Creating A Lead Magnet to Get Consultant Clients

Creating Lead Magnets to Get Consulting Clients

“Creating A Lead Magnet to Get Consultant Clients” written by Mike Marko.

Getting new clients for a consulting business can be tough…

And what’s even tougher… is trying to maintain a predictable flow of new clients into your business.

Can you relate?

If you have a slow down… that sense of panic can seize you… especially if your consulting business is still pretty new.  And that slow down can snowball into less money for marketing… which in turn gives you even less predictability in your business.

This causes a feast and famine syndrome that plagues many consultants.

The cure?

Having a great online marketing system that have you generate leads and ultimate new clients… a system that works for you when you are too busy to market for new clients.

Previously we talked about how this all starts with the Capture Page.  But if you want to improve the effectiveness of your online marketing system and get more leads, you need to give away something in exchange for their email.

This free giveaway when combined with a capture page is called a “lead magnet”.

That’s why today I want to talk to you about about creating a lead magnet to get consulting clients.

Create A Lead Magnet For Consultants

Before we dive in, let’s cover the obvious question first: “what is a lead magnet?”

What Is A Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a free giveaway you give to get people to opt into your Capture Page. You give the lead magnet to entice them to give you their email, and other contact information like name and phone number, etc.

Generally, the more that you ask for the less likely you will get someone to complete the capture page. That’s why it’s often advantageous to give away very good lead magnets if you want more than just an email.

A lead magnet can be a pdf, ebook, report, video training, or video training series (just to name a few ideas). The key is that you want to give away VALUE: something of value to your target audience.

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VIDEO: How to Create A Lead Magnet

Previously we talked about some top Facebook advertising tips. To continue that discussion, now in the following video we talk about how to make a lead magnet to help with Facebook ads.

Lead Magnets for Consultant Clients

Let’s face it, chances are you are or want to be a consultant that charges a significant fee or retainer.

That means the “average” lead magnet won’t do.

You are already willing to pay somewhat of a premium to get good traffic to your capture page, but why waste money?  You should endeavor to create a capture page that will not only attract leads into your capture page, but will also represent who you are.

It has to be quality.

And the content and the type of content has to be something that your audience wants to consume.

The lead magnet represents you, and is the key step to getting your audience to purchase your services or products.

So before you decide really what you want to say, let’s talk about the different types of lead magnets you can give away.

What Are The Key Types Of Lead Magnet

There are four major types of lead magnets used with capture pages. Let’s look at each one individually and whether it makes sense for you to use to attract consulting clients.


Let’s face it… we’ve all seen an eBook. We have all received a copy.

But what happens when we receive it?

It probably stayed in your “Download” folder unread (maybe if you’re lucky you may have skimmed it for a minute).

While eBooks are great at helping you get leads chances are it doesn’t get read… at least not completely. Reading most eBooks is like reading an encyclopedia. Sure it has lots of valuable information but who actually picks one up and reads it from cover to cover.

The information is at our finger tips but the information inside is not really actionable because the reader has to read through a lot to find the nuggets. So they typically are left unread.

And when people don’t read our content we are basically training them that it’s cool not to read our stuff.

Is that what we really want? No!

We want to encourage people to consume our content and hunger for more.

So while eBooks are a common lead magnet let’s leave them in the cyber trashcan.

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Free Consultation Call

Another common lead magnet is to send people to a “free” consultation (or in other words sales call).

You may think you are fooling them… but people realize that the call is probably a sales call. While these free consultations work great (if you get the opt-in), they are not the best choice for a lead magnet.

People will usually run screaming from someone trying to sell them right away (with a sales call).

Don’t use this as a lead magnet.

But like I said, these free consultations work great…

So I would recommend that the free consultation be used as part of the Thank You page after the person opted into the capture page (and already gave you their contact information).  At that point, you have a lot less at stake.

Webinar or 4-Part Video Series

This is a pretty common lead magnet… this is where you give away either a webinar or video training series.  The training series can be 3 or more short training videos offered to the person one day at a time.  The webinar is often a 30 min to 3 hour marathon of value and then the pitch.

The problem is that while there may be a lot of desire for the content, it’s not delivered in such a way to be ideal for your leads.

With the webinar it will be tricky to get them to attend because their life tends to get in the way.

With the 4-part video series the person ends up waiting a day for the next video… which can be frustrating.  And tomorrow they may not have the time to consume the content. The emails then get lost in their mailbox.  It’s much better to give your lead instant gratification for their contact information than string along the information.

PDF Download

The PDF download is by far the best lead magnet.

The PDF download should be:

  • 1-3 pages
  • Easy to read
  • Polished enough to represent how professional you are (to demonstrate value)
  • At least one actionable activity that will take the person one step towards their goals, giving a sense of accomplishment.

That one small accomplishment will do more to build trust in you that anything else you can achieve.

If you help them make a small step forward towards their goals… they begin to wonder about how much more you can help them.  That you may be the right person to help them.

Make sure the PDF download is highly polished, and represents your brand. Enlist the aid of a graphics designer to help lay the content out. Include your logo, etc.  This is not the time to go cheap.

Creating A Lead Magnets to Get Consultant Clients

Pick Content To Use

Picking the type of lead magnet is the easy part.  Now you have to decide what to put into the lead magnet.

Now if you went through the exercise of defining your target customer, then this part is easier.  You should also have a very good idea about your target market (niche).

Brainstorm the Pain Points

Knowing your target audience and target market, you need to take the time to brainstorm at least ten pain points that your target audience has.  Aim for twenty, but don’t allow yourself to do less than ten.

Pain points are things that actually both your target client and may even keep them up at night.  They are real concerns to your target customer within your niche.

Don’t think about the solution to these pain points… Don’t write those down.

Focus exclusively on the pain points from the perspective of your potential client.

Pick The Top Three

Once you have your list, pick the top three pain points.

The guidelines for picking the top three are:

  • The most likely and biggest concerns for the target audience,
  • The concerns that you are best at solving,
  • The concerns that you want to solve in your business (they are related to your niche).

The best pain points have an element of all three guidelines.

Make The Lead Magnet

The next step is to design the lead magnet.

There is a lot to designing an effective lead magnet.

When picking content to create the lead magnet make sure you pick things that help partly solve the top three pain points you previously identified: the point is to make something that actually has an impact in the person’s life.

If you don’t help your target audience at all with your lead magnet, then the rest of your campaign will have little or no effect.

Think of the lead magnet as also something that will be give a first impression to your potential clients about your work ethic.  Like I said earlier, make sure it looks polished and professional.  This is not the time to go on the cheap.  Hire professional graphic designers to make it look good.

My team with IM Consultant Services can help our clients create the lead magnet… making sure it looks very professional.

Final Thoughts On Creating A Lead Magnet to Get Consultant Clients

In this blog post I covered creating a lead magnet to help with getting consultant clients. The lead magnet helps you get better results with your capture page.  And a great capture page is part of the process of helping to ensure you have predictable business within your consulting business.  Capture pages, once setup and with targeted traffic, can go a large way into ensuring you have a regular flow of clients into your business.

Take the time to create a quality lead magnet that is both professional and can help your target audience achieve a minor win in their way to achieve their goal.

A lead magnet creates a first impression of your work.  Make sure that first impression is that of quality.

If you need help in building capture pages, creating lead magnets, or running marketing campaigns like Facebook ads, then feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different consulting options we offer. Or use the link below to apply for your “results in advance” free consultation and let’s get started right away:

How to Advertise on Facebook with Paid Advertisements

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Creating A Lead Magnets to Get Consultant Clients - Mike Marko

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