Is It Ok to Give to Charity To Manifest?

Is It Ok to Give to Charity To Manifest?” written by Guest Contributor.

What would YOU do if the universe gave you $500,000?

I am a member of many Law of Attraction FB groups. Groups like Abraham-Hicks Forum. The Vortex, and Law of Attraction Support Group.

They post inspirational messages and videos from members and motivation leaders in LOA. I really enjoy reading the posts and especially the comments.

The Interesting Law of Attraction Post

One that I’ve seen several times and always catches my attention goes something like this….

Today is Friday 2/27 Day 499 of our Prosperity Game. The Universe has just given you $499,000. What will you do with it? Be creative, Have fun

It’s usually posted with a pictures of a big pile of money.

give to charity

What I find fascinating is. not so much the post, but the comments.

Am I the only one that goes to a post just to read the comments?

and these comments are so interesting. I imagine they are a fraction of what it must be like in a day of the life of God herself.

People’s needs & desires put out there in full display.

The Common Responses

After reading 150 or so comments on a couple of these types of posts, I realize there is a common theme in many of the responses. Most people want pretty much the same 5-6 things.

Here are the results of the responses from 150 people to the question

You’ve just been given $500,000 What will you do with it?

Share or Give to Charity

By far the most frequent response was to give back.  43 people (29%) wanted to give back in some way. They wanted to share the money with family, friends or institution or give a portion to charity.

A few of the ways they would like to do this would be:

Gifts to schools

Mentor or help people

Cheap hotels for people

Forgiveness shelters. (not sure what this is)

Give to a charity.

Tithe or give to church

“Put back in the circle of life”

Help my family with money.

Give to Charity

The highest percentage of responses by far is giving to a charity or helping others and while I think it means people are just naturally loving and giving AND

I believe giving is important.

The natural flow of wealth is to continue the process of giving and receiving and there is great power in giving 10% to the person or group that feeds you spiritually if only because it stretches your faith,

However, I have an issue with all this giving back for a couple of reasons….

Reason #1

I’m wondering if some of this giving is out of a sense of guilt or feeling deep down like we don’t deserve to have all of the things we want and desire. as Muhammad Yunis says “charity appeases our conscience.”

If we felt as though we truly deserved to have all of the things we want the freedom, the stuff, etc then we would naturally attract more of these things to us and the giving would occur out of an overflow of our own abundance mindset.

When you fly on an airplane, the flight attendant instructs you to put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others.

Why is this an important rule for ensuring survival?

Because if you run out of oxygen, you can’t help anyone else with their oxygen mask.

This is an important metaphor for those of you who run around taking care of everything and everyone else except yourself.

It’s ok to give, but make sure you are aligned with the abundance you are receiving otherwise you might give everything away to get back to a lack mindset.

Reason #2

I think that if you are waiting for a huge lump of money to begin being generous and giving to people then you might be surprised to find that having more money only makes you more of what you already are.

If you are a kind and generous person more money only makes you more kind and generous, but if you hold back and cut off the flow then you will only do more of this on a bigger scale with more money

Realize you deserve all of the things you desire and the universe delivers to the people who are in alignment with it.

Your increased abundance should feel normal and natural and like the next logical step.

I challenge you to give now as much as you are comfortable with, not because you have so much money, but because  you feel like it’s the right thing to do with your abundance mindset.

Travel or Fun

31 people (21%) wanted to have fun or travel.

If you are waiting for a large lump of money to have fun and travel, try doing things on a smaller scale that you can afford.

Is It Ok to Give to Charity To Manifest

A weekend get-away or plan out a bigger vacation down to every detail. Go to Fodors and plan out every detail. and then get pictures for a vision board.

It signals to the universe that you are ready. And remember the means to achieve the things you want can come in many different ways, not just money. You may find that you get asked to go some were for free or stay at a friends house in an exotic location.

But you need to take some kind of action towards your goal first. People who love to travel find a way no matter how much money they have.

Buy a House

26 people (17%) wanted to buy a house. If you are either wanting to buy a new house. Plan in detail what kind of house you want and where you want to live.

What Are Possible Solutions?

Get pictures and post to a vision board and look at them daily. Imagine yourself in this new place and start looking at houses on real estate sites in the areas you are interested in. John Assaraff tells the story here of his vision board and how he ended up living in his dream home.

20 people posted forms of gratitude for this windfall of money in their lives.

Counting your blessings and having a grateful heart improves relationships, makes you healthier and happier and makes you a magnet for more good things to come into your life.

18 wanted stuff like cars. 17 wanted to get our of debt and 14 wanted to build a business.

If you want to start a business, start now.

If you get a lump of cash and have no knowledge of a particular business and don’t know what it takes to actually run a business you may end up losing money from lack of experience, start now.

I learned from all of this that we are all pretty much the same in our wishes and desires, with just a bit of a different slant.

We are similarly different and uniquely common.-Pabitra Mukhopadhyay

 Parting Remarks on When to Give to Charity

If we dig deeply within ourselves and ask what are our core needs and wants are, I think our answers will be pretty much the same.

We want happiness and freedom. We want to be able to have fun and give to those we care about. We want to live in a nice place and have nice things.

You can practice finding these things now. You don’t have to wait until the universe blesses you with a pile of money.

At this moment, infinite possibility awaits.



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Article:  Is It Ok to Give to Charity To Manifest?

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