Review of the Best Free Website Builder Choices – Part 1

Review of the Most Popular Free Website Builder Choices – Part 1” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking to build a free website?

There are a lot of choices out there.  And when it comes down to it, creating a website is an investment of time, and it is a good idea to find the best fit for your needs before you actually start building your website.

Websites are a great way to reach out to more people aside from social media.

Websites can come from various styles and purposes, from personal blogs to corporate websites.  Many blogs are created using a free website builder.  Although there are offline website builders available for users (where you build them from your computer), online website builders often the preferred choice.  There are quite a lot of online website builders available, so I’m going to break my review of free website builder choices up over two blog posts.

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Best Free Website Builder Choices

When you want the best for your websites, I recommend first checking out Squarespace and Weebly as a possible website builder for you.

Review of the Best Free Website Builder Choices - Part 1

Free Website Builder – Squarespace

In one of Steve Jobs’ biographies, Jobs admitted that his passion for craftsmanship and aesthetics inspired from his adopted father, a carpenter.  Jobs’ father taught the young inventor the importance of crafting the back of cabinets properly despite the fact it would not be noticed by its owners.

Squarespace embodies the importance of building accurate and strong websites through every code inputted in the entire page. Each code is carefully reviewed, tested and strengthened, while every feature would work seamlessly with the content provided. Users can be assured that everything is perfect much like a sturdy cabinet that can last for generations.

I have reviewed quite a lot of website builders throughout the past couple years.  Squarespace turned out to be one of the two free website builder choices I can recommend (Weebly is the second one). Squarespace is not only powerful, but it is also flexible to any type of content you can imagine.

If I were to score it, I would give it a new perfect score when it comes to a free website builder.

weebly - Review of the Best Free Website Builder Choices - Part 1

Free Website Builder – Weebly

If you want a website builder that can help you create a store, edit a slideshow or customize your own theme, Weebly is the free website builder for you. Unlike the other free website builder choices that have either a very complicated or boring dashboard, Weebly is not only easy to use but also quite straightforward.  This reduces any possible anxiety for website designers new to the platform.

But, what really makes Weebly stand out?

Much like Squarespace that takes into consideration every component of a website, Weebly also ensures that every task and interaction is available without cluttering the user interface.

Aside from being easy to use, Weebly also has a lot of useful features. You get access to templates for any type of website (e-commerce, corporate, blog), have an activate a mobile theme, use custom backgrounds, and can build dynamic forms, among many other features.

Good Free Website Builder Choices

If you want to try something different, there are also other good free website builder choices in the market that are nearly as good as Squarespace and Weebly.

Virb - Review of the Best Free Website Builder Choices - Part 1

Free Website Builder – Virb

Virb can be classified as one of the quirkiest website builders available in the market today.  It feels fresh and stylish.  It may blow you away with its stunning templates. Like its contemporaries, Virb is quite easy to use.

Virb stands out from its competitors with its tightly-integrated, closed website builder. According to its founder, Brad Smith, Virb’s platform follows the current trends on the internet today.

Brad has said, “What most website-seekers don’t want to worry about designs, Virb’s approach lets anyone add in a few key elements to create a website that was designed by our team to look great and to be effective for visitors. It’s just one less thing – one really big thing – to worry about.”

Virb utilizes a simple Microsoft Word/Wordpress type editor for editing the standard content and dynamic content for pages. Although there are some limits to how much you can edit, Virb does have quite a lot of templates for users to pick and some of them can even be visible with a mobile theme version.

However, it is important to note that since Virb takes care of the majority of the website building, you lose a lot of the ability to customize the website.  You also cannot create forms for your website, or use other features like widgets. This means that if you need a more customizable website, you should consider another free website builder. But if you are ok leaving everything to Virb, then Virb is the free website builder for you.

Edicy - Review of the Best Free Website Builder Choices - Part 1

Free Website Builder – Edicy

Aside from Virb, Edicy is another good website builder.  Edicy boasts of several new features such as a tagging feature, new site editor and ownership roles, new themes, and developer support.

Edicy is well known for its motto “the best tool for creating multilingual websites.” They have definitely lived up the reputation for being the best tool for multilingual websites. Considering their commitment to providing a very strong language support, Edicy is a preferred choice for people looking to build a multilingual website.

Edicy also uses quite a simple website builder.  This free website builder allows you to enter your content in a multitude of languages. You can select which languages are available for your website by clicking the “+ Add” feature and then you let the system do everything for you… you can now easily add content in any language you like.

While you can do the same thing with Wix, Edicy allows you to edit the page directly.  It allows you to see the changes immediately. You just need to hover your mouse in the area you wish to edit, then check the options available for editing. This interactivity gives Edicy an advantage over its competing free website builders.

Although it has quite an easy interface and great language support, there are some drawbacks with Edicy. For one, you cannot use other web fonts to emphasize special characters. But even with this limitation, Edicy is one of the only few multi lingual free website builder choices available.

More Free Website Builder Choices in Part 2

Still, want to know more website builders out there that you should consider? Check out Part 2.


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Review of the Best Free Website Builder Choices - Part 1

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ArticleReview of the Best Free Website Builder Choices – Part 1

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