5 Facebook Marketing Apps You Need

5 Facebook Marketing Apps You Need - Facebook marketing apps

“5 Facebook Marketing Apps You Need” written by Mike Marko.

When I advise people to add Facebook marketing apps to their toolkits, they usually ask me why they should bother.

After all, Facebook already has its own marketing tools. Why would you need to turn to third-party utilities?

The thing is, Facebook’s marketing tools may be robust but still can’t do it all. No platform’s native tools can.

That’s where third-party offerings come in.

Facebook marketing apps are designed to complement the various Facebook features you’re using. In some cases, they even improve on those features by making them more user-friendly.

With the right Facebook marketing apps, you can take your Facebook marketing to the next level.

As a business owner, being aware of these apps and how they can help your business is critical. In the end, they may even decide whether or not your marketing on the platform is successful.

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The Facebook Marketing Apps You Should Use

Now, as I said earlier, there are a lot of Facebook marketing apps that can improve your promotions on the platform. These third-party applications work hand-in-hand with your Facebook page to promote your products or services.

They’re found in the App Directory. You can get there by following these steps:

  1. Click on the “Applications” button in the lower left-hand corner of the Facebook screen (on the bottom navigation bar).
  2. Click on the “Browse More Applications” link.

Facebook marketing apps can be used for a lot of things. For example, they can be used to administer contests or promotions.

Facebook marketing apps can also let you post updates or news. They can help you track campaigns, create custom marketing or branding materials, and more.

Please check my earlier blog Useful Facebook Marketing Tools for Your Business for additional information on this topic. Now if you want the Facebook marketing apps I think every small business owner needs, let’s start with the list.

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Heyo allows you to easily create contests and campaigns for Facebook with customizable templates.  The contests can be paired with a countdown to promote urgency.

You can give viewers clear calls to action by asking them to like, share, and tweet about your brand.

Your promotions or deals can turn fans into your own volunteer salesforce. When fans drive their friends to your promotions, you collect more leads.

You can also incorporate buy buttons into any deal you want to run. You may integrate them with your own billing system or Paypal.

Personally, I think Heyo’s among the best Facebook marketing apps due to sheer user-friendliness.

It has one of the easiest-navigated user interfaces I’ve seen among Facebook marketing apps. The company’s customer service is great too.

If you’re taking on Heyo as one of your Facebook marketing apps, be sure to make the most of its list-building capabilities. It also integrates nicely with the next tool in my list.


MailChimp can grow your email list and share your campaigns. This app can make it easier for you to save your subscribers’ information.

Your email subscription list can be broken down into categories.  Specific programs can be created based on the type of subscription.

The app can also help track the performance of your campaigns in terms of subscription growth.

MailChimp is actually one of the Facebook marketing apps I suggest to people who want an easier experience with their first Facebook marketing attempts.

That’s because its interface is much, much simpler than Facebook Ad Manager’s.

Once you get more expert knowledge about Facebook marketing (or more time/resources to dedicate to it), you’ll probably start to prefer the Facebook Ad Manager. After all, it has more robust features.

But until then, it doesn’t hurt to make things easier for yourself. MailChimp can greatly simplify a lot of the processes available on Ad Manager.

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Pagemodo is an editor that can help you customize your Facebook page. For example, it can help you create custom tabs as well as cover photos for your Facebook page.

You can also create ads, show maps, offer coupons, and feature your products. Furthermore, the Pro version of the app comes with tools for creating Like gates and videos.

This app can also serve as a photo editor and designer for your posts. It comes with stock templates and themes that you can modify for different marketing purposes.

There are admittedly other Facebook marketing apps of this type with even more features. However, few of them come close to being as user-friendly as Pagemodo.

Besides, Pagemodo is also among the cheapest options for Facebook marketing apps like these. That’s because it’s marketed not just to marketing pros but also to hobbyists. Even the Pro version is just $13.25 a month.

Facebook Shop

Facebook Shop is one of the Facebook marketing apps developed by Shopify for Facebook. Use it to set up your online sales through the platform.

With it, you can sell products directly on your Facebook page and allow customers to go through the complete checkout process without ever leaving Facebook.

You can also use it to post collections to your Facebook timeline to highlight products and increase their discoverability.

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Now what if you’re looking for Facebook marketing apps to make live video promotion easier? Well then, look no further than Livestream.

Vimeo’s Livestream service enables you to stream live high-quality videos right from your Facebook Page. Given the importance of video marketing right now, the tool is definitely worth trying.

You can increase subscribers through the live stream by embedding your links while the broadcast is ongoing. Note that with Livestream, you can embed your live event on more than one platform.

You can have it embedded on YouTube as well as Facebook, for example. Cross-platform analytics will let you study the effectiveness of the campaign afterwards, for added marketing insights.

Livestream also permits integration of Google DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers), OTT subscription services, real-time chat, and native donation.

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Final Thoughts on The Best Facebook Marketing Apps to Use

Now that you know some of the 3rd-party Facebook marketing apps out there, this should help you immensely. You can use the apps I’ve mentioned to refine your marketing strategies as well as make your job easier.

To recap, here are the Facebook marketing apps I’ve discussed:

  • Heyo,
  • MailChimp,
  • Pagemodo,
  • Facebook Shop from Shopify, and
  • Livestream from Vimeo.

Some of these can be used to create marketing campaigns and materials. Others can be used to collect marketing or audience data. At least one also lets you simplify the process of selling products through Facebook itself.

These Facebook marketing apps work seamlessly with Facebook. They’re also user-friendly enough for even relative beginners to Facebook marketing.

If you have more questions or have your own suggestions for the best Facebook marketing apps, please let us know in the comments below.

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