the “About Us” section of your LinkedIn business profile regularly.

This keeps the content on it fresh and relevant.

3) Use Keywords

Your LinkedIn business profile may actually be indexed for Google searches.

If it’s optimized, it may even show up at or near the top of the search engine results pages when people search for your business on the Web.

To help your LinkedIn business profile rank well in online search, you have to use keywords.

Look for keywords to use in your LinkedIn business profile. Make sure they’re related to your business and are used by your target customers.

Use them in your description or “About Us” section.

Make sure you use them in an organic way, however. Don’t shoehorn a keyword into your LinkedIn business profile because that may end up hurting instead of helping you.

Any sign of “spamminess” can make your business look less-than-authentic to a visitor.

Authenticity is important when you’re trying to establish authority as well as dependability.

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4) Complete All Fields

If you want to ensure your LinkedIn business profile is truly optimized, you have to make sure it’s completely filled out.

That means checking to see if all applicable fields have data in them.

Did you add your company website’s URL to the URL field of your LinkedIn business profile? Did you note your business’s headquarters?

Take note that you should also check your LinkedIn business profile at least once a month to ensure the data in it is up-to-date.

If you’ve changed your business address, for example, you need to change it in your LinkedIn business profile ASAP.

5) Make and Maintain Showcase Pages

Your Showcase Pages are part of your LinkedIn business profile.

Think of them as individual project pages on your business’s resume.

They let you highlight products or services from your brand that deserve special attention.

Since Showcase Pages can have their own followers, though, they do need extra maintenance.

It may be useful to appoint someone in your staff to help you manage them.

That means keeping them updated, interacting with followers, and posting fresh content.

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6) Keep Content Coming

To keep your LinkedIn business profile relevant, you have to keep content coming.

That means posting as well as sharing content regularly on the platform.

This doesn’t just stimulate interest in your company page by keeping it active. It also increases your chances of getting helpful engagement and exposure.

Hubspot advocates posting at least twice a week for your LinkedIn content marketing.

I have to add to that by saying that you should make sure what you’re posting is useful, though.

You can post more than twice a week if you want, but if your content is always low-quality, there’s no point to posting at all.

7) Use LinkedIn Analytics

One of the most powerful tools you get access to with a LinkedIn business profile is LinkedIn Analytics.

With it, you can collect engagement and audience demographic data that lets you optimize your LinkedIn business profile and marketing.

You can even get information on metrics such as the number of Likes you’ve received or the number of Mentions your business has had.

Among other things, the data you find in LinkedIn Analytics can tell you who your main audience seems to be.

It can also tell you whether or not your latest update on the platform has been good for your engagement, follower, or visitor count.

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Final Thoughts on Making a Good LinkedIn Business Profile

That’s it for my list of tips for making an effective LinkedIn business profile.

A good LinkedIn business profile can benefit your company in many ways. It can build trust and authority for you on the Web, besides gaining you more visibility.

Paired with the right content marketing and social media marketing strategies, it can even get you more leads.

That’s why it’s worth it to take time out of your day to optimize or update your LinkedIn business profile. I gave you 7 tips for doing that, and here they are again:

  1. Use a good profile image and banner.
  2. Use your “About Us” as a mini-resume.
  3. Use keywords.
  4. Complete all fields.
  5. Make and maintain showcase pages.
  6. Keep content coming.
  7. Use LinkedIn Analytics.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a LinkedIn business profile that actually benefits your business.

If you have more questions about how to make a great LinkedIn business profile, hit me up in the comments below. I’ll answer as soon as I can.

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7 Tips for a Great LinkedIn Business Profile - Mike Marko

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