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“Getting Started with Facebook Business Advertising” written by Mike Marko.

Are you thinking about implementing Facebook business advertising?

If you’re planning to use Facebook to advertise your business, then you’re on the right track. Many business owners are getting positive results in using Facebook, and that’s why you should use it for your business too.

However, you need to clearly understand how to advertising in Facebook works if you also want to achieve good results.

With that said, today I’m going to give you Facebook business advertising guidelines. We’ll talk about how to get started and set up your own Facebook advertisements.

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How to Set Up Your Facebook Business Advertising

Before you start setting up your Facebook advertisements, you first need to understand your competition. Since a lot of businesses are also using this platform, expect the competition to be a tight one.

There’s no room for being “quick and fast”… don’t waste your advertising dollar.

Set up your advertisements to stand out from your competitors. Don’t blend into the rest of the content on Facebook.   

Setting up your Facebook business advertising isn’t difficult. You just need to do it correctly and it should start with setting your objectives first.

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Set an Objective for your Facebook Ads

Before you start Facebook business advertising, you first need to have your own objective. These objectives will serve as your benchmark.

Think of the most important outcome you want for your business. However, you need to make sure that your goals are specific as possible. You’ll be misled if you’re very general with your goals.

Not being specific with your goal will affect the quality of effort you’ll put on your business ad.

To give you an idea, here are the three main types of Facebook business advertising objective.

Awareness of Your Brand

One of the main goals of your advertisement is for your audience to be aware of your brand. It’s easy to build brand awareness on Facebook since a lot of people are using it.

Make use of the Facebook’s features such as live videos. Also, don’t forget to boost your important posts. When you boost a post, it’ll be promoted to be seen by more people.

If people will find your boosted post engaging, they’ll directly visit your page.

Consideration for More Details of Your Brand

When you captured people’s awareness, it’s time for you to make them excited about what you can offer. Increase the engagement of the audiences in your business by promoting your product.

After getting engagement from users who are might be interested in purchasing, try to contact them and encourage them to try your products or services.

Conversion of Your Audience

This lets you transform the interest of your potential customers into action. Customers who signed up for more information from your business will most likely purchase. And also, those who already have your brand’s app can see the things you offer.

Now, after you determine your Ads objective, it’s time for you to select your business’ audience.

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Select Your Business Audience

To succeed in marketing a business online, your advertisements should be aimed at your target audience. With that said, it’s important to narrow down your audience and pick only those who are relevant to your business.

Choose the users that you think will help you reach your business goals.

Facebook has various options that’ll help you choose specific audiences. You can find those features under the section “Selecting Audience”.

In that section, you can see three useful features:

  • Core audiences: manual selection based on your set criteria.
  • Custom audiences: uploading contact lists to see an existing audience.
  • Lookalike audiences: find new audiences who are similar to the existing audiences.

Decide Your Ads Reach

Facebook ads are not restricted only within the scope of Facebook. That’s why you also need to decide on your ads reach. Ads can also reach to Instagram and Messenger depending on the target audience.

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Set Your Ideal Budget

Define the cost of your Facebook business advertisements. The cost depends on the overall amount you spend for each result. You can enter either a daily or a lifetime budget to define when your ads should stop.

If you don’t want to spend a lot on ads, check these tips for affordable Facebook Page advertising for your brand.

Choose Your Own Format

Choose the format you want for your brand’s exposure. Formats may come through photos, videos, and ads. Just be sure that the format you’ll be using is relevant to your business.

Remember, people tend to get attracted on a Facebook page if it’s showing the uniqueness of a brand.

With that said, here are some ideas on how to showcase your business’ image on Facebook.

Introduce Products Through Photos

Use the magic of photos to tell your business story. Capture a nice photo of your product then post it with a relevant caption. Products on a nice background are ideal to show professionalism.

You can also add more than one image in one ad by using the carousel. Use canvas to get a fast-loading experience designed for mobiles.

Make Use of Videos

Create a series of videos by using a slideshow. The thing about videos is that you can showcase your ads by telling a story using a collection.

Promote Your Business Using Ads

To make your lead generation easier, use the leads ads. Dynamic ads can help you find your audience in a sophisticated way. And it’ll also bring more audiences to your advertisement.

To get more ideas for an effective ad, check this guide to making effective Facebook business ads.

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Measure Your Ads Performance

Analyze the performance of your ad by clicking on “all your available ads” section. After you find the all available ads section, click on ‘view charts’ to get further details. This tells the exact success of each ad to find out what worked and what needs to be improved.

Final Thoughts on Facebook Business Advertising

That sums up our blog for today about how to get started with your Facebook business advertising.

It’s important to know how advertisements work on Facebook if you want to achieve the best results. Remember, the competition is tight on this platform.

As a recap, here are the things you need to know about using Facebook business advertising;

  • Set an objective for your business brand.
  • Select your business audiences.
  • Decide your ads reach.
  • Set your ideal budget.
  • Choose your own format.
  • Measure your ads performance.

Be sure to not skip any of the things mentioned for starting your own Facebook advertising.

If you find this blog informative or have further questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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Getting Started with Facebook Business Advertising - Mike Marko

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