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“Why You Need to Do Facebook B2B Marketing” written by Mike Marko.

Facebook B2B marketing is worth the time and effort,” more and more people are saying.

But is it really?

It’s common to have doubts about it. The network itself is so much about personal socialization that B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing seems more natural than B2B (business-to-business) marketing on it. After all, most of its users are consumers, not businesses!

I myself had doubts about Facebook B2B marketing a while back. Ironically enough, I was already doing Facebook marketing at the time!

But I’ve changed my tune since then. While I may have been skeptical at first, I’ve come to see that this platform’s actually one of the best for B2B marketing.

In today’s article, I’ll show you why you should be doing Facebook B2B marketing yourself.

Reasons Why Facebook B2B Marketing Matters

It’s understandable if you’re still a little skeptical at this point. When there are already other platforms known to be great for B2B marketing (like LinkedIn), why even bother with Facebook B2B marketing?

The simplest answer here is because it can round out your marketing strategy. The best digital marketers use more than one platform for a reason. Each has strengths and weaknesses as well as particular demographics.

Using multiple platforms helps marketers compensate for each one’s shortcomings. It’s foolish to make a single social network serve all of your needs. Why settle for doing only LinkedIn marketing when you could supplement it with Facebook B2B marketing easily?

That’s just one reason Facebook B2B marketing is a good idea. If it still isn’t enough to convince you, however, here are a few other reasons you should do Facebook B2B marketing.

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1) Facebook Is Very Popular

Not only as a social media platform, but also as a website. In fact, it’s the third most popular website on the Internet. That already suggests to you how Facebook B2B marketing can be effective.

The platform has 2.27 billion users. That means even the people who make the calls in B2B relationships are also on Facebook. In fact, many of them may even log into Facebook more often than they do to LinkedIn.

That’s because people use the platform for a lot of things. Contrast that to LinkedIn, where people log in almost exclusively for a professional purpose.

Now ask yourself this: which platform would people be likelier to log into more often in a day? The one that they use for both personal- and work-related activities? Or the one that they use only for the latter?

Facebook B2B marketing also makes sense because studies show B2B decision-makers using the network for purchasing research. That means the people you’re trying to sell to may already be looking you up on Facebook… even if you first reached out to them on LinkedIn.

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2) Facebook Is Constantly Growing

More and more people and businesses are getting on Facebook. In only one year, there was an 11.36% increase in the number of daily users and a 15-million increase in the number of business pages.

If that’s not growing, then I don’t know what is. That sort of growth suggests that Facebook B2B marketing may be able to reach ever more people in the future.

The rise in the number of businesses with Facebook pages is especially promising. That means even more potential clients available on the platform for you to make connections!

3) Facebook Advertising Is Cheap

Advertising costs are surprisingly affordable for Facebook B2B marketing. The platform also allows you to set and control your own budget through the Ads manager section.

One of the big budget benefits of advertising on Facebook is the lack of a minimum monthly ad spend. This enables you to craft an advertising plan that fits your resources.

You still do have to come up with an effective advertising strategy to ensure whatever you pay is worth it, though. But if you need help with that, you can just review my guide to Facebook advertising for some ideas.

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4) Facebook Has Great Social Media Marketing Tools

People who do Facebook B2B marketing also have access to some amazing tools. Some of them are even unique, meaning you won’t find them on other platforms.

In addition to that, Facebook updates those features very often. In fact, in keeping with the platform’s record of steady growth, it even adds new ones regularly.

That means people doing Facebook B2B marketing have an ever-expanding toolkit. What digital marketer doesn’t love that?

To show you some of the possibilities in Facebook B2B marketing, here’s a list of some of the marketing features you can currently find on the platform.

Cover Video Instead of Cover Image

A business page usually has tabs like About Us, Products, Services, Events, News, or possibly more. But squeezing all of them into one picture is almost impossible.

That’s not the case with videos. You have multiple frames to use in order to convey even more about your business. Yet you can do it without taking up more webpage real estate.

Visitors don’t need to scroll down just to learn more — they just need to press play. Isn’t that convenient?

So the option to have a cover video instead of a cover image is a big plus in Facebook B2B marketing. It’s not the only way Facebook makes it easy to tell your audience something about your business, though.

Pinning Your Posts

This feature allows page owners to pin a post to the top of their Facebook timeline. That prevents it from going down and thus being lost.

This is an important feature when you need to keep something at the forefront of customers’ minds, like an upcoming business event or a major update. It won’t get buried just because you posted about something more recent but less important.

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Pages to Watch

Pages to Watch is another great Facebook B2B marketing feature. As the name suggests, it basically lets you keep an eye on certain pages and their activities.

Pages to watch allows marketers “watch” up to 100 different brand pages. What can you do with that? A lot, actually.

Some people choose to watch businesses they’re targeting as clients. Doing so helps them figure out strategies of approach and sale with those potential customers.

But even more popular is the option to use it for monitoring the competition. When advising people about Facebook B2B marketing, I often suggest people use it to see what competitors are doing. You can even figure out how to improve on their strategies from there.

Scheduling Facebook Posts

To save time, Facebook allows users to schedule multiple Facebook posts in advance. This allows you to schedule posts days or weeks ahead, which is a great time-saver.

Not all social networks let you do this. In fact, several of them only allow it if you use a third-party application to manage the scheduling.

Facebook’s scheduling utility is native to the platform though — and very easy to use for Facebook B2B marketing! It’s a useful tool for ensuring you won’t forget to post anything important.

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Final Thoughts on Facebook B2B Marketing

So now you see why you’re missing out on a lot if you don’t do Facebook B2B marketing. The platform is ripe with potential for B2B marketers.

For one thing, it’s still the biggest social network in the world. Many of your B2B partners and potential customers can be found on it.

It’s also getting bigger yearly — not just in terms of regular user numbers but also in terms of business pages. That suggests strong potential for growth in B2B opportunities.

Finally, it offers advertising options and marketing tools that can make your job easier.

In sum, Facebook B2B marketing is something you shouldn’t dismiss as a digital marketer. If you want to know more or just have questions remaining about Facebook B2B marketing, leave them in the comments below!

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