4 Effective Facebook Posts for Business

4 Effective Facebook Posts for Business

“4 Effective Facebook Posts for Business” written by Mike Marko.

Do you know that there’s an easy way to get more Facebook engagement?

To successfully market your business on Facebook, you need to have engagement. Without engagement, your effort in using Facebook for your business will end up as a failure.

So, how do increase engagement on Facebook?

It’s simple. Create and publish posts that will entice your customers and followers to react. If you don’t have an idea what those posts are, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we will discuss the 4 effective Facebook posts for business to increase engagement.

Increasing Engagement with Facebook Posts for Business

A Facebook business page needs engagement.

Engagement denotes interest from your audience and encourages their own followers to visit your page and eventually purchase your products or services. Without engagement, all your efforts will be in vain.

Plus engagement helps the Facebook algorithm know whether to serve that particular content to a broader audience or not.

Facebook is primarily a platform for community. With that being said, don’t use it simply to broadcast and sell your products. Focus on building a community amongst your customers by fostering healthy communication.

This, along with effective Facebook posts for business, will help encourage engagement.

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Caption This!

Use “Caption this!” on your posts with interesting images or short videos.

You could use funny memes, pictures of animals, toddlers, or awe-inspiring photos of landscapes or human moments.

When choosing content, make it relevant to the emotion that you want to express to your audience. Make sure that it is attractive enough to grab the attention of your followers.

Make sure to not use copyrighted images to avoid any lawsuits. Instead, look for images that are free to use.

Fill in the Blank

Posts with “Fill in the blank” often get high engagement. When executed properly, it can garner up to thousands of shares, likes, and comments.

A fill in the blank post is a perfect way to encourage your target audience talk about your business.

Here is an example:

“My must-have is ________.”

This is a great way to use fill in the blank post. Prefer to use an “activity” that is related to your products to make your content an indirect marketing post.

Here are other examples to try on your Facebook Page:

  • Fill in the blank. “My New Year’s Eve must-have is ______”,
  • Fill in the blank. “My Monday morning must-have is ______”, and
  • Fill in the blank. “My camping trip must-have is ______”.


Like vs. Share

This highly engaging Facebook posts for business will let you know your existing and potential customers’ opinions regarding your business, products and services.

Doing this post will help you determine what appeals to your customers.

When creating this kind of post, pick an image that shows two different options. Facebook fans will then simply have to click “Like” for the first option and “Share” for the second.

Here are few examples to try on your Facebook Page:

  • Which is your favorite type of movie? “Like” for comedy. “Share” for Action,
  • What is your perfect Saturday night? “Like” for a quiet night at home. “Share” for going out with friends, and
  • “Like” for iPhone. “Share” for Android.

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Hit Like If You…

Ask your Facebook fans to hit “Like” if they are doing a certain activity. This post is not limited to activities, you can also ask your audience to hit like if they’re exhibiting the same feeling, emotion or thought as in the post.

However, make sure that your statement is relevant to your target audience or business.

Doing this correctly will give your page a steady flow of engagement. Doing it incorrectly, on the other hand, can send customers fleeing in the opposite direction.

Here are a few more examples to try:

  • “Like” if you love going out in the summertime!,
  • “Like” if you are excited about our new product!, and
  • “Like” if you want to be a part of our giveaways!

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Other Ideas for Engaging Facebook Posts

There are a lot of other Facebook posts for business that you can guarantee engagement. Never settle for just one type of highly engaging post. In fact, try mixing them up to give your audience a variety.

Check out these other ideas for engaging Facebook posts for business.

  1. Contests – A Facebook contest always attracts engagement. Aside from the prizes for the winners, consider giving something in return to other participating users.
  2. Inspirational Images – A business page should also inspire and motivate its fans. Fully focusing on advertising is a big mistake. There’s a high possibility that your fans will unlike your page if you keep on posting advertisements.
  3. Behind the Scenes – Posting pictures of your team or facility will make your business more relatable. It allows your customers to preview how your business operates and help earn their trust.

Let your creativity flow to get the best from your audience. If you run out of ideas for Facebook posts for business, try looking at the pages of influencers in your niche.

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Final Thoughts On Facebook Posts for Business

In this blog post, we talked about the 4 effective Facebook posts for business to spark interest and reaction from your followers. Increasing engagement is the best way to build a community among them and encourage them to make use of your products.

Engagement will also help tell Facebook to serve your content to a larger audience (indicating to Facebook that people like the content).

Making use of a “Caption this!” gimmick on your posts, alongside attractive images, gives your followers to showcase their witty sides. At the same time, creating “Fill-in-the-blank” or “Like or Share” posts will allow them to give their opinion about your business in a quirky way.

Aside from these, other posts that help encourage engagement that are worth making use of are: contests, inspirational images and behind the scenes. Consider mixing up these different posts to give your audience variety.

If you have questions about effective Facebook posts for business, leave them in the comments below.

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4 Effective Facebook Posts for Business - Mike Marko

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