Essential Tips For Using Twitter For Business

Essential Tips For Using Twitter For Business

“Essential Tips For Using Twitter For Business” written by Mike Marko.

Do you know that you can effectively use Twitter for business?

Did you maybe try Twitter but you are not getting the results you wanted or expect?

I was in your place not long ago.  To be honest, a couple years ago “I didn’t get Twitter”… at all!!  I didn’t understand why I should use it.

Then a year ago I suddenly saw the light.  Now Twitter is one of my favorite platforms for growing my business.

Let me show you tips for using Twitter for business and be more successful.

Tips For Using Twitter For Business

In the world of business, there are a lot of different ways on how to market your brand, what you do and what you offer.

As you have probably heard, social media platforms like Twitter are an effective way for growing your business.  Let me tell you tips for using Twitter for business… so you can apply them to your business.

Setting Up Your Account Tips For Using Twitter For Business

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started on our tips for using Twitter for business

Twitter BIO

Start getting attention by having a good Twitter BIO.

Since we using Twitter business instead of for personal use, make sure that your company identity and voice is well branded.  That means you have to have a bio that tells people who you are, what you offer, and links to your company website or a landing page.

Make sure to have a good layout so that visitors can clearly understand who you are and what you do.

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Profile Photo

Your profile photo will always appear to everyone.  It shows up on every tweet, or social interaction you do.

Your profile photo is a good opportunity to use a business image.  It can help with your branding as it will be seen by your followers. The thing is that the Twitter profile photo is pretty small compared to other social media platforms.  That’s why you want to stick to a basic logo or a personal head shot.  This will still make a good impact on your followers.

If you do a portrait focus on your face.  Nobody wants to see you standing on garden holding flowers, and they don’t care what you wear either.

Visual Branding

Twitter came up with cool ways to make your profile different from others. Twitter allows us to customize the looks and colors of your profile page. This is another great way for you to emphasize your business logos and offers.

You can make a banner with customized graphics depicting your brand.  That way everyone can see you and the logo that you have for your business as your background.

Keep Your Bio Up To Date

Use your Twitter bio to keep your followers up to date on what you are about.

Every so often, go back and review your bio and make sure it represents who you are and what you represent.

You can even mark your calendar on when to review and update your bio… even the best bio gets dull over time.

Twitter Landing Page

The Twitter bio is very limited with what you can share with your followers.  You need another way to get the message out.

A lot of people on Twitter use their Twitter web link to drop the people to their websites.  You can make really good use of this link by sending your traffic to a specially built page on your website that talks to your Twitter audience.

This Twitter landing page is a special website page that is designed to introduce your followers to your business that also ties back to your Twitter account. Be sure to also set the page up for lead capture so you can follow up with email marketing.

Social Interaction Tips For Using Twitter For Business

Who To Follow

You should follow everyone who talks to you on Twitter.  Social media is about the conversation. That means you have to talk and listen. Make sure to read tweets and interact, share your thoughts and ideas.

This will not only boost up your Twitter following but this is also another way for you to introduce your business to those who want to talk. If you listen to them and interact, they will also listen to you and interact back.  This will give you ideas if these people need you for your business.

So make sure to follow everyone and direct message (DM) them!

Make Your Twitter Account Public

Make sure to publicize your Twitter account.  You want to make it easy to people to find your business.

Add your Twitter profile name to all your business content, website, and materials. Because we use Twitter for business, we want the world to know about our Twitter account.

Follow Your Customers

Since we are using Twitter for business you have to connect with your customers and your target customers.

It’s challenging to know which of your customers are on Twitter.  That’s another reason why it’s important to advertise your Twitter account… in this case to your customers.

Tweet Regularly

Being consistent and active is important on Twitter.  You need to be on top of the game and never miss any chance to give updates about your business.  Your customers and potential customers want to know about your business.

If you want to grow faster… tweet regularly. But make sure that you always think before you tweet.  You don’t want people don’t want to see any crappy or poorly worded tweets from you.  You also don’t want to tweet something you’ll regret.   Be sure to also use hashtags in your tweets.  I recommend using Hashtagifyto do your hashtag research.

Final Words on Tips For Using Twitter For Business

So if you have a business you should make sure you are taking advantage of Twitter.  I guarantee you that every tweet counts and builds on your business success.  Just follow my tips for using Twitter for business and you’ll start seeing an improvement.

Be sure to check out my Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Marketing for more tips.

And always remember to think before you tweet!

For more tips for using Twitter for business, check out this article on Tips on Improving Twitter Lead Generation and Increasing Blog Traffic.

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Essential Tips For Using Twitter For Business - Mike Marko

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