How to Create Marketing Videos on YouTube

How to Create Marketing Videos on Youtube

“How to Create Marketing Videos on YouTube” written by Mike Marko.

Looking to learn how to create marketing videos on Youtube?

Videos are the fastest growing marketing strategy. This makes broadcasting on YouTube an effective way to get leads and grow your brand online.

When used correctly, you will be able to reach a vast audience that can potentially turn into loyal customers. This means you must be able to create highly engaging and interesting content that showcases your brand’s personality and attract viewers.

But what if you have no experience when it comes to creating videos?

Fret not! In this blog post, we will share few tips on how to create marketing videos to ensure that even you can reap the benefits of video marketing on Youtube. 

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Tips for Creating Marketing Videos on Youtube

Creating marketing videos on YouTube begins with your YouTube page. If you don’t have an account yet, be sure to sign up and add information about your page and videos.

Having relevant information about your brand is important to convince users to subscribe to your page and watch your videos. And being relevant is an important part of Pervasive Presence™.  Once you have convinced them to subscribe, be sure to provide interesting videos.

And how do you do this…? How does one create marketing videos on YouTube?

We start by…

Define Your Purpose

A successful marketing video displays its purpose so it is important to determine this first: Do you want to make people laugh? Do you want to advertise your brand?  Do you want to educate?

Once you have determined this, make sure it’s vital that this aspect is clear to the users. But you must also create a balance between uploading videos that focus on product with videos and videos that focus on your purpose.

When creating your videos, use specific words, music tracks, and engaging visuals to help evoke your audience’s emotions. This will make you appear relevant and trustworthy.

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Show, Don’t Tell

A common mistake most YouTubers make is talking too much on their videos about their products. Viewers want to watch videos that are entertaining and not of someone trying too hard to sell a product or service.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Instead of telling people how great your business is, show them. Prove examples on how it can improve their lives with visuals.

Define the Scope of the Video

After you decide what type of video you’re going to make you need to decide on the video scope.

You can create videos that demonstrate your service through animation or showcase your products in action.

If you decide to film your products, you will need:

  • A place to shoot,
  • Cameras,
  • Lighting,
  • Actors,
  • A script, and
  • Sound equipment.

Although shooting a video can easily be done by an amateur, having a professional will drastically improve the quality and get you on the right path.

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Go with a Pro

If you want your YouTube page to be taken seriously, hire a professional to help you create your video. A professional not only provides all of the necessary equipment but they also knows what will look good on film. This type of experience takes time to master and makes all the difference.

Luckily, with today’s technology you can easily find many different types of video production: animators, independent filmmakers, and videographers.

If you are unsure of which type of video you want to create, consider speaking to professionals like IM Consultant Services who can help you decide.

Capture Attention within 3 Seconds

With video marketing, you need to capture your viewer’s attention within the first 3 seconds. Afterwards, you may expect an increase in the drop-off rate within the video.

People are known to have short attention spans.

In order to hook them, a video needs to have a direct impact on them. Using a catchy and unique title can help to accomplish this.

Grab them right away by immediately tell them what you will tell them, and why it’s important to them.  

Avoid using an splash intro video right at the beginning.  It will use up critical seconds that you need to draw your viewer into the video.

With that said, you must also consider the length of the video. You want your videos to be a reasonable length – short enough to keep people interested but long enough to relay important information.

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Plan for Different Formats

Every visual your audience sees is important so every second must add to and compliment your message. Make sure your logo is visible, and that the speaker is clear and engaging as well.

To plan for different formats, consider rethinking how you frame your shots. Anticipate the formats as cutouts from the overall frame.

You can go through each shot of your video and crop it. To speed things up, you can also opt to use a basic editing software.

Add Engaging and Informative Text

A lot of viewers watch videos in mute, especially when in transit or in other public places. With that in mind, adding text to your videos is important to ensure you are not losing those viewers.

Make the text easily readable by using large, bold text.

You can also highlight key words that are especially important to make your message more concise.

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Final Thoughts on How to Create Marketing Videos on YouTube

In this blog post, we discussed a few tips on how to create marketing videos on YouTube. Video marketing is an incredible way to create interesting content and YouTube is the best platform to achieve success on this.

But before anything else, be sure that you have defined the purpose that you want to highlight in your videos and what the scope of each video will be.

Keep in mind that viewers want to be entertained so focus on visuals and less on dialogues.

Consider hiring professionals to help you with your videos if you want high-quality videos. Be sure as well that videos are engaging within the first 3 seconds and can be watched and understood even without a sound.

If you have any questions on how to create marketing videos, leave a comment in the comments section below.  Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.  

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