Embrace Your Flaws – What You Can Learn From the Steve Jobs Biography

Embrace Your Flaws – What You Can Learn From the Steve Jobs Biography.

While listening to Steve Jobs biography on audio book, I couldn’t decide was he a good or bad person, genius or jerk?

Here are just a few of the contradictions that make up Steve Job’s life:

  1. He was a brilliantly intelligent college drop-out
  2. Given up for adoption, he denied paternity of his daughter
  3. A hippie artist head of a billion dollar company
  4. A ruthless and belittling personality type who developed a loyal following
  5. A strict vegan who eventually succumbed to cancer.
  6. A flawed man who accomplished great things

Why You Should Embrace Your Flaws

“I believe now that we are greater than the sum of our parts.” – John Green, Looking for Alaska

I have in the past put my hero’s on a pedestal, and have a hard time thinking of them as flawed, but I’ve come to realize that most historical leaders and mythological figures had major character flaws and were still able to bring value to multitudes of peoples lives; not in spite of their flaws, but because of them. Maybe these things we see as flaws are part of the necessary formula that propels people to greatness in the first place. And without these flaws there would be no greatness.

General Ulysses S Grant,18th president of the US, had a drinking problem, but the grittiness and tenacity  and stubborn fixity of purpose to lead in one of the bloodiest wars in American history. In the Union armies there were generals as brilliant as Grant, but none with his iron determination.

Many legendary  figures fail to live up to the ideal: The Bible’s King David’s was a man of contrasts. He was single-mindedly committed to God, yet guilty of some of the most serious sins recorded in the Old Testament. His commitment to his faith was strengthened by the grace and mercy he received in spite of his failings.

Emprace Your Flaws

And in Steve Jobs life his ability to make the decision to drop out of college after six months was the same strength it took to envision a world where we don’t follow the normal ways of doing things, but lead by doing the unusual. He followed his passion, not the status quo and eventually was able to “make a dent in the universe.”

As a designer Steve had the remarkable ability to hold to his vision, overcome any situation and do whatever it took to reach his goal, even at the expense of others. He was scathing in his critiques of new products and legendary in his ruthless  hiring and firing of his employees, but he didn’t settle for mediocre product. He obsessed about every detail, down to even how his products were packaged.We now benefit from that design esthetic with the beauty and ingenuity of the products we are so connected with on a daily basis.

Accept Your Perceived Flaws

Be mindful of what you see as your perceived flaws in life.  Embrace your flaws.  Maybe you are a risk taker and it lead to a bankruptcy or loss of a job, or maybe a divorce makes you feel like a failure or you feel like you don’t have the right background or education. Remember that everything in your life is part of the necessary formula that will propel you to your greatness. And without these “flaws” there would be no greatness.

  • Don’t let your perceived flaws define you. You are greater than the sum of your parts.
  • Accept your life in its totality.  Know that you are where you are supposed to be right now.
  • Believe in yourself… all of you, your flaws and all. Your flaws are part of who you are––part of your perfection. Some professional artists put purposeful flaws in their art. Your flaws make you human, so don’t be ashamed of them.If you were flawless, you wouldn’t be perfect. Get out there, be persistent, and make YOUR OWN dent in the universe!

So today embrace your flaws.  They are part of you and will help make you successful.


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Article:  Embrace Your Flaws – What You Can Learn From the Steve Jobs Biography

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