Affordable Facebook Page Advertising for Your Brand

Affordable Facebook Page Advertising for Your Brand

“Affordable Facebook Page Advertising for Your Brand” written by Mike Marko.

Looking for budget-friendly Facebook page advertising?

Advertising your brand on Facebook is a smart way to give your brand a boost ahead of your competition. If done properly, it can be a helpful tool to increase your sales and give your brand more exposure.

Although this can be achieved organically, it can take some time. If you are looking to achieve quick results, then Facebook advertising is the way for you to go.

Facebook allows businesses to advertise themselves and their products at a cost. Bringing your brand in front of a huge audience is possible with Facebook advertising, and even at a low cost.

In this blog post, we will be sharing with you the best strategies to use in order to have a budget-friendly Facebook page advertising for your brand.

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Strategies for On-The-Budget Facebook Page Advertising

In order to attract more attention to your brand through your Facebook page, you must have certain advertising tactics in place. This will ensure that you get quick results in the simplest way possible.

Although a small fee is required to use this marketing platform, it has the potential to pay for itself and more in a short period of time.

Here are some simple strategies to make your Facebook page advertising worthwhile.

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Determine Your Preferred Price

Determining how much you want to invest in your advertisements is the first step. Keep in mind: the more you pay, the further your reach of audience is.

Determining the preferred price you want to spend before you invest will help you budget better.  To help you control the amount you’ll spend on each ad, consider these two ways of monitoring your expenses:

  • Cumulative amount spent.
  • Search-result-driven amount spent.

Cumulative Amount Spent

Cumulative Amount Spent pertains to the amount of money you are able to spend for online advertisements. Usually, this expense is only aimed at your target audience.

You are able to set a certain amount of money to spend for one day, or you can use the lifetime setting to allow Facebook use your given budget as it deems fit throughout the entire campaign.

Search-Result-Driven Amount Spent

The Search-Result-Driven method allows you to monitor any increase or decrease in your advertising expenses. There are two options for this method: the lowest cost and the target cost.

The lowest cost helps you save on expenses by giving you the most affordable optimization prices. Target cost lets you spend according to normal or standard optimization.

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Using Specific Spending Methods

There are two methods which allow you to choose how much you wish to spend on advertisements. These tools  are called campaign spending limit and account spending limit.

In order to ensure your money is being used worthwhile, consider these specific spending methods. Following these will allow you to gain profit while staying within your expenditure limits.

Campaign Spending Limit

Campaign spending limit ensures that once you reach your set expense limit for your campaign, any advertisements under it will stop. This will give you peace of mind knowing you are not spending more than you are able to.

Account Spending Limit

While the campaign spending limit focuses on specific campaigns, the Account Spending Limit is implemented on the entire ad account. This lets you set a limit on how much your ad account can spend (including the campaigns under it).

Because this exercises a firmer hand on your budget, having this in place ensures that you do not spend beyond your means. This can be adjusted according to changes allocated to your advertising expenses.

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Estimating the Scope of Your Online Advertisements

Knowing how many people you are actually reaching is vital in deciding if the advertisement is worth the investment. Be sure to estimate the scope of your advertisements and use this as a financial resource for their effectiveness.

Using estimation, you’ll be able to monitor the exact budget spent on your target audience. This will help you reach your desired outcome while having control over the cost needed to do so.

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Final Thoughts on Affordable Facebook Page Advertising for Your Brand

Growing brand presence on Facebook can take time when done organically. If you are looking for quick results, then Facebook page advertising is the most effective method for your business to be seen.

In this article, we shared some strategies to be used to ensure that you implement a budget-friendly Facebook page advertising while trying to reach your goal:

  • Determine your preferred price,
  • Use specific spending method, and
  • Estimate the scope of your online advertisements.

Advertising your Facebook page will become a simple process by utilizing these strategies. They are vital to ensure you do not spend more than you need to, or more than you currently possess.

If you find this article informative or have further questions about Facebook page advertising, feel free to leave a comment below.

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Affordable Facebook Page Advertising for Your Brand - Mike Marko

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