Follow Your Passion – Success Stories of Great People-Betty White

“Follow Your Passion – Success Stories of Great People-Betty White” written by Guest Contributor.

With football season here and Super Bowl Sunday right around the corner one of my all-time favorite Super Bowl commercials is the Snickers commercial where Betty White gets tackled.

VIDEO: Beatty White and the Super Bowl Commercial

Considering her amazing talent and comedic timing I was surprised to hear of her struggles early on as an entertainer.

Great Failures of Betty White 

In the book, “Great Failures of the Extremely Successful,” she tells of her early days in television where she had her own TV show aptly named “The Betty White Show”.

It was sweet and seems so slow and simple by todays standards.


It was cancelled after being on air less than a year. She went on to have two more Betty White Shows. One only lasting 3 months and one sitcom in 1977 lasting only 5 months before it was cancelled

Her shows being cancelled devastated her and she had to learn to not listen to the thoughts in her head about her career being over.

She had major doubts about whether or not she would have a career in show business

Follow Your Passion Betty White

But with the help of her friends and family she learned that a failure in one area can lead to success in another field.

Even though she didn’t have as much success with her own show she went on to become hugely successful for her roles as Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1973–77) and Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls (1985–92). And in 2013, the Guinness World Records awarded White with having the longest television career for a female entertainer.

If she hadn’t taken all the twist and turns in her life she might not be the beloved icon she is to us today.

The Betty White Success Story

With a career spanning over 70 years receiving

  • 23 Emmy nominations
  •  6 Emmy awards
  • Oldest Emmy winner in history
  • The oldest person to host Saturday Night Live
  • Star on the Hollywood hall of fame
  • Honorary  degree from Washington State University
  • Several lifetime achievement awards
  • In 2012, she won her first Grammy, aged 90 for the audio version of her best-selling book.

All of this might not have happened if she would have listened to those negative voices in her head when her shows were cancelled.

At 92, she’s defying odds and even setting records. YOU GO girl!

Follow Your Passion

It’s never too late for success.  It is never too late to follow your passion.


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Article:  Follow Your Passion – Success Stories of Great People like Betty White

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