7 Facebook Marketing Strategies for Small Business

7 Facebook Marketing Strategies for Small Business - fb

“7 Facebook Marketing Strategies for Small Business” written by Mike Marko.

Coming up with effective marketing strategies for small business is getting harder and harder. Not to mention, the algorithm updates are making it worse…

You already came up with different marketing plans, but none of them can bear fruit, not even a little.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I also went through this, and I’m sure other marketers did, too.

But I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to waste your time like we did. It’s time to implement an effective strategy that you’ve been looking to finally emerge.

Because today, in this blog post, I’ll teach you about Facebook marketing strategies for small business that will make up for all the time that you haven’t been as effective as you’d like.

Facebook Marketing Strategies for Small Business That Work

Considering that Facebook now has 2.27 billion users, ignoring this platform is no longer an option for marketers.

Facebook offers a LOT of features that go beyond your typical social marketing tools. So even marketers that are only getting started with marketing can use this platform.

But I’m sure you’ve noticed that marketing on Facebook is getting harder and harder.

Fortunately, you can find the marketing strategies for small business that will stay effective no matter how much Facebook changes!

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Optimize Your Facebook Page

You don’t have to be an expert to know that a Facebook page is an essential part of marketing strategies for small business.

But why do you need to optimize your Facebook page?

For Information About Your Business

After seeing the content that you posted, people will be interested in your business, which is what we’re hoping for.

But before people start clicking the Follow button on your page, they will examine it first.

Your page contains all the important information about your business such as your business’ description, hours, location, and contact information.

If you have all that, your visitors won’t have any more reasons to not press that Follow button.

No matter how much information there is in your page, no one likes a cluttered view.

For the Visual Appeal

Not only will having a good visual appear help attracting users, having a good-looking Facebook page will keep users from leaving!

With that in mind, choose the best picture you have for the cover photo.  The cover photo is important since it covers a large area at the top of your page.

You can even hire a designer to make it for you.

Do you recall the tabs that you see on the left side of a page?

As the page owner, you can pick which tab you would like to be seen such as Photos, Posts, Archives, Community, Groups, or even Ads to show the advertisements you’re currently running.

But your role as the business page’s owner doesn’t end there.

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Keep Your Facebook Page Active

Top keep your visitors interested, you need to be very active on your Facebook page.  

To keep your Facebook page active, you can share posts of others or trending news, start conversations, give offers or special discounts, and post regularly.

I know, creating an active community is easier said than done. But if you take the time to build an effective audience then you will build a great fanbase.

Be sure to check these additional tips, How to Use a Facebook Business Page.  .

Use Your Facebook Page for Customer Service

Getting complaints from your clients is not exactly a good sign, is it? But you can turn the tables if you address the issue quickly.

A reply within 2 minutes is an indication that a business has a exemplary customer service. Customer service is more important than you think.

It can drive your customers to become more loyal to your brand. They would feel more comfortable spending money on your offers rather than the offers of others.

It’s also important to remind your customers that you’re always there to help them. That the next time they face a problem, they can always go into your page and ask whatever it is that bogs them.

However, there’s another way of providing customer service to your clients.

Instead of manually answering their questions about this and that, you can post content that answers all their questions for them.

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Post Interesting and Engaging Content

Interesting content can rack up all the thumbs up, reacts, follows, and more importantly, shares.

So the obvious question then becomes: how can you make an interesting AND engaging content?

Length.  Well, first of all don’t make it too long. Your audience doesn’t have all day. Get your message across in as few words as possible.

Imagery.  Next, don’t forget about the visuals. Whether you make use of a picture, video, or even GIF, the engagement will be higher than those with just the plain and boring text.

Timing.  No matter how good your content is, you won’t see the results that you’re hoping for if you posted it on the wrong time.

With that said, don’t post when your audience is inactive. Wait for the right timing.

Ok… You made an interesting post, now all you have to do is put them in front of your audience…

Boost Your Important Posts

Boosting posts is a common part of marketing strategies for small business because of the increased engagement and better content marketing.

But you should limit boosting to only your important posts like announcements for an event, discounts, or promos.

There’s not point boosting posts without a solid goal in mind.  Boosting a post will cost you money. So you don’t need to spend money on content that won’t meet your direct goals.

You’re done with the posting or even boosting of your content on Facebook, but still doesn’t get enough engagement? Then I suggest you check out these tips on Effective Facebook Posts for Business.

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Don’t Prioritize Vanity Metrics

Here’s another problem with marketers: they focus on getting vanity metrics such as Likes and Comments.

Sure, they can make you feel awesome, but they’re not actionable.

Always remember that your content should help you achieve your business goals. The engagement that you’ll get from your content should help in improving the important aspects of your business.

Therefore, instead of getting Likes and comments, prioritize getting the following metrics:

  • Organic Reach – The number of people who sees your content without paid distribution.
  • Engagement – The number of people that saw AND responded to your content

For example, if the organic reach is ten thousand and only fifty clicked your content, it might be time to change the style of your content (because only a small portion actually considered responding to your content.)

Although it’s getting costlier and costlier, you still need to consider…

Making Use of Facebook Ads

Boosted posts are great, but Facebook ads are the best. But both of them involves spending money, so you need to create the ad properly.

On top of that, Facebook ads are more expensive than a boosted post. That’s why there’s a big possibility that posting Facebook ads will affect your budget.

However, you can minimize the cost by choosing the best bidding option. You’ll pay your Facebook ads through bidding.

Specifically, you’ll choose between Lowest cost and Target cost:

  • Lowest Cost – Formerly known as automatic bidding. It gives you the lowest possible cost per optimized event while consuming the most of your budget.
  • Target Cost – This will give you high-quality leads but this is a more expensive option compared to the Lowest Cost.  Best to only use this when you have a larger ad budget in order to help Facebook better optimize your results.

The right choice for bidding depends on your business goal and available capital.

Be sure to check out our Starter’s Guide on Facebook Business Advertising.

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Final Thoughts on 7 Facebook Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Today we talked about Facebook marketing strategies for small business that you can implement today.  You no longer have to struggle in coming up with an effective marketing plan.

We talked about how to:

  1. Make the most out of your Facebook page,
  2. How to manage your posts,
  3. How to properly utilize a Facebook ad,
  4. What metrics that really matter, and
  5. Discussed why Facebook marketing is getting harder and harder.

There you have it.

Being on Facebook is not enough to give you and your business a guaranteed success. You still need to take appropriate action.

If you have questions about marketing strategies for small business, leave them in the comment section below.

By the way, you should take a look at our “Results in Advance” program and see how we can implement Pervasive Presence™ in your business.

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7 Facebook Marketing Strategies for Small Business - Mike Marko

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