Creating an Abundant Life – Open up the flow of abundance

Creating an Abundant Life – Open up the flow of abundance

A couple months ago I attended a benefit concert in Nashville, TN, for the David Lynch Foundation. The foundation supports transcendental meditation for veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. When I was there it was heartwarming to hear the life transformation of the people who have served our country. I left feeling very good about investing a significant amount of money for the VIP tickets that supported this worthy cause.

It was a long drive home, and On the way I started thinking, “why do I feel better about spending money for a charity?”  The obvious answer would be because it brings value to multitudes of people… but why would I feel better about going to this event when it was giving to a charity?  Why isn’t it enough that I purchase the tickets JUST to enjoy myself and contribute money to talented musicians?

It made me realize the subtle way I might be sabotaging my abundant life.

Think about the following questions…
* How do you feel about money and making large purchases?
* Do you ever experience buyer’s remorse?
* Do you dread paying your credit card or get a little anxious/ cranky when you pay your bills?
* Do you set aside a day of the week to pay all your bills and how do you feel during that time?
* Do you ever feel like there just isn’t enough money?

In answering yes to any of these questions you may have stopped up the pipe in your flow of abundance.

Get What You Want

Tony Burroughs, in his book, “Get What You Want,” uses this analogy about money…

“Look at how the kitchen faucet works. When we open the valve the water comes in and the water goes out. It’s the same with money and our resources; we close off the flow of good things coming to us by our thought of lack and our subsequent acts of hording. By the same token we open the faucet of our abundance and keep it open by spending, not frivolously, but responsibly. When we spend without worrying about it we send a message to the universe that we have enough of every thing we need and that we trust that there will always be more when we need it this is the posture that delivers our abundant life to us.”

creating an abundant life
Try these simple tools to allow a garden hose of abundance to flow into your reality…

A bill is indicative of something you already received. Whenever we we have debt, we’re simply obligated to repay someone for something of value that we have already received.  So when paying your bills remember the value that it brought to you, the smiles on the faces of your loved ones when you were eating dinner at that restaurant, the feelings of confidence that the new dress gave you, or the convenience of your smart phone.

Say to yourself, “I feel good about paying my bills.” Think of all the jobs you are supporting… the servers at the restaurant, the thousands of people on the fashion industry, the people at the credit card company. They are people with families. They are someone’s mother, brother or daughter, and your letting them know you value what they do.

Try inserting a small token inside the envelope along with your payment (a packet of flower seeds, a colorful bookmark, a smiley face scribbled on a sticky note, etc.). There is a real person on the receiving end of my payment.

Give the value of money to the companies organizations and people that you want to support and continue to have in your life. It’s like saying, “I value you and your contribution to my life”.

Be grateful that you have the means to pay your bills.

And remember you are doing your part to keep abundance flowing through the universe.

And Practice Your Abundant Life…

When you practice these simple tools, you will feel a subtle shift in your energy when it comes to money.  The trickle will become a gusher of abundance blasting into your life.

Here is to your abundant life!

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Article: Creating an Abundant Life – Open up the flow of abundance

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