Checklist for Choosing the Best Article Spinner

Checklist for Choosing the Best Article Spinner

“Checklist for Choosing the Best Article Spinner” written by Mike Marko.

The best article spinner can be a content creator’s best friend. With the right one, you can multiply your content output with only a fraction of extra effort.

This only works if you truly pick the best article spinner, though. If you pick a low-quality rewriter, you’ll just end up with content Google will flag for spam or plagiarism near-instantly.

I know this because I’ve gone through my share of poor rewriting tools myself. I’ve even tried some that converted a simple paragraph from a children’s book into a pile of nonsense!

That’s how I learned to observe certain standards when choosing the best article spinner. I’ll share those standards with you today.

In so doing, you’ll learn how to pick a spinner that suits your needs perfectly. That should help you put out more content for your website or business!

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How to Find the Best Article Spinner

The qualities of the best article spinner can vary depending on the user’s requirements.

Some might be happy with a spinner that does only the basics, for example. On the other hand, others might need a more advanced spinner due to their circumstances.

Either way, the best article spinner should make a content creator’s job easier. After all, the purpose of finding the best article spinner is to lessen the time and work needed to create spun content.

So, what features should a business owner look out for in the best article spinner? Let’s go through a checklist of options below.

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1) Online Websites or Desktop Software

First, you can choose between an online or desktop spinning application. You use the former by just opening it on a web browser and the latter by installing it on your computer.

Either kind of spinner has both paid and free versions. Both options also have their own advantages and disadvantages.

An online option is often the go-to choice because of its accessibility and availability. If you’re on the go and need spun content fast, you just need open a browser for the best article spinner of this type!

That means it’s usually more accessible than desktop software. This is because you don’t need to install anything or open a specific device (the one where you installed it).

However, visiting a website requires an Internet connection. You also usually have to sign up or endure ads while you use this type of spinner, especially if it’s for free.

Relying on an Internet connection also brings up other problems. For example, there will always be the possibility of downtime due to issues with your connection.

It could even be due to problems in the server of the application you chose as your best article spinner.

Desktop software, on the other hand, can be used offline. It also works faster because it doesn’t rely an Internet connection to work.

However, the program has to be installed and updated on one device. Thus, you can’t simply access it anywhere or on any computer if the best article spinner for you is a desktop app.

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2) Automatic or Manual Tools

Next, the best article spinner for your case may also have automatic tools or manual ones.

And no, automatic doesn’t mean they’ll magically make content… nor does manual mean you have to type it out yourself!

Automatic ones have an advanced algorithm. This advanced algorithm is able to choose synonyms for words with barely any human assistance.

An automatic spinner may also rearrange sentences in a different order by itself. This can help make sure that Google won’t flag it as copied content.

However, manual article rewriters should also be considered among your options for the best article spinner. That’s because their allowance for a human element may actually improve output quality.

With an actual person refining the rewriter’s work, even the computing power of a search engine won’t be able to detect similar content. That’s if the person using the manual spinner is good at spinning content, anyway.

But don’t get me wrong—a manual spinner doesn’t mean you have to spin it all yourself. Using the best article spinner of this type still means you have to input spin conditions into the tool.

For example, you can choose and add which synonyms it should use. You can also choose to rearrange the sentences yourself to make the results more intelligible.

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3) Speed and Reliability

Now, you need to also make sure that you can rely on your spinner and that it can do its work quickly. You don’t want to get stuck with an application that makes your job harder, right?

You should remember that each spinner will have a different working speed compared to others. Furthermore, each one will have different optimal operating conditions.

Thus, you have to make sure that the best article spinner that you choose is compatible with the device you will use it on. This is especially important if you’re using a desktop program.

You should also research if that particular program often crashes. Avoid it if it does because no one wants a program that bails on you while you work.

Sometimes, programs are likelier to crash on some devices. This is why it’s highly recommended to check if your device meets the minimum requirements for the best article spinner.

You can also go about it the other way around. That means you can use your device specifications to find an application that will work well on it.

Take note that online spinners aren’t entirely free from considerations like these, by the way. In their case, you should check if they’re compatible with your browser version and if your  connection can support them.

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4) Additional Features

Next, you should know that there are article spinners that come with additional features. That means you can find a spinner that does much more than simply spin your articles.

Often, article spin tools have other features that make spinning an article much easier. For example, some article rewriters can add synonyms to their database on their own.

There are even article rewriters that can grab content online as well as submit your spun article to your website. This helps you save more time because the best article spinner of this type can help you do other tasks.

However, more extra features often means the rewriter is a paid application. That’s why you should make sure the extra features will truly benefit you before being swayed by them.

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5) Semantic Analysis

Lastly, you should definitely choose a “smart” application for the best article spinner.

Remember, the worth of the rewriter all boils down to the quality of its output. If the content a rewriter produces is often nonsensical, it’s probably not the best choice.

That’s because content uniqueness is of little value if it doesn’t come with actual meaning. Unfortunately, a lot of rewriters concentrate on the former instead of the latter.

This is because most applications can only do so much to ensure content is understandable. Most of them just focus on replacing words in the original content with synonyms.

That’s why you need the best article spinner that can practice semantic analysis. In other words, you need the best article spinner that can “understand” content’s meaning, too.

Spinners like Spin Rewriter can spin an article while making sure it’s understandable, for instance. This is because it actually analyzes the meaning of the article before spinning it.

It takes on an approach called “Emulated Natural Language”. This produces more intelligible spun content that keeps the meaning of the original piece (you can learn more about it in my Spin Rewriter review, if you’re interested).

On the whole, it’s best to prefer article spinners like these. They can produce better results than simpler spinners, whose output usually needs to undergo heavy editing before publication.

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Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Article Spinner

The best article spinner can be a lifesaver for business owners and content creators struggling to produce more content. However, you need to make sure that you get the best article spinner to help you out!

To do that, you should first decide if an online or desktop application is preferable for your choice of the best article spinner. Both are fine options, but your circumstances may make one preferable to the other.

You should also decide if you’d rather use an automatic or manual spinner. An automatic one may be preferable if you don’t have the time or skill to assist the application — otherwise, the manual option may be the better choice.

Next, you need to make sure that the best article spinner you can find is fast and reliable. You don’t want to end up with one that crashes or stalls on you while you work!

In addition, you should check if application has added features. Depending on your situation, these additional features could save even more time and energy for you!

Lastly, remember that the best article spinner is one that has the ability to analyze content meaning by itself. With this level of machine learning, you can be sure that your spun articles will be both Google-ready and understandable.

With this checklist in hand, you won’t have to choose your best article spinner blindly.

And if you still need help looking for the best article spinner after all that, you can leave a question here and I’ll help. You can also just check out Spin Rewriter, which is the tool I use myself!

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