Don’t Seek and You Will Gain Abundance

Don’t Seek and You Will Gain Abundance.

Abundance is our only reality, if only we have the eyes to see.

Have you ever gone to God and asked for something in prayer and your approach was something like, “Dear God, I need_____ ” Fill in the blank with money, or healing, or help with a relationship.

Without realizing it, by going to God and asking in this way, you are acknowledging the illusion of lack and, in essence, you’re asking God’s help to try to manipulate circumstances and people within that illusion for a temporary fix.

Illusion of Being Without Abundance

The problem with this thinking is that if #1 you’re believing that lack is real you are believing  in an illusion of scarcity and #2 if you are  trying to get a temporary fix by manipulating  circumstances within the illusion, the problems and circumstances will keep changing. You might get one thing figured out, only to have something else pop up that causes fear and worry. Like manipulating a rubics cube you’re trying to line up the pieces and move all the colors into place only to find that when one thing gets straightened out another situation arises to rob you of your serenity.  This is looking to the external to try to manipulate your environment.  When our true contentment lies in not giving the illusion of scarcity, lack and fear power over us. Instead, ask for help from the holy spirit to help you  see the situation differently. See the situation through the eyes of God.


This is the place of miracles.

Abundance Prayer

To override the illusion our collective mind has created and our ego perpetuates. After you have examine any perceived problem, and before you take any inspired action steps elicit the help of the Holy Spirit by saying this simple prayer…

Dear God

I am determined to see this situation differently.

Just for now, I’m not going to try to figure it out.

I will wrap it all up in a package and put it at your alter for the holy spirit to intercede.I surrender it all to you and in return accept your perfect gift of peace.

I am determined to see that I am one with God and that there is no gap.
I turn this over to you.

I am determined to see  my true nature of only light and abundance.

Thank you for teaching me to walk in the happiness and abundance that I am entitled to. It is who I truly am.

Thank you for giving me the vision to see what YOU see.

Forgive me for looking at the illusion of lack as I forgive others who are one with me.  Holy spirit intercede and give me the vision that you would have me see

I am willing to abandon the thought of lack or scarcity.
I am willing to remember I am entitled to peace.
God did not create scarcity, lack or a spirit of fear.
What God did not create does not exist.

I ask that my thoughts be healed
And let the truth correct all errors in my mind.

I am willing to be healed.
I am willing to trust.
I am willing to love.

Do this and surrender to Gods grace and mercy. Stop trying to figure things out… “let go and let God” and miracles will abound.

Get ready to take action when Synchronistic events lead you to solutions to your problems in the most miraculous ways that only God and the Holy Spirit can orchestrate. You will be co-creating with the universe for the best possible life!


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Article:  Don’t Seek and You Will Gain Abundance

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