5 Steps to Creating a Facebook Marketing Plan

5 Steps to Creating a Facebook Marketing Plan

“5 Steps to Creating a Facebook Marketing Plan” written by Mike Marko.

Planning to use Facebook for your marketing strategy?

Facebook is a popular platform used by businesses to grow their brand. With its more than 1.4 billion daily active users, marketing your brand to a huge audience has been made easier by it.

However, this has also led to a lot of competition. As more and more businesses resort to Facebook to grow their business, it becomes harder for each one to be noticed.

To create an effective play in Facebook marketing, you need to have a plan. In this blog post we discuss the steps to creating a Facebook marketing plan that will help you to get you noticed…. And ultimately help you grow your business.

Guide to Creating a Facebook Marketing Plan

Every action that you take in your Facebook marketing plan should bring you closer to your goals. This’s why you must have a clear objective in mind when creating it.

A Facebook marketing plan must be concise, but detailed.

This plan will guide your actions and serve as a measure for you to determine whether you’re succeeding or failing in your performance.

But before going through the steps of creating a Facebook marketing plan, we need to understand how it helps in promoting your business.

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How Facebook Helps Promote a Business

Facebook is one of the best drivers of conversion, traffic, and sales. It has proven itself to be a platform that can be effective in establishing your brand’s reputation.

Facebook marketing is an important part of the Pervasive Presence™ marketing strategy.

A Facebook marketing plan helps in strategizing your online visibility and building your brand’s reputation. In order to come up with an effective plan, start with defining and establishing your goals.

1st Step: Define your Goals

Establishing your goals is the first task in making your strategy. This set of goals would determine if you’re meeting your expectations and you’d be able to take necessary actions if not.

It would also determine if you’re successful or not.

List the goals that you want to achieve for your Facebook page. Examples of common goals for Facebook are:

  • Drive traffic to your website,
  • Increase audience,
  • Strengthen brand awareness,
  • Generate leads and conversions, and
  • Increase customer retention.

Once you’ve listed your goals, determine ways for you to achieve each one and set a deadline.   These could be as simple as posting informative content, or as involved as incorporating it as part of Pervasive Presence™.

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2nd Step: Revisit Your Demographics

With the huge amount of daily users, knowing the people you need to reach is important in creating a Facebook marketing plan. It’s easier to know who it is you’ll be talking to before making contact.

Think about the characteristics of the people who’ll be interested in the product or service that you’re offering. Review the variety of audience that you already have and group them into different categories to find the common denominator.

Now that you have a clear target segment, focus your campaigns on these audiences. This group will give you the best chance of finding success.

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3rd Step: Plan Your Posts

Facebook has a lot of options when it comes to content.  With these options, you have endless opportunities for your brand’s content strategy.

Examples of those options are:

  • Facebook stories,
  • Facebook live,
  • Image posts,
  • Status posts, and
  • Video posts.

Make sure that your content has quality for your brand… this is essential to help position your business as reputable. Your content should either be compelling or helpful.

Plan and prepare the content for your posts ahead of time. Write an outline for each post if necessary.

Your brand’s values should be the highlight of your content.

Schedule the Posts

Posting a lot of promotions will likely annoy your audience, if you post simply for the sake of posting. Instead, plan and schedule your posts.

Schedule and determining the number of times you’re going to post per day allows you to maintain quality and control over the tone of your posts. Create a social media calendar to follow, or search for a DIY one to help you.

Plan for a Month or Two

Always consider the most reasonable schedule and plan at least a month or two ahead. This allows you to spend more time maintaining quality on research and creation of posts.

To help you, there are several useful facebook marketing tools online that can be utilized in scheduling your posts. However, the most commonly used applications are:

  • Buffer allows you to schedule your posts and publish them when engagement is high. The free version allows you to schedule of up to 10 posts, while the paid version of $10 per month enables you to schedule with no limitations.
  • HootSuite is another tool for scheduling and publishing contents. This app recommends the optimum time to publish content to gain the most engagement. You can avail a plan for as low as $19/moth.

Using these tools can help you build your content in advance, monitor and maintain the publication of your posts.

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4th Step: Layout the Publicity Plan

Plan the kind of posts you’re going to publish, by listing down the resources to be used such as videos, links, etc. Keep in mind that your posts must fit your business and convey your personality.

Take advantage of promotional materials such as online coupons and discount cards. These types of rewards are very compelling to the audience.

5th Step: Plan the Logistics

Detail your Facebook Ads strategy. Your content must drive towards a goal and elicit an action from your audience.

Maximize the use of Facebook’s business features. Boosting your posts is an example of an effective way to add more exposure to your content and reach more customers… but it only works if done with careful audience targeting (and knowledge of where they are in their awareness of your brand and company).

Planning the Implementation Process

Set all necessary deadlines for your Facebook marketing plan no matter what plans you’ve set up.

Learn to gauge if your strategies are successful or not. Prepare back up plans in case the previous ones don’t work.

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Final Thoughts on Creating a Facebook Marketing Plan

It’s essential to have a Facebook marketing plan for your Facebook page to succeed and attain the goals you’ve set. Before implementing any marketing strategies that you have, a plan is needed to guide your actions to ensure that you stay on the right track.

Creating a unique Facebook marketing plan isn’t an easy task. That’s why in this blog post, we talked about the steps on how to create one. These steps are:

  1. Defining your goals,
  2. Revisiting your demographics,
  3. Arranging your posts,
  4. Layouting publicity plan, and
  5. Planning the logistics.

If you have any further questions about Facebook marketing plan, you can leave them in the comment section below.

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5 Steps to Creating a Facebook Marketing Plan - Mike Marko

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