Simple but Useful Facebook For Business Tips

Simple but Useful Facebook For Business Tips

“Simple but Useful Facebook For Business Tips” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking for Facebook for business tips to enhance your page?

Almost all businesses that exist today use Facebook to market their business. This means that competition on the platform can be fierce, making it difficult to be noticed by potential customers.

So what does one need to do in order for their business to get noticed? Contrary to popular belief, simplicity is key to success on Facebook.

In this blog post, we discuss simple yet useful Facebook for business tips to help your business page get noticed by your customers. Taking these steps into consideration when creating your Facebooking marketing strategy will help you be successful on the platform.

Easy to Do Facebook for Business Tips

While marketing on Facebook isn’t necessarily complex, it does require time and effort to achieve growth. The platform is constantly getting more and more crowded, making it difficult to stand out from other businesses.

Many business pages are failing to establish their presence because due to lack of solid marketing strategy in place. To avoid the same fate, here are some Facebook for business tips to ensure you have a strong foundation for your Facebook page.

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Use A Custom URL

A Facebook business page should use its business name as part of its URL. This makes it memorable and easier for customers to find the page.

Use An Interesting Cover Photo

Using an interesting cover photo can help grab the attention of your target audience. However, ensure that the cover photo chosen is relevant to your brand and business.

Avoid using a cover photo with a lot of text in it. Instead, use a high-resolution image with a single focal point.

I recommend taking the time to have the cover photo custom design to help visitors know what your company is about within 2-3 seconds of landing on the Facebook business page.  You may only have one chance with the visitor, so you need to make your first impression the very best.

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Post Engaging and Quality Contents

Content plays a huge part in your Facebook page’s success. With that said, publish highly engaging content on your page that are of interest to your customers.

Posts do not always have to be able direct selling your products to your followers. Remember that your page is your business’ representation on Facebook, showcase your brand’s personality through interesting and useful posts.

Advertising heavily on Facebook is also a mistake that every business owner should avoid. Focus on building a relationship with your target audience, rather than selling to them.

Once relationships have been built, sales will immediately follow engagement.

Inject Humor into Your Posts

Using humor in your posts is another simple Facebook for business tips that actually works.

A Facebook post with humor is an effective way to get the attention of your target audience as it humanizes your brand’s persona.

However, while jokes are all well and good, make sure that they cannot be taken as offensive by anybody.  

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Don’t Ignore the Haters

In business, receiving criticisms is inevitable. Ignoring or deleting negative messages and comments can backfire and cause consumers to lose trust in your brand.

Instead of ignoring the negative feedback, respond with empathy. Sincerely apologising or acknowledging a complaint is the best way to show commitment and gain the trust of your customers again.

Always Answer Messages

Forty-two percent of consumers expect companies to respond to inquiries within an hour of leaving them on Facebook business pages. In the eyes of customers, a company’s responsiveness indicates its level of professionalism.

With that said, make sure that you always respond to messages or comments as soon as possible. Consider responding to 90% of messages within in 15 minutes over course of a week to give your page a “very responsive to messages” badge.

Naturally, you cannot be expected to be online 24/7 to answer every feedback that comes in. Consider investing in a chatbot to acknowledge messages received by customers and inform them when to expect a response.

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Post Contents in Time

Given the changes in Facebook’s algorithm, it’s becoming harder for a business to gain organic visibility. To battle this, it’s important to publish your content when most of your followers are online to get the most of your posts.

Review your Facebook page’s performance and determine what time your posts receive the most engagement. Make this time your standard when publishing content.

Once you have an idea, post your content at this specific time frequently to avoid losing the interest of your audience. Posting frequently will prevent unprofessional lull in your communication.

Link Other Social Media Accounts

Another example of an important but simple Facebook for business tip is linking your other social media accounts with your Facebook page. Let your audience know where else they can find you by linking your platforms together.

You can use your About Section to link and mention your various accounts.

You can also use Tabsite or Woobox to add custom tabs to your page that link to other social media platforms.

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Final Thoughts on Facebook For Business Tips

Competition can be fierce on Facebook, and this can often lead to businesses getting lost in the crowd and not reaching their audience. In this blog post, we discussed simple but useful Facebook for business tips to avoid this and improve the performance of your Facebook page.

A basic step is improving the overall look of your Facebook page; this means making use of a custom URL and adding an interesting cover photo. Doing this will make your page easier to find and look more professional to potential customers.

It is also important to publish highly engaging and relevant content frequently at the right time. Posting frequently can help avoid losing the interest of your customers. to avoid experiencing an unprofessional lull in your social media communications. Lastly, don’t forget to link other social accounts to your Facebook page.  

Lastly, link other existing social media accounts to your Facebook page so your audience knows where else they can reach you.

If you have questions regarding Facebook for business tips, leave them in the comment below.

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Simple but Useful Facebook For Business Tips - Mike Marko

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