Easy Facebook Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Easy Facebook Marketing Strategy for Your Business

“Easy Facebook Marketing Strategy for Your Business” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking for an effective but simple Facebook marketing strategy?

As a business owner, it is an absolute must to be present on Facebook. Almost everyone in the world today is present and actively using the platform, making it the best place to reach customers, wherever they may be.  That’s why Facebook marketing is part of my Pervasive Presence marketing strategy.

With Facebook, it’s simply a matter of employing the right strategy to get their attention.

Competition is high on Facebook. Small businesses are easily overpowered by larger and more well-known brands.

This can lead you to get lost in the noise, and this is where the importance of a marketing strategy comes in.

In today’s article, we will discuss the benefits of using Facebook and the right Facebook marketing strategy to employ in order to make maximizing the platform easier for you.

Facebook Marketing Strategy in 6 Steps

Marketing a business on Facebook is simpler than other social networking platforms. However, since it has a huge number of active users, a single mistake could greatly impact how people perceive your business.

Success does not happen overnight as well. Just like other aspects of your business, online marketing should be carefully thought of and planned.

So what is the easy Facebook marketing strategy that can make a difference in how you market your business online?

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Step 1. Make a Plan That Will Directly Affect Your Needs

A business on Facebook should take advantage the large number of active users available. Your Facebook marketing strategy should specify how to reach your target audience sufficiently and address their needs that can be offered by your business.

A well-thought marketing plan should capitalize on your potential Facebook fans. Study how your business could increase its sales, build community, keep up with competitors, and get more audience using Facebook.

Increase Your Sales

There are many ways you can increase your sales on Facebook. While this can naturally come as a result of building engagement and relationships with potential consumers, this can also be done in a more direct way.

Direct your audience towards your website (if you have) by providing a link to it in your posts. If you choose to advertise, ensure that your ad leads them to your website once it has been clicked on.

Build a Community

Successful businesses are the ones with a great community and customer service. Use your page to respond to all of your customers’ messages and inquiries promptly.

If a customer shares a feedback, take it into consideration. This can help improve your business and make your customers feel valued.

Keep Up with Competitors

Facebook is a great tool to keep up with other businesses in your area.

To be able to keep up with your competitors, you need to counter their business strategies. You can easily do it by tracking their activities and using it as a basis for your approach to your target audience.

Always keep yourself updated.

Remember, knowing the trends in your niche will help you gain an edge on your competitors. You can take advantage of the trends to increase your page’s visibility and increase its engagement.

Get More Audience

Facebook has unique advertising options that allow your posts to reach specific users. This can be filtered by indicating the demographics and psychographics of the audience that you want to reach, ensuring that your posts will only be seen by those who are relevant to your business.

Broadening your audience can help your business in a lot of ways. The main benefit being a large number of Facebook followers can help you expose your page to more potential customers.


Step 2. Study Demographics

Studies have shown that Facebook is still the most used social networking platform by people who fall between 18 to 29 years old.

Studies also show that 81% of people in rural and urban actively use the platform, while suburban areas make up 77%.

Ask yourself who you consider to be your target audience and make a study out of their online behavior. The results can then be used to creating your Facebook marketing strategy.

Step 3. Schedule Your Posts Carefully

Facebook allows you to be creative when creating content for your page. However, to ensure effectiveness, posts must be published at the right time when the audience are available to see them.

Publish your content when most of your followers are online and make sure that your content is relevant to your business. Use high-quality images and videos because the quality of your content is important to your followers.

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Types of Facebook Content

Though your Facebook page is made for your business, it doesn’t mean that your posts should only consist of promotion. In fact, 57% of social media users are annoyed seeing advertisements on their news feed.

Focus on creating interesting content instead that is relevant and provides value to your customers. Here are the various types of organic Facebook content that you can use to do so:

  • Status.  These are plain text messages that can sometimes contain a colored background. Consider using this for announcements.
  • Images.  A Facebook post with an image can get more engagement than a plain status.
  • Videos.  Only 15% of videos on Facebook are watched with a sound. Try uploading an interesting video with a caption to get the attention of your target audience.
  • Links.  Links are used for sharing news and your blog content.
  • Facebook Live.  A Live post can get three times more engagement than any of Facebook’s organic content.  Longer Live video can get more engagement.
  • Facebook Stories.  Stories are based on Instagram stories, and are currently trending on Facebook.

Scheduling Your Posts

Remember that the more people see your posts, the more engagement you will receive. This increases the chances of boosting sales. Study the past performance of your content to see which day and time receives the most engagement.

Consider using those as the standard publishing time for your posts.

There are a lot of social networking tools that can help you schedule your posts. These tools can help you set up your posts across all networks and build your Facebook content for weeks in advance.

Step 4. Determine Your Facebook Ads Strategy

Advertising on Facebook is better than other social networking platforms. It gives you a lot of filtering options that can help you reach target audience easily. Every money you spent on your advertisement would always give you something in return.

If you’re just starting to advertise on Facebook, start bidding at a lower price and filter the audience to narrow it down to your target market. This can be done by interests, pages they liked, or behavior-based targeting categories.

It’s better to start experimenting first before you start investing huge money in your ads.

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Step 5. Don’t Wait for Your Audience to Interact First

Communication and engagement with your followers should be part of your Facebook marketing strategy. Don’t wait for your target audience to interact first, always be the one to make an effort to communicate.

A simple interaction such as replying to a comment or status means a lot for your Facebook fans.

Use your business page to form a community for your fans to discuss and share anything related to your business or industry.

Step 6. Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Despite following previous steps outlined above, it is also important to know the mistakes that you should avoid when marketing on Facebook.

Here are the mistakes you need to avoid while using Facebook for your business:

  • Too many promotions.  Frequent advertisements would only annoy your Facebook fans.
  • Focusing on getting Likes.   Likes would bring your business nowhere. Instead, focus on making great content to get more engagement.
  • Providing incomplete information.  Your business page should include anything your customer needs to know about your business. It’s important to make a good first impression on Facebook users who are viewing your page.
  • Too many lengthy posts.  Short posts with only 250 characters get more engagement than the lengthy posts. Though keep in mind it is good to go for occasional longer posts to ensure the viewer is longer on the post (thus giving signals to Facebook that your content is of value to its users).
  • Frequently making irrelevant posts.  Unrelated contents would make your Facebook fans lose interest in your page. You can still comment on what’s happening around you but make sure that it’s related to your business.
  • Not paying attention to queries, personal messages, and comments.  Unanswered messages would always leave a bad impression on your business.

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Final Thoughts About Easy Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook marketing is an important part of the Pervasive Presence Engine to help ensure that you get your business found by customers.

Your Facebook marketing strategy should always focus on your target audience and it should address the needs of your business. Making unrealistic goals and focusing only on likes and shares is a big mistake.

Focus on how you can increase your sales, keep up with competitors, and get more audience by using Facebook. Start studying demographics to know who and how you could reach your potential customers.

Your content should be posted when most of your Facebook fans are active. Don’t wait for them to interact first. Instead, be the one to make an effort to communicate in order to build a community. Also, remember the mistakes you should avoid in using Facebook for your business if you want to succeed.

If you have questions regarding our easy Facebook marketing strategy for your business, please leave them in the comments below.

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Easy Facebook Marketing Strategy for Your Business - Mike Marko

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