Facebook Changes in 2019 That Will Affect Your Business

What Facebook Changes in 2019 Will Affect Your Business? - Facebook changes 2019

“Facebook Changes in 2019 That Will Affect Your Business” written by Mike Marko.

There are many Facebook changes 2019, according to those in the know. People in online business are among those most astonished by this… and for good reason.

Facebook is so much a fixture of our lives that changes to it seem incredible.

Yet it’s always a bit tricky trying to anticipate things like this based on hearsay. It’s part of the challenge to marketing on the Web.

In digital marketing, you have to extrapolate a future based on very limited data. There’s always so much uncertainty about which of the tools you’re using will remain viable in the long run.

Changes in this field can be massive and for some, destructive. That’s why people in this line of work are constantly on the lookout for shifts in the landscape.

So right now, many online business owners and marketers are worried about the future of Facebook marketing.

People would not want to invest in something that will later become obsolete. But how can people maximize their use of the platform despite uncertainties?

Today, I’ll talk about Facebook changes 2019 and the things I think will remain relevant to marketers on the platform. These are the features I still plan to use myself as we move further into the year.

The Face of Facebook in 2019

Most of the Facebook changes I see happening in 2019 are good for online business owners and marketers.

As far as I’m concerned, they’ll actually improve the chances of our campaigns getting more meaningful engagement and responses from consumers.

Facebook has always been about helping people connect, after all. So many of the Facebook changes that have been happening (or are about to happen) are still focused on that.

They also seem to be focused on enhancing the quality of the connections that can be made on the platform.

To give you an idea of what I mean, here are some critical Facebook features and how they’re likely to be affected by recent and coming Facebook changes.

This may help you figure out how this year’s Facebook changes 2019 will affect your business.
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Facebook Messenger

Rumors are out that online marketers will soon need to shell out money for each automated message on Messenger. That’s one of the serious Facebook changes likely coming for marketers.

That’s not something any of us will look forward to (it means more costs!). Still, it’s almost certain to become a reality, so we might as well make our peace with it.

Anyway, the Facebook changes in 2019 for Facebook Messenger aren’t entirely bleak. Messenger will have more ways for people to interact soon, for example.

These will include watch parties and group video calls. Soon there will also be lead ad templates that people can use on Messenger.

For online entrepreneurs, this means more ways to earn on Messenger, so these are among the better expected Facebook changes.

I also predict that Messenger usage will only get stronger in the near future.

It’s because Messenger has now merged with Instagram and WhatsApp. They’ve also made a revamp of the app to ensure fast loading.

Recent changes to also mean marketers will have more ways to personalize their messages via the Messenger app.

This is important, especially during the lead generation and buying process.

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Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch will remain an important part of the platform in 2019. You can bank on that no matter what Facebook changes happen this year.

Online marketers who want to increase their engagement on Facebook must not ignore the importance of Facebook Watch.

This feature is part of Facebook’s aim of competing with YouTube, so it’s unlikely to disappear any time soon.

Generally, video content is now king. It’s what most audiences want to see.

So keep that in mind when planning your Facebook strategy for this year. Prepare to make video content for the platform — well, for just about every platform, even.

It doesn’t matter what type of video you want to use. Videos with pre-recorded content or stories remain significant in terms of Facebook engagement.

The same is true of videos for live streaming.

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Facebook Groups

Remember when people thought these were in their death throes? Well, these groups now look like they’re going to feature strongly in Facebook changes in 2019.

So if you haven’t given Facebook Groups some serious thought, now is the time to do so. Facebook’s been improving the Group experience pretty rapidly.

There were many features that were added to Facebook Groups last year. People may also expect to see more new features in the coming months.

Chances are high that these Groups will soon have their own ads and sponsors, even.

When you log in to Facebook mobile, you’ll quickly see that Group button right at the middle of its menu bar. That shows you how central the group experience may become to Facebook users soon.

To get a head start on this, give serious thought to how you’re using Facebook Groups. Make sure your organic content elicits positive responses from your Groups, for instance.

It is best to set the auto-posting feature to a minimum too. Don’t forget to give rewards to members who are active.

Provide more reasons for Group members to keep logging in on their mobile devices. Be proactive about checking your Groups as well.

Avoid the tendency to just wait for it to pop up on your news feed. Given the direction of recent Facebook changes, Groups should be a big part of your marketing concerns from now on.

Facebook Events

The redesigned app for Events also has new features for people to enjoy too. That’s one of the other things to note about Facebook changes in 2019.

It will now have the capability to send notifications to remind users of upcoming events. Facebook made it clear that Events will now have a news feed area as well.

This feature can also be used for ads and may soon play a part in the connections Facebook users can make based on location (since events typically come with a physical location).

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Facebook Stories

Now is the time to get hooked on Facebook Stories. Facebook has placed more importance on them than ever before in recent Facebook changes 2019.

People love Stories and there’s no doubt about that. The reason is that people will most likely pay attention to things they think have an urgent expiration date.

There is an urgency about Stories that people cannot afford to ignore. Because if they do, there’s a possibility they’ll miss them forever.

Online businesses must take advantage of this “sense of urgency” that Stories have. It will greatly help them increase traffic to their blogs, videos, and podcasts.

Today, marketers are making lots of money by incorporating Stories in their campaigns. So, you can definitely expect to see these things continue happening through whatever Facebook changes are coming.

Facebook Timeline

During the last F8 Conference, Timeline was not given much attention. But I’m far from discarding it from my Facebook campaign toolkit.

Timeline is always important because it’s a source of information about you. I’ll always make sure that whenever people visit my Timeline they ‘ll be able to see well-curated content.

The information there not only highlights the significant aspects of my brand. It will also provide helpful content regarding the services I offer.

So I’d say don’t discard it yet. No matter the Facebook changes coming, it’s unlikely to disappear.

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Things That Won’t Count as Much

Some things may become more important thanks to Facebook changes in 2019. You probably see that now in the Facebook changes I’ve already noted.

On the flip side, other things may soon be taking a back seat thanks to those changes.

So I’m going to take a little time to talk too about what I think will count for less soon (or already does!) on the platform.

Based on Facebook changes recently, I think you should focus less on the following things.

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1) Likes

Before, gaining thousands of likes was such a big deal. It was for this reason that Facebook users were extremely conscious about gaining more friends and followers.

They basically thought that they had to get more friends just so they could get more likes on their pages.

The truth is, it’s only a waste of time to be constantly worrying about how many likes you have on your page or photo.

It’s just not going to make much of a difference for your actual marketing goals.

In fact, Instagram doesn’t even show how many likes a photo has anymore, unless you’re the one who posted it. That should tell you something.

So my advice for you on this front is to focus only on interactions with your audience that actually have practical impact. Look for engagement that has real meaning or value for your brand.

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2) Indiscriminate Marketing

Along the same lines, I’d advise you to focus your efforts on the right audience.

Stop trying to please everyone because it’s just a waste of time. It also fractures your brand’s message.

Be smarter about how you target your audience. That can also help you be smarter about how you produce content and ensure its quality.

That’s the best way to future-proof your brand marketing, as far as I’m concerned. Producing excellent content for the right people is the best way to secure your future — on Facebook or any other platform.

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Final Thoughts on Facebook Changes in 2019

So that’s about it for my rundown of what’s coming on Facebook for the rest of this year.

As you can see, not all the Facebook changes 2019 are bad news for online businesses. Some of them may even be good news!

For example, the improvements to the ways you connect with others using Messenger can enhance marketing efforts. That’s in spite of the possibility of coming Facebook changes requiring you to pay for bot messages on it.

Some things will only get more important on the platform as a result of Facebook changes 2019. Facebook Watch, Facebook Groups, Facebook Events, and Facebook Stories are examples.

On the other hand, things like Facebook Timeline are likely to remain more or less the same.

Some things are also going to be less important now, thanks to recent and upcoming Facebook changes. Likes and untargeted marketing efforts are examples of those.

In other words, the latest and likely Facebook changes 2019 seem to be moving Facebook marketing towards higher-specificity, more meaningful strategies. That much, at least, isn’t surprising.

If you have any insights of your own that you’d like to share on Facebook changes 2019, please leave a comment and let me know about them!  Also be sure to check out this Complete Guide on Marketing Business on Facebook.

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