11 Crucial Google SEO Tips for 2019

11 Crucial Google SEO Tips for 2019

“11 Crucial Google SEO Tips for 2019” written by Mike Marko.

If you’re in need of Google SEO tips for the rest of the year, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here today to count down my top 11 Google SEO tips for 2019.

You might be wondering why I’m coming out with these only now.

Well, it’s because this is the perfect time for it.

We’re at the stage of the year (the start of the 2nd quarter) where we’ve already seen enough of Google’s updates and SEO to know where both are headed.

For instance, among other things, I’ve noticed an increasing emphasis on local search, mobile search, and video content. That’s just the beginning too.

I’ve used these and other observations to produce my list of top Google SEO tips for 2019. These tips should help you with your digital marketing for the coming months.

So if you’re eager to get the rest of 2019’s SEO right, let’s continue with my Google SEO tips.

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The Google SEO Tips You Need in 2019

If you know anything of SEO, you know Google makes changes to its algorithm very often.

Often enough, in fact, that SEO has become something of a catch-up game.

Still, that doesn’t mean you should just throw your hands up in surrender if you’re in SEO.

If your SEO has been focused mostly on quality and providing convenience to your audience, you’ll find that most of the updates Google makes even benefit you.

That’s because the main thrust of Google’s updates is pretty consistent — whether for 2019 or previous years.

It’s always about making search easier and ensuring it provides more value to users.

Anyway, due in part to that, the number of updates that actually merit a significant change in SEO strategies is also limited.

Some changes you make to your SEO can also address more than one Google algorithm update.

That means the right Google SEO tips can make your work more manageable than it might seem at first.

So let’s get started with the Google SEO tips that can help you for 2019. Here are the ones you may want to take note of for the rest of the year.

1) Optimize Your Structured Data Markup

All right, structured data markup has been around for a while.

Still, it’s only going to be more important in the future as semantic search technology progresses. So consider optimizing it to be the first of my Google SEO tips.

Structured data provides search engines what they need to understand your website quickly. In some respects, it’s a way of spoon-feeding information to them.

Take note that while more websites now use structured data than before, they often miss it on their mobile versions. Make sure your site’s mobile version has the same structured data as the desktop version.

Note too that Google’s John Mueller has already stated that Google prefers the JSON-LD scripting language.

So, add using JSON-LD for your schema markup to my Google SEO tips.

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2) Go Local If You Can

If it’s at all applicable to your business, work on your local SEO.

Local SEO is SEO that tries to get you a prominent place in the local SERPs (search engine results pages).

For instance, if you’re a hardware store in Cincinnati, it would try to get you to rank in a search for “Cincinnati hardware stores”.

The goal is to be ranked high enough to feature in the top 3 results or “snack pack” on Google. That gives you serious prominence in the SERPs.

The first thing to do here is to claim your Google My Business listing. For that and more on this topic, check out my article on local SEO.

3) Try to Rank for Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are quick answers to search queries on Google. They’re usually shown at the top of a page, right above organic search results.

That tells you why optimizing them is in my Google SEO tips list for 2019. They put you in a great place for getting traffic and attention on the SERPs.

Content with featured snippets can also get twice the click-through rate or CTR of other content.

Interestingly, you don’t even need to be ranked first in the organic search results to be featured. In fact, over 70% of these don’t come from the first organic search result.

So this particular one of my Google SEO tips can be very useful for improving CTR.

To work on it, look for keywords for which you’re already ranking in the first page of search results.

If there’s already a snippet for those SERPs, see how they formatted the content in the snippet and emulate that (while improving on it).

If there isn’t a snippet for it yet, optimize your content and its structure (headings, formatting, tables, etc.) to try to get it featured as a snippet.

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4) Optimize for Intent

Moz’s Britney Muller mentions this as one of the top Google SEO tips for on-page SEO this year.

Hence, for instance, when trying to rank for a keyword, assess the SERPs for it. Look at the sort of content in them.

If there’s a lot of visual content (like videos), you may want to produce a video of your own for your page.

After all, the SERPs suggest that people are looking for videos relating to the keyword.

5) Make Content Readable

You should have been focusing on making readable content from the start, of course.

But I’m putting this in my Google SEO tips for 2019 as it’s more important than ever.

Content readability is now a big Google ranking factor. More readable content gets ranked higher.

So as part of my Google SEO tips, I’d suggest you start testing your content with a readability calculator from now on.

Try the Flesch Reading Ease scale, for instance.

6) Keep Working on Page Speed

With the continued growth of mobile search and the increasing emphasis on user convenience, it was inevitable for this to be in my Google SEO tips for 2019.

Page loading speed is still a big deal this year. So, do everything you can to make your site faster without sacrificing value.

Keep in mind that simpler is often better. That adage actually applies to more than one of my Google SEO tips (e.g. the previous one on content readability).

Don’t bother adding too many frills to a site if they’re not actually functional and only slow it down.

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7) Make Videos

If you haven’t started producing video content yet, it may be time to do it.

Making use of videos is part of my 2019 Google SEO tips because of this medium’s potential.

Cisco even predicts that 80% of all online traffic will be for videos by 2021. So consider making use of video content.

8) Update Old Content

Do you have content that used to rank at or near the top of the SERPs but has since fallen in position?

Update or improve it to revitalize it.

Updating content that’s almost at the top of the SERPs can also give it the oomph it needs to make first place.

Just remember to keep some of my other Google SEO tips in mind here.

For instance, consider readability as well as the structured data markup for the webpage.

9) Boost E-A-T

No, this isn’t the part of my Google SEO tips where I tell you to pig out.

E-A-T refers to expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

They’re still big things in 2019, so they have to be considered in my Google SEO tips.

How do you work on E-A-T? Here are a few ideas:

  • By writing clear and well-researched content.
  • By getting others to reference you (e.g. via backlinks).
  • By garnering customer recommendations.

Consult Google’s search quality rating guidelines for more.

10) Be Mobile-Responsive

This couldn’t possibly be left out of a list of Google SEO tips for 2019. Google has been enforcing a mobile-first policy for a while now.

That means your site needs to be mobile-responsive. If it isn’t, your SEO may suffer.

That’s because Google now considers the mobile version of your site the primary one. Hence, you must ensure it’s optimized.

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11) Do Social Media Marketing

Social media is becoming an important tool for off-page SEO. You can even see Google indexing some content on social media in SERPs now.

Besides, it’s also a great place for building your brand. That can tie into actual ranking considerations like E-A-T, which I mentioned earlier in this list of Google SEO tips.

So don’t ignore social media when thinking of ways to promote your website and boost its ranking.

Final Thoughts on 2019’s Top Google SEO Tips

That concludes my list of Google SEO tips for 2019. To recap, here they are again:

  1. Optimize your structured data markup.
  2. Go local if you can.
  3. Try to rank for featured snippets.
  4. Optimize for intent.
  5. Make content readable.
  6. Keep working on page speed.
  7. Make videos.
  8. Update old content.
  9. Boost E-A-T.
  10. Be mobile-responsive.
  11. Do social media marketing.

Following the Google SEO tips I’ve given you can help you weather whatever storms are in store for businesses on the Web this year.

You can also pair these Google SEO tips with my list of top free SEO tools for 2019. You can use those to supercharge your SEO even further.

If you have questions about any of my Google SEO tips for 2019 or just want to make a suggestion for a tip I should have included, leave me a note in the comments. I’ll get back to you right away.

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11 Crucial Google SEO Tips for 2019 - Mike Marko

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