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Learn how to do effective Facebook marketing for your business.

How to Use Wisdom Facebook to Do Target Market Research

Wisdom Facebook helps you organize your Facebook news updates. And filter data to gather information about the billions of pieces of content each month on Facebook. Wisdom helps you do target market research by allowing you to sort by most popular posts on your stream by number of likes or comments; you can also filter information by location, demographics and relationship.

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How to Block Facebook Game Requests

“How to Block Facebook Game Requests” written by Guest Contributos. Avoiding A Common Facebook Distraction If you’re like us, and spend a lot of time on social media for business, you probably get a lot of Facebook game requests.   This is when someone invites you to join you to play a game like Farmville…

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How to Have More Social Interaction

How to Have More Social Interaction When building an online business, and branding yourself, it is very important to build up your presence in social media.  By social media I mean things like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google Plus, and sites like that. By building your social media presense, you start to build a following.  But things…

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Why Should I Create A Facebook Fan Page?

Why Should I Create A Facebook Fan Page? Although people often use Facebook as a social/interactive tool, as a business owner and entrepreneur, there are several reasons why you should consider a Facebook Fan Page. 1) A Facebook Fan Page is public Because most of Facebook is hidden behind a login, it prevents search engines…

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