Facebook Business Tutorial – Create a Facebook Page That Sells

Facebook Business Tutorial - Create a Facebook Page That Sells - Facebook Business Tutorial

“Facebook Business Tutorial – Create a Facebook Page That Sells” written by Mike Marko.

This is not your typical Facebook business tutorial.

Some of the tips I’ll share with you today can’t be found anywhere else on the Web. This is simply because they stem from my own experience over the years, handling Facebook marketing for my clients.

Starting out was hard, though. I struggled with Facebook marketing — like you probably are doing right now.

I remember that I even tried every Facebook marketing tool I could get my hands on back then. But I still got poor results.

Even the official Facebook business tutorial from Facebook seemed to only teach the basics. Eventually, I figured I had to get creative and do some testing on my own.

A few years in and BOOM! I discovered the secrets of creating Facebook pages that sell.

For many years now I have been working with small business owners as a digital marketing consultant. I get to help businesses grow and share my knowledge with the world.

Today, I’ll share my knowledge on Facebook with you. I’ve devised this Facebook business tutorial to share with you how you can create a Facebook business page that actually sells.

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How to Create a Facebook Business Page 

At first glance, this Facebook business tutorial might seem to offer ideas that are pretty basic.

However, the reality of creating a Facebook business page that sells is actually complex. You’d know that if you’ve ever tried making a Facebook business page by yourself.

This step-by-step Facebook business tutorial will help you know exactly what you need to include in your Facebook business page. That way, you can achieve the best results possible.

So then, are you ready to begin this Facebook business tutorial? If so, let’s get started!

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Sign Up

This is the first step in our Facebook business tutorial, for obvious reasons.

Now, you’re likely thinking there should be no surprises here. It’s so easy you don’t really need guidance for it, right?


This is where Facebook marketers often make the most grievous mistakes. If you don’t execute this step well, most of what follows in this Facebook business tutorial will be worthless.

That’s why we’ll take it step by step in this Facebook business tutorial. First, go to www.facebook.com/business and click on “Create a page”.

You then have to choose your business type. This matters because the same kind of Facebook business page won’t work for all business types.

Businesses need Facebook pages that are customized to their needs. If you choose the wrong business type, chances are you wont be able to effectively market your business on Facebook.

As you will learn later on in this Facebook business tutorial, it doesn’t mean that you can’t further customize your Facebook page. You just get a layout with all the essentials so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Options include brand or product, company, institution or organization, cause or community, entertainment and local business or place.

You then need to fill out the basic details like name of business, category, and address.

You might want to actually read Facebook’s terms and conditions before you proceed with this Facebook business tutorial, by the way. That can help you figure out how best to use the platform (to avoid violations!).

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Add Business Photos And Video

This is a critical part of this Facebook business tutorial, so pay attention.

Your Facebook page will need a profile image and a cover image or video.

It’s very important that you choose them wisely. This is what can make or break the first impression someone gets when they visit your page.

Ensure the photo or video you choose is aligned with your brand and identifies your business. The cover image or video should communicate your brand personality.

Keep in mind too that your profile image won’t only appear on the top left of your Facebook page. It will also appear during user interactions and search results.

If you are a big brand, it is always a safe bet to use your company logo as your profile image.  On that note, though, what another Facebook business tutorial won’t tell you is this…

You have to make sure that no critical information is placed in the corners of the image. That’s because your image is cropped into a circle on posts and ads.

I would encourage the use of a cover video over an image, however. That’s because videos are a lot more engaging.

Either way, abide by Facebook’s recommendations on sizing. The cover image or video should be at least 400px wide and 150px in height.

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Take the Facebook Page Features Walk-through

You will be prompted to take a walk-through of your Facebook business page features. Take it… unless you’re confident that you know your way around a Facebook business page.

Even if that’s the case, though, I’d still recommend taking it. You need to account for the fact that Facebook frequently updates its features.

This Facebook business tutorial will practically be useless in a few years, but that’s a fight for another day. For this reason, I strongly recommend you click through a handful of prompts to familiarize yourself with your page.

By now, you have finished building the skeleton of your company’s page. But more needs to be done before you share it with your audience.

Add a Short Description of Your Business

At the beginning of this Facebook business tutorial, you chose your Facebook business page type.

If you chose the company type, this (your page’s description) will be your company overview.

Use this opportunity to pitch your business value. You should avoid using humour in this section unless that’s a major characteristic of your brand.

Keep it short but also try to make your short description as clear and concise as possible. Two paragraphs should be fine.

This section has a character limit of 155, so you need to choose your words wisely. Don’t worry about missing some small details either, as the story section will allow you to dive much deeper.

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Create Your Username

This is also called your vanity URL. It’s an often-overlooked but very important part of this Facebook business tutorial.

The default URL that Facebook assigns to your page is just a bunch of numbers, so it’s not search-friendly. To fix this, Facebook allows you to customize your URL.

With a custom URL, people will not only be able to find you on Facebook, but also on search engines like Google. It will also be much easier for people to share your page and send you messages.

Setting up your vanity URL is easy, especially as it can be up to 50 characters long. However, don’t make it nearly that long if you don’t have to!

Earlier on in this Facebook business tutorial, you filled in your business name. You can simply use your business name or perhaps an obvious variation of it as your username.

Just click on “Create a Username” for your page to set it up. You will then get links people can use to find you and message you.

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Fill in the About Section

In this section, the details you have to fill in about your business will vary according to the business type you chose. In any case, your information should be specific and accurate.

Specificity and accuracy are vital because they do more than tell people “facts” about your business. They can also convey professionalism or legitimacy to others.

Thus, it pays to put those things at the forefront when making a Facebook business page. This is one of the key takeaways in this Facebook business tutorial.

Make sure that you fill in all fields, as it’s extremely important. A lot of people will abandon a Facebook business page that lacks critical information.

Click on “Edit story” to add a longer description of your business. You now have more room to woo your prospects so use it effectively.

Let your prospect audience know what to expect from your business page. Don’t forget to specify your business location and hours too, if applicable (use “Edit Business Info” for this).

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Create Your First Facebook Post

Many another Facebook business tutorial will advise you to ask people to follow your page right after you make it. But that’s actually not a good idea.

You shouldn’t start asking people to follow your page before you start sharing valuable content! So, go ahead and share your first Facebook post first.

Posts you share don’t even have to all be yours. You can always curate and share content from other thought leaders in the industry.

Facebook allows for a variety of post types too, so you’re not short of options. These include polls, events, product offers, milestones and notes.

Start engaging with your audience the moment you get responses. Don’t leave a comment without a reply, for example, as this is extremely important when your Facebook business page is new.

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Final Thoughts on Creating Facebook Pages That Sell

You now know the exact steps you need to take to create the ultimate Facebook business page. We covered all of them in this Facebook business tutorial, which can help you achieve success with your Facebook marketing.

For instance, we covered the steps from signing up, to adding media and information, to discovering the many features of Facebook business pages.

We also talked about how to create a search- and consumer-friendly username, as well as how to get started marketing on your Facebook business page.

If you implement all that I’ve shared with you in this Facebook business tutorial, Facebook marketing is going to work great for your business.

You just need to make sure you do all of it from a solid foundation — which would be a properly set up, strategically-made business page.

If you need further help with Facebook marketing, be it organic or paid, feel free to contact me so we can discuss the different consulting options we have to offer.

You can also leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this Facebook business tutorial.

Also be sure to check out this Complete Guide on Marketing Business on Facebook.

If you’re still unsure of how to how to market on Facebook or have more questions on the process, please feel free to leave a comment below or visit IM Consultant Services.

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Facebook Business Tutorial - Create a Facebook Page That Sells - Mike Marko

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