7 Facebook Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Business

Facebook Marketing Ideas

“7 Facebook Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Business” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking for some Facebook marketing ideas?

When businesses join Facebook, many stop after only creating their profiles. They simply sit back and wait for the large audience (that Facebook is known for) to come to them.

But marketers know how critical it’s to have a business Facebook presence and maintain it. However, it’s becoming more challenging to keep yourself up-to-date and stand out from your competitors.

With over a billion active Facebook users, businesses need to be smart. This is especially the case in terms of how they grow their audience and business through Facebook.

That’s why today I want to help by providing you with some Facebook marketing ideas.

Facebook Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Business

Today, more and more businesses and marketers are beginning to use social media platforms to promote and expand their business dramatically.  

Using Facebook may seem difficult and complicated, but it’s not. It’s still possible to grow business to its fullest with Facebook, even with the fierce competition going on.

In this blog, we will discuss the best Facebook marketing ideas to provide a further understanding on how to use Facebook for business effectively.

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1. Optimize Your Facebook Business Account

The very first step to achieve your business goals on Facebook is to optimize your account. Its purpose is to make your account look reliable and trustworthy.

Start with making sure your banner and profile image represents your business brand, while a the same time helping ensure visitors know what you do, and what’s in it for them, within 2-3 seconds of glancing at your Facebook page.

Then optimize your descriptions using the maximum number of characters allowed and to fill in the categories that Facebook provides for search.

2. Create a Pinned Post

A pinned post is a post on your profile that you have pinned to the top.  This is a great to help visitors learn more about what you business offers, display specials, or anything else that can encourage visitors to take a desired action.

Once done, you’re ready to start with creating engaging content!

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3. Create Engaging Content

The second thing you want to do is to post high-quality shareable contents. Doing this can attract and drive more people to your page.

You might want to use “Total Engagement” as social content analytics metric. Its purpose is to see what type of posts are driving the most engagement. This can help you come up with ideas on what to post on Facebook.

Consider posting visual content as these have been proven, time and time again, to drive high engagement from users.

Make High-Quality Images And Videos

Making high-quality posts are important. This idea impacts your audiences’ impression of your brand.

So, to do it here’s what you should post:


  • Real People and Faces – Real people and faces provide actual representations. This offers a great impact to the audiences.
  • Lifestyle images over product images A lifestyle image attracts people more than solely product images. Most of the people on social media are attracted to images that show sentiment.
  • Image Galleries   Albums offer convenience to audiences to view a single gallery with full of ideas.



Quick-And-Easy Short “How-To” Tips

These type of posts such as: beauty hacks, lifestyle hacks, and cooking hacks are highly suggested posts. Being relevant and providing value to users will help draw them towards your brand even more.

Photo and Video Captions

Apart from posting high-quality visuals, captions also play a big part in catching the attention of the audience.

The advantage of using photo/video caption posts is that it allows you to show the fun and casual side of your business.

To do it, take a shot of photos of something funny or random and have your Facebook fans suggest captions for it before posting it on Instagram. Finally, include @name of the creative fan who came up with your favorite.

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Include Quotes

Quotes (in the form of memes) are quite widespread in any social media platform.


Because everyone loves them.

Using quotes is a proven strategy for social media. Quotes are so easy to find and people like them because they’re inspirational.  

5. Emphasize Your Brand’s Distinctiveness

When you’re marketing on Facebook, it’s important to emphasize your brand’s distinctive identity. Another word for this is your unique selling proposition.

This is what will set you apart from your competitors.

When you present your brand on a platform where your competition is, you should not look similar to them. This means being clear on the unique value you bring your customers and showcasing your brand’s personality.

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6. Merge Your Facebook with Other Marketing Channels

Merging your Facebook with other marketing channels will also benefit your business.

But to do that, your social media must align, complement and augment all your other marketing initiatives.

Remember that all your marketing channels should be parallel to each other. This is to provide a consistent brand image, message and target customer relevance.

7. Duplicate Your Main Profit-Generating Audience

Once you’ve acquired enough people, you can “duplicate” your top-performing Facebook audience.

What’s great about Facebook is that it has a Lookalike Audience feature. This tool allows you to take an audience you already have and finding new leads that show similar attributes.

You then use the Lookalike Audience to run ads to them.

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Final Thoughts on Best Facebook Marketing Ideas

Marketing on Facebook entails more than having an account on it. It requires consistent and considerable effort on the part of the marketers. But when done properly, can reap plenty of benefits for the business.

In this article, we hashed out the best Facebook marketing ideas you’ll ever need in business.

The first step to marketing on Facebook is by having an optimized Facebook account with engaging content published on a regular basis. Ensure that content contains high-quality visual content and are interesting enough to engage your customers.

Once you’ve decided on your content, start emphasizing your brand’s distinctiveness through each post. Consider merging your Facebook with your other marketing channels as well, but only when consistency is guaranteed through all the platforms.

If you have more questions or clarification about these Facebook marketing ideas, feel free to comment below.

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7 Facebook Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Business - Mike Marko

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