Creating an Elevator Speech – Elevator Speech Tips

“Creating an Elevator Speech – Elevator Speech Tips” written by Guest Contributor.

Why do I need an Elevator Speech?

When you’re at a networking event, are you ready for the question 
”So, what do you do?”

Whether they say it or not, those five words are on the minds of everyone you meet.  It’s important to come up with the right formula that can assist you in preparing your answer to this question to impress the right people.

Mike and I were invited to a meet-n-greet for a marketing seminar last week, where we rubbed shoulders with some of the speakers at the event.  The inevitable question was asked by more than one person, “So, what do YOU do?”

We realized by the end of the evening how important it is to have a way to describe what we do in one or two distinctive sentences. Time is money, and that’s about the amount of time people are willing to invest into learning about who you are.

Elevator Speech Tips

  1. It helps to use a distinctive title or phrase that makes people think, “Wow, that sounds interesting” or “I would like to find out more.”  Consider the difference between “I’m an internet marketer” and “I show people how to create an online cash machine by promoting themselves or their products online.”
  2. Explain what you do in one sentence. After you introduce yourself, let people know in one sentence what it is you do. It’s important to be concise. They only have so much time and are waiting to tell you about themselves.
  3. If they want to know more, then you can define your avatar. “Our market is comprised of 40 to 49-year-olds who are interested in starting an online business.”  Don’t try to be all things to all people
  4. What is your vision?  “We’re committed to….”  What does your business stand for? What attracts your customers and their loyalty?
  5. Practice, practice, practice.  Create a script and edit as needed until you can introduce yourself and your business in less than a minute.  You want to keep it within 1 minute because that is about the length of most peoples’ attention span when they first meet you.
  6. Can you tell your entire story in 20 words or less? That’s how much space you have in most marketing materials and online presentations.

Finally, with all this said, most people are actually more interested in telling you about themselves, so when you turn the tables on them, international speaker and author Patty Farmer advises, instead of asking them what they do, try something different by asking them who they serve and how can you help them. This  gives you valuable information about that person and an opportunity to connect that person with people that you know. In business It’s all about connecting with people and serving.

Don’t forget to ask them what social media they like to hang out and get permission to get in touch with them after the event.


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Article:  Creating an Elevator Speech – Elevator Speech Tips

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