9 Facebook Marketing Course Lessons

9 Facebook Marketing Course Lessons

“9 Facebook Marketing Course Lessons” written by Mike Marko.

Seeking Facebook marketing course lessons so you can master Facebook marketing?

The task may seem daunting for those still relatively fresh to using the platform for business. Fortunately, it’s not as scary as it may seem at first glance.

Putting Facebook marketing course lessons into practice is fairly easy… if you have the right guidance, at least.

That’s what I’m here to give you today.

In this article, I’ll give you my 9 tips for people looking to market their businesses on Facebook like experts.

These tips will help you carve out a space for your brand on the social network. They’ll also help you get the exposure you need to grow your business.

How to Market Your Business on Facebook

There are a lot of reasons you can benefit from picking up Facebook marketing course lessons, of course.

Besides the fact that it’s the biggest social networking site right now, there’s also the fact that your competition’s very likely on it too.

So taking a Facebook marketing course now means learning to deal with massive competition.

Don’t let that daunt you, though.

As I said, my tips will help you handle the challenge. You just have to follow them to get the edge you need to make your mark.

In case you’re a total beginner to this, though, you may want to check out some of my other posts first.

For example, just look for my posts on setting up a Facebook business page or Facebook marketing apps if you need advice on those areas.

Otherwise, if you’re ready, let’s begin with lessons from my very own Facebook marketing course.
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1) Get the “Very Responsive to Messages” Badge

Facebook has a badge for Pages that respond swiftly to private messages.

It can be a point of pride for your brand to have it. After all, it tells others that you offer speedy customer service in at least one sense.

That’s something most consumers will appreciate.

Hence, that badge can serve as proof of any claims you make about valuing your clientele.

To get the badge, you need to have a response rate of at least 90% and a response time of 15 minutes. That’s for the past 7 days.

If you have a lot of customers, that may be challenging to achieve. However, my Facebook marketing course lesson can help.

2) Appoint Facebook Page Admin

Here’s a simple fact — most business owners can’t manage their social media marketing by themselves.

That’s why getting helpers in the form of account administrators is important.

One of the tricks I usually give during my Facebook marketing course lessons is to get others to do it on your behalf.

Specifically, hire or appoint people to serve as your business Page’s administrators.

They can schedule posts, manage social interaction, and even reply to private messages for you.

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3) Optimize the Way You Share Content from Your Site

You probably already know that a staple lesson in many a Facebook marketing course is to share content from your site on the platform.

For example, you probably already share your blog posts on Facebook by posting them.

But you might not yet know how to optimize those posts on the social network.

For instance, you might still be including the complete URL to those webpages you’re promoting in the text of the post.

There’s no need to do that as long as the post links to that URL, though. It only adds to the clutter in your post.

Be sure to have a short and succinct call to action inviting Facebook users to navigate to the URL you’re promoting, by the way.

Furthermore, check that the URL being promoted has a meta description.

Facebook shows meta descriptions for URLs. They can help draw traffic if they’re done well.

Paying attention to details like this is part of the core lessons of any Facebook marketing course.

4) Integrate It into Your Other Marketing Platforms

The trick in most Facebook marketing course lessons is to recognize the value of interconnections in the social marketing space.

So, for example, you should have Facebook social media buttons on your website and blog.

This lets people do things like “Like” your content right from your domain.

But more than that, it lets them take the interaction to the next level by also sharing your content on Facebook.

Don’t limit yourself to your site and blog when using this Facebook marketing course lesson of mine, by the way.

Try to promote content or promos you may have on Facebook by cross-promoting via other social networks.

Most people running competitions on Facebook cross-promote on Twitter, for example.


5) Learn to Love Audience Insights

Because, really, what’s not to love? Audience Insights is one of the things you should get familiar with when taking a Facebook marketing course.

Audience Insights is found in Facebook’s Ad Manager.

You don’t need to actually run ads to make use of Audience Insights, though.

It’s possible to use this tool to get a better handle on your audience.

That means you’ll have a more definite idea of who they are, what traits define them, and what they want.

Surely you can see why that’s of use in a Facebook marketing course.

After all, knowledge of your audience makes developing content as well as products for them easier.

It may even give you new ideas for reaching out to them.

6) Use Visuals

Visuals count for a lot, as you’ll learn in any halfway-decent Facebook marketing course.

That’s because, as I’ve said time and time again, people are drawn to visual media.

There’s also no shortage of data showing that social media posts with visuals are shared more.

So get used to publishing content with visuals accompanying it.

Make thumbnails for videos and featured images for text posts.

Try to have each of your posts come with an image.

7) Make Videos

This type of visual media deserves its own entry in this list of Facebook marketing course lessons.

That’s because most marketers will tell you that video is the future.

So go ahead and start making video content for your Facebook page.

Just remember to keep it short and sweet, as much as possible.

There will obviously be exceptions, e.g. an in-depth instructional video. But for the most part, try to stick to shorter videos.

Here’s something to remember as part of my Facebook marketing course lessons — most of the people on it aren’t there to be marketed to.

So if you have to market at all to them, do it quickly and in an interesting way.

That means making videos that get straight to the point and keep them engaged from the first frame to the last.

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8) Consider Promoting Your Best Content

At some point in your Facebook marketing, you’ll find certain pieces of content that perform better than the rest.

Don’t pass up the opportunity these offer.

Chances are, if you pay to promote them, they’ll do even better.

Basically, this is you throwing good money after good.

That content’s already proven itself, so giving it an extra boost can only be of benefit.

A good idea for this Facebook marketing course lesson is to let the great content get as many organic shares as it can first.

Then, when organic sharing has petered out, run ads to promote the content further.

9) Test a Lot

Does this seem like an odd tip? It shouldn’t, because testing is integral to applying all of my Facebook marketing course lessons.

You have to test the length of your content, for instance. Experimenting with different content lengths can give you an idea of what works best for your target audience.

The same goes for testing your ad formats and content.

Your goal is to establish patterns in the content or promotions your audience responds to the most.

You can then use those patterns for your other marketing efforts.

For example, you can test which types of videos your audience likes most.

After that, you’ll have a sense of what video content to focus on.

Final Thoughts on My Facebook Marketing Course Lessons

This concludes my list of integral Facebook marketing course lessons for business owners.

Learning these Facebook marketing course lessons doesn’t need to be an overwhelming undertaking.

The tips I’ve given in this post can do a lot to simplify the process of applying them in your Facebook marketing, for instance.

Here are the tips again:

    • Get the badge for being “very responsive to messages”.
    • Get people to serve as your Facebook page administrators.
    • Optimize the way you share content from outside Facebook.
    • Integrate your Facebook marketing into other platforms.
    • Make use of Facebook’s Audience Insights tool.
    • Publish visual media as often as possible.
    • Produce marketing videos for your brand.
    • Run ads to boost your best-performing content.
    • Test your marketing efforts.

Putting all of these together can help you get the exposure you want on this platform.

It takes some effort, yes, but it’s certainly doable.

If you have more questions on these Facebook marketing course lessons, leave me a note below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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