Learn How to Customize Facebook Page for Business

Learn How to Customize Facebook Page for Business

“Learn How to Customize Facebook Page for Business” written by Mike Marko.

Do you want to make your Facebook page stand out?

Using Facebook for business is now a common aspect of online marketing. Facebook currently has millions of active users that businesses have access to in order to showcase their products.

But having this wide pool of audience amounts to nothing if you cannot attract them to your business. To do this, you need to have an attention-grabbing Facebook page that represents your brand and what you can offer.               

In this blog post, we will discuss how to customize Facebook page for business. With these tips, attracting your market and standing out from your competitors will be an easy feat!

7 Ways to Customize Facebook Page

How do you get your audience to come and stay in your page?

You need to be able to answer the question every customer has in mind when searching a business: “What can this business offer me?”

Once you provide this answer, all you need to do is get them to stay.

Creating engaging posts that strike a chord with them is one way of doing this. Relevancy will help them connect with your brand better.

Here are 7 tips on how to customize Facebook Page.

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1. Personalize Your URL

Every business page should have a customized URL that is short and easy to remember.

When choosing your Facebook URL, make sure that it’s related to your business. In fact, it is more recommended to use your business name in your URL.


Be careful in choosing the Facebook Page’s URL, as Facebook only allows you to change it once.

To also avoid any violations regarding this, it is important to read Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

2. Set Your Page’s Visibility

Setting your Page’s visibility is another way to customize Facebook page.

In order to ensure that your page appears to your preferred audience, you can change the restrictions by going to the “General” tab on Settings. This prevents your page from appearing to users you don’t want your product and services offered to.

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3. Filter Your Content

Customizing the content of your page is a must. Restricting visitor posts will help in preventing inappropriate contents in your page and maintain a cultivated brand image on social media.

In order to block images, videos, or offensive words appearing on your page, you can adjust the moderation settings under the “General” Settings tab.

The profanity filter can be set to: Strong, Medium, or even turned off.

4. Add a Call to Action Button

The purpose of adding a call-to-action (CTA) button on your posts is to entice a certain response from your users. This button makes it clear to users what action is desired from them and subsequently results in conversions for the page.

If you don’t have a CTA button on your page, you can add one by clicking “Add Call to Action Button.”

The next page will give you different options, such as:

  • “Contact Us”,
  • “Book Now”,
  • “Call Now”,
  • “Send Message”,
  • “Use App”,
  • “Play Game”,
  • “Shop Now”,
  • “Sign Up”,
  • “Watch Video”,
  • “Send Email”, and
  • “Learn More”.

Choosing the right CTA on your posts will help you achieve your goals faster and generate more leads. It can also provide a better experience for your customers.

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5. Custom Tabs

When users find your page to be complicated to navigate around, their first instinct is to leave and find a similar business who offers a more user-friendly experience. Hence, another way to customize Facebook page is by adding custom tabs that will simplify the process of navigating around your page for your audience.

To customize your tabs, click “Settings” then select “Edit Page.” You can then configure actions and tabs on your page that can either be built-in or a custom Facebook app-related tab.

6. Use Custom Images

Your display picture and cover photo should be high-resolution images. Avoid using available images provided by Facebook and opt for custom images instead.

When choosing images, make sure that the pictures that you’ll be using are related to your business. Prefer using pictures that highlight your business’ products, services, branding, and so on.

As a reminder, never use copyrighted photos. If you can’t find appropriate images for, then consider making your own.

Hire a photographer or a graphic designer to help you make your own custom images. Just remember to use the default sizes for Facebook pictures:

  • Profile picture: 180 x 180 pixels (at least).
  • Cover photo: 851 pixels wide x 315 pixels tall.

7. Verify Your Page

Potential customers will trust your business more and see you as an authority in your niche if your page is verified. The process of verification of your page is easy.

Here are the steps in verifying a Facebook page:

  • Click Settings at the top of your Page,
  • Under the General tab, click Page Verification, and
  • Click Get Started.

The only thing you’ll need to do is input a valid phone number to receive the verification code. A grey verification check mark confirms the authenticity of specific locations for businesses or organizations.

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Final Thoughts on How to Customize Facebook Page

In this article, we discussed how you can customize Facebook page for business to acquire more fans and engagement.

The first step to customize Facebook page is by creating a custom URL that is short and easy to remember. Even better, make your business name part of the URL in order to make your page easier to find.

It is equally important to maintain your brand image, and this can be done by removing unwanted or inappropriate content from your page. To take it a step further, you can even adjust the settings of your page so it doesn’t show up for people who you don’t consider as your audience.

Maintaining a brand image also involves displaying high-resolution images of your brand logo and/or products and services that you can offer. To further increase user experience and generate leads, add a call-to-action button on all your posts.

If you have questions about ways to customize your Facebook page, leave them in the comments below.

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Learn How to Customize Facebook Page for Business - Mike Marko

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