How to Use Google Analytics and Audience Behavior For Your Website

How to Use Google Analytics and Audience Behavior For Your Website

“How to Use Google Analytics and Audience Behavior For Your Website” written and video by Mike Marko.

Do you know where the traffic hot spot is on your website?

What pages are most popular, and where your traffic goes next after that page?

It is extremely important to know the behavior of traffic on your website.  It can help you not only optimize your traffic but using the information it can help you monetize your website as well.

That’s why I want to take some time to teach you some basics of how to understand the audience behavior on your website.

Using Google Analytics To Learn Audience Behavior

In the following video I talk about how to use Google Analytics to research content that appeals to your target market.

VIDEO: Google Analytics & Audience Behavior

What Is Google Analytics

Whether you are a first time user, or have used it a few times, Google Analytics can be overwhelming. There are a ton of graphs and reports, menu options, and settings, that you may (or may not) want to know about.

If you are not familiar with Google Analytics, you may want to check out my blog post, What is Google Analytics | How to Explain Google Analytics.

How to Use Google Analytics and Audience Behavior For Your WebsiteGoogle Analytics – Behavior of Site Content

Once you have setup Google Analytics and have been collecting data for a while one of my favorite places to check data out about my site is in the section called, Behavior.

You can get to see this data by first selecting “Behavior” then “Site Content.”  When you click on “All Pages” you get an overall view of the traffic to your website.

Top Website Pages

I’m always interested in what are the highest traffic pages on my website.


Because I want to optimize these pages to capture traffic and get more leads (and ultimately sales).  When I know what the top 10-20 pages are for the website, I’ll experiment by adding buttons, banners, or text to try to get the traffic to perform a desire action.

I’ll also look at “Navigation Summary” and see where people are going to after they visit these pages.  If the traffic is not going where I want them to (like a capture or sales page) I will often look at the page and try to determine how I can modify the page to flow the traffic to the correct pages.

I’ll also look at duration on page.  If it is less than 30 seconds, I’ll see what I can do to keep the visitor on the page longer.  That could be as simple as writing a more compelling intro and conclusion (people often jump to the conclusion to see if the article is worth reading), but it can also mean writing more copy (text) or adding a video.

Final Thoughts on Google Analytics and Audience Behavior

Using tools like Google Analytics can help you do the research you need to help you optimize the flow of traffic on your website.  Using this data you may be able to make some tweaks to help get the desired outcome you want from your higher traffic pages.  Just remember… you often need to keep testing to help get the desired results.


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How to Use Google Analytics and Audience Behavior For Your Website - Mike Marko

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Article: How to Use Google Analytics and Audience Behavior For Your Website

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