Google SEO Tips: What You Need To Know

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“Google SEO Tips: What You Need To Know” written by Mike Marko.

Here’s a common scenario…

You’ve been performing search engine optimization (a.k.a. SEO) to your website for years now. But through the years, you’ve gained only a slight increase of customers and your website traffic stumped.

There must be something that you’re missing.

Let me tell you this…

Understanding SEO really takes time. Google’s algorithms changes, but the fundamentals stay the same.

You can’t take shortcuts in doing SEO.

If you want to have an absolute search engine optimization, you need to do it right. You need to understand that ranking your website high in Google search engine will not happen with just a snap.

Nevertheless, there are certain Google SEO tips you can follow to optimize your website and rank high on Google.

That’s why today I wrote this blog post to help you understand Google SEO. With my Google SEO tips, you may find out what you may be missing to help your website SEO performance.

Starter Guide: Important Google SEO Tips

The internet is already filled with articles talking about Google SEO tips and pieces of advice.

However, most of these articles talk about Google SEO theories. What you really need to know is how to apply SEO in practice.

What you will read and learn from this post are my Google SEO tips that work. I have tested these tips over the years on my websites with remarkable results.

The Google SEO tips presented below will give you a solid and reliable framework that works!

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Optimize Your Page Titles and Meta Description

A page title is one of the essential factors in Google SEO. I noticed that optimized page titles increase the chance to rank higher in Google search engine.

So, what is a page title?

A page title is the main text that describes the whole web page. It is one of the most important on-page SEO.

Page Title

There are important characteristics to consider in having an optimized page title:

  • Be brief and descriptive with your page title
  • It should be unique and accurately describes the page’s content
  • Help the user understand what is your page content all about

You can include the name of your website/business or other important information through the title of your homepage. The title of your other posts should accurately describe what is your page all about.

Page Description

Then, add page description (also known as meta description). The page description gives visitors a summary of your page.

Here are the guidelines for writing a good meta description:

  • Provide a unique description for your pages and posts
  • Do not repeat your page title in your description
  • Use the description as a way to advertise your page
  • Keep the content between 140-150 characters
  • Don’t add too many keywords

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Create SEO-Friendly URLs

What is a permalink structure? Permalink structure it is the term used for a permanent URLs of your individual pages and blog posts. It is a web address used to link to your content.  

Your URLs need to be SEO-friendly.

The following are the guidelines for SEO-Friendly URLs:

  • Make URLs simple and easy to understand in the search engine
  • Avoid unnecessary information in your URLs
  • Apply hyphen between the words in your URL
  • Choose the best words that describe what is your page all about and avoid keyword overload

Example of a good URL structure:

Example of a bad URL structure:

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Make A Good Content

Another Google SEO tips is to create a good, compelling content for your webpage. And this is very true especially if you’re planning to create a blog for SEO traffic.

Google is clear about this that your website should provide a high-quality content on your page, specifically on your homepage.  

Content is still the king in optimizing your website. Having an original and good quality content can do better in the long run with or without SEO.

What is a Good Content?

When people search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, they look for powerful answers to their question. Good content is a post that provides a good answer for a certain question.

How would you know if your content is good?

There are two ways to understand if your content is useful.

First, check your analytics and the time users spent on the page. A reader will stay longer on a page if the content is good and beneficial. Second, the number of social media shares.

This also a good way to understand what users want and know what type of content to provide in your website.  

How to Write a Good Content?

There is no easy way to answer this question, but the following guidelines could help you to have a good content:

  • Ensure your content delivers what promised in the title.
  • Provide links within your content to get more information
  • Always check your text, spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Contain references from established research or studies to prove what you are saying

Make Your Site A Mobile-Friendly

The mobile market is quite huge. In fact, one of my Google SEO tips is figuring out how to provide mobile users a better search experience.

Most searches performed each day are through mobile devices. That explains why there is a need to focus on mobile responsiveness and its usability

Take time to ensure your site is optimized for mobile devices and be easily used across all platforms. A faster user site means more chances to retain visitors.

Here are simple steps to follow a mobile-friendly site:

  • Understand the difference between a mobile-friendly website and a native Android, iPhone or Windows Mobile App to realize the enormous potential of mobile markets.
  • The mobile-friendly website is optimized for viewing on the mobile browser (Chrome on Android or Safari in iPhone). Provide a mobile-friendly version of your site for your users coming through mobile browsers.

Make sure your website is responsive and adaptive to multi-screen sizes. You may consider to adopt a responsive website design. It offers advantages in SEO and its usability.

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Improve Your User Engagement

Several internet marketers believe that user engagement is a huge factor in ranking high on Google search results. User engagement pertains to bounce rate, pogo-sticking, and average time spent by a user on your website.

Start to create a great user experience. This means, make your site easy to use and easy to navigate. Use breadcrumbs on your navigation. Breadcrumbs will allow the users to track their path from the page they’re visiting going to the homepage of your site.

The next thing to do is to optimize your site by using call-to-action or CTA links and buttons. Having CTA can make users

Improve Your Page Speed

A good idea idea to get started is to analyze and optimize your website with the page speed.

Try to run your site through the various speed checking tools online to determine the areas of improvement required for your domain. By increasing your site’s page speed, you can improve your potential visibility in Google and other search engines.

Take note, fast websites improve the user experience and encourage the visitors to come again. I’ll mention a few methods that are easy to implement.

  • Leverage Browser Caching.  A browser caching is a client-side method of loading your pages faster. It informs the server to save the files in a specified time instead of captivating it every time the page loaded.
  • Minify Javascript and CSS.  Using a task runner, you can set your JavaScript and CSS to minify your page automatically. It means reducing and removing unnecessary characters from your pages.
  • Connect to CDNYou can connect to CDN provider to speed up your site and reduce bandwidth costs.
  • Optimize Images.  Images are the largest assets that your website will serve. Optimizing and compressing the sizes of those images in your page is a good way to reduce load speed.

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Final Thoughts on Important Google SEO Tips

Today we discussed some of my proven effective Google SEO Tips.

SEO can be complicated sometimes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s impossible to perform. With the right strategies, you can ace your website to rank high in search engines.

Having an optimized page title, meta-description, and permalink are huge factors in SEO. Not just that, making your site fast, mobile-friendly, and engaging can play significant role in your SEO ranking.

Learn the tricks to rank high on search engines by reading my blog post SEO Tips and Tricks to Achieve Better Ranking.

If, despite your efforts, you’re still struggling to rank high in Google search engine, you may consider hiring SEO professionals to help you perform proper SEO in your website.

For questions and/or opinion, feel free to let us know by leaving us a comment below.

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