5 Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube for Free

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“5 Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube for Free” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking for ways to get more subscribers on YouTube?

One of the leading marketing strategies nowadays is making video content. That content typically gets posted on YouTube.

Why YouTube? Because it has 77.43% of the market for online video platforms. YouTube currently leads when it comes to video sharing, video uploading, video blogging (vlogging), and video marketing.

If you already have a YouTube channel, you must be thinking of ways to get more subscribers on YouTube for free. That’s because subscribers are instrumental to effective video marketing.

With billions of YouTube users, there’s a large potential audience for every uploaded video. But most of these will remain potential viewers, not actual ones. Most of them won’t see, let alone search for your video content.

Only your subscribers are certain to see the videos on your channel — so you want as many of them as you can get!

So now you want to know how you can get more subscribers on YouTube right away. Don’t worry, because I’m going to show you how to do it for free.

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Why You Should Get More Subscribers on YouTube?

I know you’re excited to know how to get more subscribers on YouTube.

But before we start, let’s go over why you should get more subscribers on YouTube  in the first place.

I already mentioned that subscribers are the YouTube users likeliest to watch your content. That’s because they’re immediately notified when it gets uploaded to the site.

More than that, though, is that they’re also the users likeliest to engage your content. They’re likelier to comment on and even share your uploaded videos. That’s good for your marketing!

But the value of subscribers doesn’t stop there. Another reason to get more subscribers on YouTube is that YouTube’s ranking algorithm considers the number of subscribers to the creator’s channel.

Having more subscribers can boost your videos’ chances of being at the top of YouTube search results. YouTube may suggest them more often to people, which means more viewers.

That should tell you everything you need to know about the value of subscribers. So now, without further ado, here are 5 ways to get more subscribers on YouTube.

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1) Prepare a Plan and Script for Your Videos

Let’s start first with making a plan of what your channel is going to be all about. Well-planned and well-scripted videos tend to do well because they’re clear on their intent and message. People respond more to clarity than vagueness.

So to get more subscribers on YouTube, plan and produce videos with care. It helps to ask yourself questions like these:

  • What’s the message I’m sending in this video?
  • What do I want to achieve with this video?
  • How much time do I need to convey my message in this video?
  • Do I need to explain anything in this video?

Once you’ve clarified your topic and message, write a script. It will help you during the video creation process and keep you on track.

It’s very important to ensure that your script doesn’t meander. It needs to hold to the point and communicate it effectively.

Just think about this: do you like seeing TV commercials cut into something interesting you’re watching? If not, then assume your viewers wouldn’t either.

If you want a few tips on what you need to cover in your script, take note of these:

  • The exact words you’re going to say,
  • The actions you’ll be taking in the video,
  • The main points you need to tackle, and
  • Any important calls to action you want to make, such as “subscribing to my channel”, “click on this link”, “comment below”, etc.

When setting these down in a script, don’t forget to identify and consider your target audience. You should write a script that recognizes their tastes and level of understanding.

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2) Put Out Engaging Content

Engaging content is the perfect bait when you want to get more subscribers on YouTube. Put out enough of it and people will eventually subscribe to your channel.

Even just keeping your current subscribers engaged helps. That’s because people are often drawn to high social activity. When they see your current subscribers engaging you often, they may be inspired to do the same.

To keep up subscriber engagement, try to upload a combination of viral and evergreen videos.

Viral videos are ones that rapidly become popular thanks to being shared a lot on social media platforms. They can get you a lot of views really fast but tend to be short-term in their engagement value. That’s because their content is often (but not always!) time-sensitive.

Evergreen videos can be popular too, but they rise to popularity more slowly than viral videos. Their content tends to be timeless as well, which means people can engage them for much longer.

Using these video types in combination can keep subscriber activity high on your channel. The viral videos will feed massive-if-short-term activity into it, while the evergreen ones will feed lighter-but-sustained activity in turn.

3) Stay Active and Connected

The main reason someone subscribes to a channel is that they want to see more of the creator’s videos. Subscribers like channels that produce content often.

So to get more subscribers on YouTube, release your videos in a timely manner. Try publishing one video per week, or at least one to two videos per month, and stick to your publishing schedule.

As much as possible, don’t miss your video uploading goals. For instance, if you’ve decided to publish two a week, do all you can to fulfill that. Otherwise, you may dissatisfy and lose subscribers.

Regular activity can also get more subscribers on YouTube for your channel because it shows them you’re worth watching. If you keep producing content they want to see, they have a reason to subscribe. Otherwise, why should they bother?

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4) Learn to Optimize Your Titles

Another way to get more subscribers on YouTube is to give your videos the right titles. If your titles tell target viewers exactly what they want to see, you’ll get more of them coming to you organically.

It helps to know a bit about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) here. But to make things simple, here’s a list of tips for optimizing your videos’ names:

  • Use your keyword in the title – A keyword is a word or group of words defining your content. Put the keyword in the video title, so both search bots and YouTube users can easily tell what your video is about.
  • Avoid using long titles – An ideal video title should be no more than 70 letters. Anything higher will very likely be shortened and won’t display properly in YouTube’s search results.
  • Ensure the title is descriptive – It gives the audience a sneak peek at what the video is all about.
  • Avoid using the word “video” in the title – It’ll only take up space and won’t help you rank higher on YouTube’s search engine.

5) Create Your Own Video Thumbnails

Lastly, create a custom video thumbnail for each video. What’s a thumbnail? It’s the little image that appears as a preview of the video before someone clicks on and plays it.

Good thumbnails can help you get more subscribers on YouTube. It’s because they catch people’s attention. They also make your channel look professional and attractive — in other words, like a channel worth watching.

So how do you make thumbnails? Choose the best screenshots or photos from your videos. Take time to go over the frames to see which one is most eye-catching.

It’s better to create your own thumbnail because that gives you control over the results. If you don’t pick any yourself, YouTube will take a random screenshot for your thumbnails instead.

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Final Thoughts on How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

Today I gave you 5 ways to get more subscribers on YouTube. I also showed why you want to get more subscribers on YouTube — among other things, because it affects your rankings on the platform.

In order for you to get more subscribers on YouTube, start by building good content. Producing good videos is still the foundation for all marketing on this platform. Without it, most other marketing strategies will simply fail.

Plan out your videos with good scripts. Focus on engaging viewers with content and publish videos regularly. Pay attention too to your videos’ titles, and even to seemingly small details like your video thumbnails.

All of these can help you grow your subscriber base. If you have more questions about how to get more subscribers on YouTube, leave them in the comments section below.  Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.

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