The Best Way to Customize Facebook Page

The Best Way to Customize Facebook Page

“The Best Way to Customize Facebook Page” written by Mike Marko.

“Are there features or tools I don’t know of that others are using to customize Facebook page?”

You’re probably asking yourself that question after seeing Facebook pages get lots of engagement and impressions you can’t seem to get yourself.

It probably makes you wonder if you really have access to the same customization features. And the truth is, you do.

So why can they customize Facebook page that gets results while you can’t?

Sure, you do have access to the same features and tools, but compared to theirs, your experience with using those features is probably negligible.

Most of them have years and years of experience. They’ve had a lot of time to test which customizations work.

Fortunately for you, you won’t have to spend that much time to learn the things they know. I’ll make things easier for you by revealing how top brands customize Facebook page and why it gets them results.

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Ways to Customize Facebook Page

But first, forget about being half-hearted when you customize Facebook page, because it won’t do. There are 80 million business Pages on this platform, which means there’s some heavy competition.

Yet of those 80 million, there’s only a small fraction of pages getting serious attention. That probably makes you wonder, Why do others get better results?

Because aside from having different marketing strategies, they also used unique and creative techniques to customize Facebook page. If you want to find out how you yourself can do it, here are tips you can follow when you customize Facebook page.

Personalize Your URL

When you decide to customize Facebook page, a custom URL is a must. What should yours be?

First, it should be short and easy to remember. After all, you’ll be sharing it with users who probably don’t know your business.

So it should also be as close as possible to your business’s name. That way, users will get used to your brand whenever they see your URL.

But there are limits to what it can be. A few of those limits include the following:

  • Characters should be alphanumeric (A-Z, 0-9),
  • There should be a minimum of 5 characters, and
  • You should avoid generic terms.

Read Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities for more specific rules on the URL.

Remember, by the way, that your Facebook URL is a major part of your brand. Changing it at least once might affect your online presence, so make sure you’re satisfied with your first idea.

But after coming up with a URL when you customize Facebook page, don’t forget about the issues that may arise.

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Set Your Page’s Visibility

There are times when people won’t see your page if they’re logged out of Facebook. That may lead them to ignore your page as a result.

That’s because consumer attention tends to be short online. If a consumer has to take several seconds to log into his account before he can see your page, he’ll likely lose interest.

You can fix this by configuring your page’s visibility and remove age restrictions and country restrictions.

I recommend setting age to Anyone +13 and country to “page visible to everyone”. However, it could be situational.

Your page might have sexual content or other inappropriate content, in which case you’ll have to change the age restriction. Some countries also send a lot of spam, so you have to adjust that, too.

Unwanted users is one thing, but remember — your page can encounter unwanted content too. Don’t worry, you can customize Facebook page to fix that.

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Filter the Content of Your Page

After all, you don’t want your page to be reported by users because of other users posting inappropriate content.

Just like with your page’s visibility, you have plenty of options on how to approach this step when you customize Facebook page. Let’s start with the more obvious option.

Moderating the Words on Your Page

One way is to block words. Set the Profanity filter level from “Medium” to “Strong”. Facebook will then block the most commonly reported words.

Of course, even the most inappropriate words can be overlooked, so you can block them manually too with the use of moderation settings.

But sometimes, those preventive measures still won’t be enough.

Restricting Users and User Features

To make your page healthier, you can restrict both users and their access.

If you know the Facebook names of offensive users, you can block them individually. By doing so, you can prevent posting of inappropriate content on your page to a certain extent.

But a less tiresome way is by removing their ability to post on your page or tag your own posts.

This and word moderation can help you customize Facebook page for the right audience. Now let’s get into how you can personalize the “look” of your business page.

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Custom Tabs for a More Interactive Page

You can’t customize Facebook page without tabs!

Tabs allow users to navigate from one part of your page to another. For example, they can move from Services to Events as needed.

Tabs basically organize your page so visitors can find what they need faster. You can use them by going to Templates and Tabs under Settings.

You can also add custom tabs. It’s one way to further customize Facebook page. Unfortunately, it can also be complex, so most people can’t use without a skilled developer.

Still, it’s one of the most unique social media marketing ideas you can do, so it’s a shot worth taking if possible.

But remember, tabs are relatively small and will only appear in your page. Your cover photo and profile picture are different.

Improve Your Public Figure Using a Custom Image

Cover photos will be bigger than any of your content and profile pictures will be appearing whenever you comment, post, and more. So for most purposes, they have more impact.

Don’t even think about using Facebook’s provided images. Create your own images, with the help of skilled designers if possible, and make them high-resolution to avoid pixelation, especially for cover photos.

The main goal of your cover photo should be to say something about your business through a picture instead of text. So insert as much detail as possible without being too messy.

As for the profile picture, you want it to be different from your cover photo. Most of the time, businesses customize Facebook page using their logo as their profile picture.

Add a Call-to-Action Button

Next is your call-to-action (CTA) button.

A CTA can make a difference for your business so don’t forget to add this when you customize Facebook page. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on a lot of opportunities.

Your CTA varies with your goal. Some businesses will offer products and services on the spot, making use of the options Book Now, Call Now, or Shop Now.

Some may have subscription services and use Sign Up instead. And others will want to improve communication and use Contact Us, Send Message, or Send Email.

There are many options and you should use the most appropriate for your goal. But one thing’s for sure, you’ll experience a boost in acquisition if you add this feature when you customize Facebook page.

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Verify Your Page

But all of your efforts to customize Facebook page will be pointless if you don’t verify your page. A gray verification check mark confirms the authenticity of specific locations for businesses or organizations.

To better help you, here are the steps for verifying a Facebook page:

  • Click Settings at the top of your Page,
  • Under the General tab, click Page Verification, and
  • Click Get Started.

There’s a possibility your audience will not Like your page if it’s not verified.

Final Thoughts on Learning How to Customize Facebook Page for Business

We talked about how to customize Facebook page so that it’s tailored to your audience. Businesses that are only getting started with Facebook marketing will find a personalized page very useful.

And to make the best page, you should improve its visual aspects with eye-catching images as well as helpful tabs. You should also come up with a unique URL.

You’ll need preventive measures to protect the image of your business online and ensure that your page won’t be seen by unwanted users and get inappropriate content as a result.

Finally, to fully access the potential of your page, you must use Call to Action buttons.

With all that said and done, you’ll need to verify your page and start to actually market your business on the platform. You may want to check out my Complete Guide on Facebook Marketing for that.

Also, if you have further questions about tips to customize Facebook page, just leave them in the comments below.

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