7 Amazingly Effective Facebook Group Marketing Tips

7 Amazingly Effective Facebook Group Marketing Tips - Facebook Group Marketing Tips

“7 Amazingly Effective Facebook Group Marketing Tips” written by Mike Marko.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking to get started with your brand’s Facebook Group marketing.

That’s good because Groups are among the best business tools on this particular social network.

Groups are essentially communities of people who (ideally) fit the profile of your target customer. They’re people interested in what you have to offer.

That makes Facebook Group marketing valuable when you’re trying to get more leads as well as convert more prospects. It gives you access to a pool of people who are great bets for conversion.

That said, a lot of businesses still don’t seem to know how to do Facebook Group marketing.

They create Groups, invite members… and then leave them to molder as they focus on other parts of their online marketing strategy.

You don’t have to do that with your own Facebook Group marketing. I’ll show you how to make the most of Facebook Groups for business using my top tips for it.


Doing Smart Facebook Group Marketing

According to Facebook, “Groups provide a space to communicate about shared interests with certain people. You can create a group for anything ”

Groups are now more important than ever due to Facebook’s latest algorithm changes. These seem to have dropped Page reach while improving Group reach.

The opt-in nature of Groups also makes them likelier to gather more engaged, interested users than Pages.

That doesn’t mean I think businesses can do without a Company Page on Facebook. The number of articles and guides I’ve written on making Company Pages should tell you that I think Pages are still important.

It just means that businesses shouldn’t ignore Groups either. Facebook Group marketing can offer so much to brands nowadays when it’s done right.

To that end, I’ll list 7 of my most effective Facebook Group marketing tips for you to use. These can help you get more out of your Facebook Group.

1) Add People from Your Email List

Email lists are amazing sources of remarketing targets. That’s why you can use them to populate your Facebook Group.

These people have already indicated interest in some of your regularly-released content, after all. Thus, there’s a high chance they’ll be interested in your Group too.

Some people even use Groups as part of email newsletter sign-up, e.g. signing up to be on the email list grants the customer access to the Group too (which is closed, not public).

That can add a sense of exclusivity to it, which can appeal to many people. That leads us to our next Facebook Group marketing tip.
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2) Make Your Group Closed, Not Public

This may seem odd if you’re in this specifically for Facebook Group marketing, but it can actually help by making your group seem exclusive.

Exclusivity can be appealing to many. Joining makes them feel special and privy to something others aren’t.

Besides, Closed Groups are still visible online. Anyone can request to join them too.

Furthermore, members can still add and invite friends to be new members.

So even though the hurdles for entry are slightly higher than for Public Groups, they’re far from insurmountable.

This also lets you or your site admins manage the Group easier. That’s good because it gives you more control over your Facebook Group marketing.

3) Use Watch Parties for Promotion

Watch parties are live community viewings of public videos. Using these is a good way to highlight news in your industry or for your brand.

For example, you can inform members of your Group about a watch party for a video about your latest product.

To further encourage people to participate, tell them that everyone in the watch party gets access to a special freebie afterwards. That freebie can be a giveaway or a discount code for the product.

Watch parties are good for community-building on your Group. They can stimulate engagement too as everyone who watched can comment afterwards.

If you’re having a discussion or open forum on the video after the watch party, appoint someone to lead the talk. This helps direct the flow of conversation and facilitate engagement.

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4) Use Group Insights

This is one of the best features to be released recently for Facebook Group marketing.

Group Insights is to Groups what Page Insights is to Pages. It shows you data like the following:

  • All new members added to the Group in the last 28 days.
  • Post engagement data.
  • Top contributors.
  • Member data like age, location, etc.

All of this data is important for your Facebook Group marketing.

For instance, studying the graph of membership growth in the past 28 days shows you how membership spikes or dips based on your recruitment/promotion efforts.

That tells you which promotions may be most effective for growing your Group.

In the same way, post engagement data tells you which posts are most effective at stimulating engagement.

It can also tell you which times are optimal for posting if you’re after audience responses.

Data on members also lets you perform better targeting with your Facebook Group marketing content.

You can use the demographic data to guide you in creating more material to share with the Group or more strategies to get members to engage with you.

5) Release Exclusive Content

Publishing content that only members of the Group get to access keeps members engaged.

It also gets others interested in signing up for the Group as word gets out.

You don’t need to make it completely exclusive either. You can release Group-exclusive updates on a new product or service, for instance, that will eventually be available to all consumers.

You can give Group members special previews or peeks that others don’t have as well.

This is all to assure Group members that being in the Group has real value.

Even your support or responses to their questions are technically Group-exclusive content in the sense that Group members are first to benefit from it.

That’s an example of solid value that can keep members in the Group.

If you don’t offer them value, they’re likely to leave the group as quickly as they joined it.

Try to offer something practical and exclusive on a regular basis, by the way. This encourages members to check on the Group regularly.


6) Appoint Admins

You can’t expect to do your Facebook Group marketing all by yourself. For Facebook Group marketing to be effective, activity has to be sustained.

You’ll burn out fast if you have to do that in addition to managing the other parts of your business.

Appoint members of your staff to be admins on the Group. Make them share duties or rotate shifts so they don’t burn out either.

These have to pay attention to the Group. They also have to reply quickly to questions members may post.

Having at least 2 admins can keep your Group a thriving, healthy place to build a community for your business.

Without these, your Group may stagnate and members may leave.

7) Post Content That Encourages Engagement

The best Facebook Group marketing encourages audience engagement.

Use your Group to get your target audience to interact with you. That interaction can be built upon to drive them into your sales funnel and eventually, into loyalty.

Use posts, challenges, polls, and Q&As to get them to interact with you.

Make sure to ask them for their views or opinions instead of just blatantly giving yours all of the time.

Good Facebook Group marketing doesn’t make everything about the brand. Instead, it makes a fair bit of the conversation about the consumer.

This is likely to grab and keep your audience’s attention, which you can then use to convert them. That can only mean good things for your business.

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Final Thoughts on Facebook Group Marketing

And that’s it for my tips on Facebook Group marketing!

With these 7 strategies, you’ll be able to use Facebook Group marketing to promote your brand, get more leads, and possibly even more sales.

To recap, here are the 7 Facebook Group marketing techniques I just showed you:

  1. Use your email list to add members to your Facebook Group.
  2. Make your Facebook Group Closed instead of Public to keep it exclusive and easier-to-manage.
  3. Use watch parties to encourage Group members to interact with you on a particular topic.
  4. Use Facebook Group Insights to get important data on your Group, the activity on it, and its composition.
  5. Release content that’s exclusive to the Group so that members see the value of staying in the Group.
  6. Appoint Group admins to help you manage the Group.
  7. Post content on the Group that’s designed to stimulate engagement.

Putting all of these Facebook Group marketing strategies together can do wonders for your brand.

If you have more questions about Facebook Group marketing, though, don’t hesitate to leave me a note below so I can get back to you.

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7 Amazingly Effective Facebook Group Marketing Tips - Mike Marko

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Article: 7 Amazingly Effective Facebook Group Marketing Tips

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