Dan Lok Teaches Techniques on How to Have More Confidence

Dan Lok Teaches Techniques on How to Have More Confidence

“Dan Lok Teaches Techniques on How to Have More Confidence” written by Mike Marko.

Lots of people don’t have confidence in themselves. If you’re one of them, don’t worry — it’s not just a common problem but also one that can be fixed.

Even one of the best-known business magnates and public speakers also experienced it in the early stages of his life. Dan Lok had no confidence at all when he was still a kid.

Of course, that’s obviously not the case any longer. That’s why Lok believes that confidence can be learned and developed.

When he first came to Canada, he had nothing and no confidence for himself. He was an invisible kid. He was the kid who would sit in the very back of the classroom. He couldn’t speak a word of English. He didn’t know anything about the language and he didn’t know how to connect and talk to people.

He was afraid to connect with anybody because he knew that he had no confidence to face people.

But look at him now, you’d really never guess that he also had such extreme issues with self-confidence. He runs a successful Internet marketing business, gives motivational and inspirational speeches to the thousands of people, and also teaches entrepreneurship to thousands of students. He also has millions of followers on his social media accounts. He is also now a very confident person.

In today’s blog post, I’ll share with you the techniques Dan Lok used to gain more confidence. I’ll also show how he uses that confidence to make money as one of the most successful businessmen today.

Important Techniques on How to Have More Confidence

Self-confidence can have a lot of benefits for you and for your business.

Self-confidence will give you the courage to face hundreds of people and to interact with them confidently. It’ll also help you to face your clients without fear and can help you to market your product correctly.

So if you’re an entrepreneur having a hard time with self-confidence, then you’re in the right place. I’m going to teach you the best tricks to building up your belief in yourself.

Below are important techniques for gaining more confidence in yourself.

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Confidence Is Internal

Usually, people mistakenly identify confidence with arrogance. Like for example, some people like to walk around puffing out their chests and putting on presumptuous attitudes with others. This kind of act only shows arrogance and not confidence.

A truly confident individual will never want to puff out their chest or put on an attitude. They feel confident within, regardless of the outside appearance.

That’s why confidence is internal — something you’ll learn quickly if you observe Dan Lok. The man doesn’t put up a front yet undeniably has a lot to be confident about. That sort of quiet capability is what you should aim for.

Confidence Comes from Competence

Dan Lok is confident because he’s competent. So confidence comes from your capabilities and competence.

If you feel that you’re lacking in skills and passion, or don’t feel like you’re good at anything, you’ll probably lack self-confidence.

When you develop aptitudes and skills, then you’ll be likely to develop confidence in yourself. Focus on the things that you’re good at so you can get even better at them.

Over time, people will notice and start telling you how good you are. Thanks to that praise, your confidence will continue to grow even more.


It Matters Who You Surround Yourself With

Consider the people you surround yourself with. The people who surround yourself with are your friends, family, and colleagues.

After identifying them, ask yourself with this question: How many of them have self-confidence?

Most of the time, the people around us are our patterns for behavior. You may not realize it, but most of your own friends and family are somewhat like role models for you. That’s why it matters that they should be confident.

Basically, if your behavioral models don’t display self-confidence, it’s likely you’ll also lack self-confidence. So try to surround yourself with confident people… or encourage the ones already around you to build up their confidence too.

This is actually one of the principles behind the programs Dan Lok offers entrepreneurs. The whole idea of a mentor is for someone to serve as a role model to another. Among other things, a mentor should be confident enough to inspire the student’s respect as well as self-confidence.

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Confidence Is Built up, Brick by Brick

When Dan Lok learned to do public speaking, he also experienced issues with self-confidence. When he went to his first Toastmasters meeting, he had no confidence at all. He was nervous, his face was pale, and he was shaking so much that he couldn’t read the speech he prepared beforehand.

He couldn’t deliver his speech smoothly and even stammered. But instead of giving up, he persisted.

That’s when Lok discovered something a lot of confident people know: challenges made him stronger.

Dan Lok didn’t give up on speech-giving and instead kept practicing until he got better. In fact, he improved so much over time, that people started to praise him for being a good speaker.

Dan Lok became the world-renowned speaker he is today by working on it and his self-confidence, one speech at a time. That’s how you can approach your own confidence-building. It may seem slow at first, but the experience and confidence gained accrues.

Resilience Reflects Confidence

Dan Lok also experienced big challenges and lost a lot of money in his first business attempts. But instead of giving up, he chose to fight back in every instance.

For Dan Lok, resilience has long been one of the chief stepping stones to confidence.

Resilience is what led to Lok’s success. Today, he knows that his business wasn’t successful by accident, but by design. He knows that he’s already faced failure before but was resilient even when facing it.

Dan Lok knows his business is successful because he’s the one who created it. He knows that if he lost everything he’d be still capable of building it all again.

Now, think about feeling that sort of capability. Think about knowing for yourself that you have that much resilience in you — so much resilience that you can prevail even after the worst failures.

Wouldn’t it give you confidence? Wouldn’t it make you feel like you can take on life’s worst trials without flinching?

That’s why resilience matters if you want to be confident. If you can be assured of your own persistence in the face of adversity, you can build up your self-confidence.

Confidence Always Has a Foundation

Confidence has a substance and foundation. It’s not an illusion.

In the case of Dan Lok, his confidence has solid foundations. He knows he’s triumphed over grave adversity. He knows he’s built his brand and business up with his own skills.

His knowledge of these things gives him the genuine confidence of the capable and competent. It’s not merely the “false confidence” of those who delude themselves about their own abilities.

Being good at something is one of the best foundations for confidence. If you have something you’re good at, you’re doing something you’re proud of. That leads you to have confidence in yourself.

The most important thing is that you see yourself what you’re capable of. So hold your head up high, make things happen and get the thing done! Become good at something and acknowledge your own skill at it. Use your skill to make money and prove your own capabilities to yourself.

And once you’ve developed unwavering confidence, as Dan Lok can attest, nobody and nothing can break you down ever again.

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Final Thoughts on How to Have More Confidence

That sums up today’s blog post about how to have more confidence in yourself. Dan Lok teaches us how we can gain confidence even with the humblest beginnings.

Remember, self-confidence is one of the most important things a businessman can have. Without self-confidence, you wouldn’t know how to face your clients and the world. Just look at Dan Lok and his success, which he gained only after he learned to be more confident.

Learn a skill or develop ones you already have in order to gain confidence. Learn how to do Internet marketing even better if you’re already doing it. Turn it or any of your other skills into a business to make money out of them and gain even more confidence. Basically, learn to do something well, then show the world how well you do it!

So, start developing an unshakeable inner confidence ASAP because it can benefit you so much. Believe me nobody can take it away from you once you have it. Just like Dan Lok, you’ll prevail against all challenges once you get the confidence to face them.

If you find this blog informative or you have any questions about how Dan Lok teaches us to be more confident, leave them in the comments below.

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