6-Step Guide to Create New Company Page LinkedIn

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“6-Step Guide to Create New Company Page LinkedIn” written by Mike Marko.

The process that lets you create new company page LinkedIn is simple enough that anyone can do it. However, not everyone takes the trouble to make their company pages effective.

Most business owners only worry about being able to create new company page LinkedIn. More often than not, they neglect to tailor their company page to be more visible to their target audience.

This is a serious waste of opportunity. The company page is one of the first stops people make when trying to learn more about your brand on LinkedIn. Done right, it goes a long way to establishing your worthiness of their business.

So let’s talk today about how to do it right. I’ll guide you through the process whereby you can create new company page LinkedIn and optimize it for your purposes.

Effectively Create New Company Page LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest and most active professional networking platforms. Thousands of company pages are on the network. If you do create new company page LinkedIn, it will just be a small drop in the bucket.

So you shouldn’t stick to just creating a generic company page. You need to make it stand out, even amidst all the competition.

It  helps to keep your goal in mind as you make the page. Generally, you create new company page LinkedIn to catch the attention of other users. These 6 easy steps will be able to help you out with that.

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1) Use a Unique Profile Image and Banner

The first thing that your customers will see when they search for your company is your profile image. You have to make sure what they see is favorable. First impressions last, remember?

So every time you create new company page LinkedIn, you should start by getting all your visual media ready. That means preparing images for your company’s profile page.

Let’s begin with the profile image. Since you’re going to create new company page LinkedIn, you should use your company’s logo as your profile image. This is because your logo is a strong identifier for your business.

Your new company page can also be designed with a profile banner that represents your brand. Given the amount of space this takes up on the page, it can be an eye-catching way to establish exactly what you’re about.

It’s up to you how you want to visually represent your business. Just be certain that you do it in a consistent way. You don’t want to present an image of a company that’s having an identity crisis. It doesn’t inspire confidence.

Also, remember to resize your photos to fit the platform when you create new company page LinkedIn:

  • Profile Image:
  • PNG Format
  • Square
  • 300 x 300 Pixels
  • No more than 8 MB
  • Profile Banner:
  • PNG Format
  • Rectangular
  • 1536 x 768 Pixels
  • No more than 8 MB

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2) Write a Compelling “About Us”

When you create new company page LinkedIn, you have to fill out The About Us section. This will be where you can introduce your company in a short and creative way. Put effort into making your introduction interesting in just a few sentences.

Why just a few sentences? Because it’s best to be concise when describing your company and the services that you offer.

Overly-long “About Us” pages tend to bore readers. They may end up closing the page before they’ve reached the end.

Keep this section short when you create new company page LinkedIn. It will make it more likely for your readers to stay and read your entire “About Us” content.

But remember: you still want them to understand what you offer. If you’re having trouble being succinct, it may help to use keywords.

Include keywords that describe your company or keywords that are related to your line of business. This is a good rule of thumb when you create new company page LinkedIn because it makes your page easier to read as well as find.

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3) Fill out Key Fields

When searching through company profiles, users are more likely to visit complete pages than incomplete ones. This is because completed pages will present most of what users will be looking for without forcing them to contact the company itself.

A completed profile will also make your company page more discoverable on LinkedIn. Thus, you should make sure that you create new company page LinkedIn with the following information filled out:

  • URL – Users will be able to easily find your website if you add your company website’s URL to your LinkedIn company page.
  • Address – Keep this information updated for users who want to know your company’s physical address.
  • HQ Country – If you have headquarters in different parts of the globe, make sure to enumerate all their locations. This will help users know if you are within their locale.
  • Industry – Users will want to know what kind of industry your company is in at first glance.
  • Company Size – Some users, like possible recruits, want to be aware of how many employees a business has.

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4) Create and Post on Showcase Pages

These highly customizable pages can serve a lot of purposes when you create new company page LinkedIn.

As the name suggests, they’re where you can showcase content such as special events and charity work. They can be used to promote products or fresh initiatives. They can also be used to showcase Sponsored Content.

Since showcase pages can be used to keep track of your company’s activities, remember to keep these pages updated with new content. If you do, users interested in your company may subscribe to them to avoid missing your updates.

Be sure to publish showcase content aimed at your target audience, however. If your showcase doesn’t have an unifying theme, people won’t be likely to subscribe to it. That’s because they can’t be sure your future content will stay relevant to them.

Target your posts for the users that are subscribed to your showcase pages. Doing that will keep them subscribed and interested.

5) Build a Career Page

With a Career Page, users will be able to see content about the day-to-day life at your company. This will give you the opportunity to show your customers what it’s like to work for and with your company in blog-like fashion.

You can do this by displaying high-quality images and videos along with articles written by your employees. When you create new company page LinkedIn where even the career page has been optimized, it does a lot for your company’s credibility.

Your employees’ voices can also give your customers deeper insight into your organization. It can help them feel more connected to your brand. It can also boost your recruitment efforts.

You can also add additional details about your company and what it has to offer on this page. That includes things like employee profiles, spoken languages, and milestones.

Always remember to update this page because it will be a space that defines your company in detail. So don’t forget to use this opportunity to show your company and its culture in its best light using it.

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6) Collect Endorsements

Endorsements are common on LinkedIn and are almost always mutually beneficial. Users can endorse your products or services, which can be a great reference for your future customers, recruits or business partners.

As soon as you create new company page LinkedIn, get started on the endorsements. Endorsements or recommendations of your products/services help others see that you’re legitimate.

Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from existing connections like associates and customers. Fortunately, recommendations are very easy to give, so it shouldn’t be hard to convince them to do it if they like your products/services.

Final Thoughts on How to Create New Company Page LinkedIn

LinkedIn has tons of features that can help new users who want to create new company page LinkedIn. Making the most of them can help you establish your business’s reputation among the platform’s users. Having the right content on your page can even get you more attention.

The 6 steps I gave you for creating a LinkedIn company page can help with that. They let you optimize your page in various ways, from choosing the right profile image to requesting recommendations from customers.

Take the time to follow my foolproof steps when you create new company page LinkedIn. Otherwise, your page may get lost among the many thousands already on the platform.

Feel free to comment below if you have any feedback regarding how to create new company page LinkedIn!

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6-Step Guide to Create New Company Page LinkedIn - Mike Marko

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